Here’s a list of the frequently asked questions that we come across… Click on the question to expand the answer.

I’m not able to play any videos. What should I do?
  • Check if your network speed is up to the mark and that the page is loading properly.
  • Refresh the page a few times and make sure it loads entirely before you click play.
  • Check if you are on Google’s “low data speed” mode. Disable it from the option visible on the screen and it should work.
  • If none of these work, drop in a bug report to us, mentioning the post link, by filling this form and we will look into it. 🙂
How do I submit my story/pics/videos for publishing to the site?

We would love to publish your content on our site. Just follow this link for details on how to submit your content to IGS. ?

I have sent you my story/pics/videos. Why didn’t you publish it?

We wish we could publish every single submission we receive but we usually can’t do that because of multiple reasons listed below:

  • Story rejection reasons: Plagiarised story, extremely bad writing in terms of grammar and errors, not meeting the word limits of at least 700 words, extreme violence or gore, suggestive religious intolerance, etc.
  • Video rejection reasons: Depiction of minors in sexual activities, extremely short length(less than a minute), generally unattractive content, etc.
  • Gallery rejection reasons: Depiction of minors in sexual activities, too few pics(less than 4), generally unattractive poses, etc.

These are a few of the reasons why we might have rejected your submissions. If you believe your content stood true on all these parameters, do submit it again or write to us on our support inbox here. ?

I found something on the site which shouldn’t be here. How do I get it removed?

We understand your concern about something offensive you might have discovered on the site.
We try our best to be respectful to everyone but if something missed us by, please feel free to contact us by filling this form and let us know your concern along with the link of the said post.
We will try to resolve the issue ASAP. ?

I found something on the site which belong to me. How do I get it removed?

Oh! We are sorry to learn that. ? We understand your worries and would remove the content from the site ASAP. Just report it to us by filling this form and don’t forget to mention the post link as well. The post will be gone from the site within 1-2 working days.

Who is Naughty Baba? How did he get access to my private content?

Naughty Baba is the webmaster at IGS. He handles the daily workings of the site and it is his job to curate posts from the submissions we receive on a daily basis. If you find your content here, it has come from someone who had it in the first place. We are wonderful people but we aren’t magic to acquire access to your content on our own. ?

Why can’t I post my email or contact number in the comments?
  • We don’t allow comments with personal information on the site for the safety of the viewers.
  • If you have made a submission though, you can let us know in the submission itself if you want your email to be published in the final post. That’s one of the perks that our submitters get to enjoy. ?
  • Don’t try to comment with your email or numbers deceptively. Repeated offenders get banned! ?
Are the chats on the chat page private?

The private chats on the chat page between any two individuals are completely private. We can’t snoop on you there. The group chats, as you may realise, are visible to everyone though.

If I mail you my submission, will you keep my identity private?

At IGS, we value your privacy the most. None of the submitted posts include the submitter’s private information unless explicitly requested by the submitter himself.

How do I contact the hot guy in a post?

At IGS, we value the privacy of our submitters. If you can’t find their information on the post page, it’s because they don’t desire to be contacted. We won’t be able to help you in that case. ?
Though you can always comment on the post itself and let them know your thoughts. ?

Can I get a job on your site?

We would love to have you aboard with us. Check out the available jobs at the IPE network here and apply accordingly. ?

Will I be paid for submissions?

Sorry but IGS is a free site. We believe that porn should be free for everyone and only rely on advertising for our revenue and site maintenance costs.
Since we don’t charge our viewers, we can’t really pay for submissions either. But it’s not all about the money and you know it… The thrill of being desired by men all over India and abroad is a satisfaction akin to none other! That’s what we provide you. ?

How can I find a gay partner/top/bottom/daddy/master/slave/etc ?

Well frankly, we aren’t yet into the dating or pimping business. ? But you can try your luck by chatting with other gay guys on the site here.

Is it normal to be gay?

It is one of the most normal and natural things in the world. ? People who aren’t gay can’t understand how someone could feel attracted to the same sex because they aren’t gay. It’s a conflict of interest and since sex is a taboo, people often associate homosexuality with negative connotations simply because they can’t understand it. Thankfully, the Supreme Court of India has established that homosexuality is normal and that consensual gay sex isn’t a crime. It’s going to be alright. ?

Is your query related to something that we haven’t covered here? Please contact us by filling this form and let us know. Thanks!