Home gay story of horny boy with the wild cook: 1

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Home gay story: Hello everyone one this is Ayush. Let me introduce myself I am 19 years old,5’11 height I am a bi and probably Verse and a virgin too. I haven’t had sex before this incident but I know everything about gay and straight sex from a young age.

I used to watch porn probably every day and masterbate my 7 inch dick.

Let’s get back to the story, it was Summer vacation of mouth April and we all cousins went to my Nani’s house to stay. As we reached there at night we found out that Nani could not stand for too long in the kitchen.

So she has kept a cook name Ranveer. As we reached we had our dinner and talked about what is going on and after eating I was going to kitchen to keep my dish in the sink and to drink water.

As I entered the kitchen I saw a hunk with age 29/30, height of 6’11, good biceps and little brownish white standing there and talking in phone in his language and I saw him rubbing his dick thrice in front of me.

He wasn’t wearing his underwear and could clearly see his 6 inch semi erect dick from his shorts.

I came to the hall after keeping the dish excited and happy to do something with him. After talking with my cousin we all went to sleep. My nani has a 2 story banglow in village we all got the 2nd floor and my nani on the 1st floor and the workers on the ground floor.

At night around 2 or 2:30 am I woke up and got to pee urgently so I went on the first floors washroom (as nani doesn’t have washroom on 2nd and ground floor).

I went near to the wash room I saw the light was on. As I go near to the washroom I heard moaning voice form inside and some sound of some one having sex.

I push the door the door wasn’t look form inside and door get open. As I see inside it was the cook who was rubbing his 9 inch cock and watching his wife’s sex video.

As I entered he was shocked to see me and he puts his dick inside and stood up with shock and the porn was still going on. I pushed him away and I started peeing in the pot in front of him.

To seduce him more I put my pajama down so my ass was exposed to him and he was staring at my ass. After peeing I looked at him and he said…

He: sorry sir i won’t do it again
Me: why? You can do it again I don’t have any problem in it

Me: btw who is it in your phone?
He: it my wife and me
Me: hmmm nice

I complemented him “nice body”.

He: thank sir
He: you too sir nice ass

Me:do you want it if you want u can feel it?
Then he puts his huge hand on my ass and pulls it and I moan ahhhhhh…

He gets an idea that I like it. He starts to rub it and by the time I play with his hard dick after that he pushes my heat to the dick and asks me to suck it is I open his short and acts and ask him.

Me:why don’t u wear underwear?
He:my dick is too big and it is hard 24/7 and my underwear can’t handle and it gets torn off or my dick comes out!

Me :ooooo cool

Then I started sucking the dick. First I licked the top of the dick and then sucked it till 3 inch and it reached to my throat and I started doing grug grug grug and and he pushed his dich and put all in and it reached my throat and I was soo liking it!

After that he asked me do u need this in your ass. I said yessssss but not here can we go to your room he took me to his room on the ground floor as we were going I asked him.

Me:why were u scratching your dick inside kitchen?
He: it was my wife who was masterbating and moaning in the phone and I was getting really horny
Me:nice,now u have me u can put your dick inside me!

As we reached his room he closed the door and let me suck his dick for some time and started moaning ahhhhh ahhhhh…

After that he turns me over and throws my clothes away and started rimming me and after seeing my ass he asked me is it your first time? I said yes baby please take my virginity fast and then he started fingering me.

First 1 then 2 and in the end 3 fingers he became more faster in fingering and then he targeted his dick on my ass hole and gave a push and half the dick was inside me.

And it was burning me so much but I was enjoying it way too much and moaning ahhhhhhh hmmmmmm mhmmmmmmm and the last push and his full dick was inside me.

I just got blacked out and he stopped for a second to relax me and after 4 or 5 minutes he started to go in and out slowly.

With an increasing speed in the doggy position he fucked me for 10 min vigorously and then he changed the positions to missionary and then turned me with his dick inside and i could fill his dick turing inside my ass.

He moaned doing that and after intense fuck of 20 min in that position he was about to cum and he cum all on my face with 5 to 6 shorts and we both licked it and we both kissed and we both were exhausted and he fall on me.

Home gay story of horny boy with a slutty cook

After some time, my dick didn’t get any ass and was dancing and he could feel it near his stomach and he asked me what happened why your dick is dancing.

I said my dick also need a ass and he hasn’t got it. He said why don’t you try this ass and his fingers was at his own ass and I was shocked and I asked him aren’t u top?

He said no I am a vers and then we had a blowjob, a rimming session and I fucked him as he did to me and we both said good bye and I wore my clothes and winked at him and said I am here for a month and went to my room and slept!

And I would tell you how did I got fucked by my cousins and the cook and mamaji in the next part.

Bye, Ayush