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Bicurious sex story: We had known each other for over a year now; met several times, smoked a couple of joints but always with a third person. So, when he called me that night, I wasn’t expecting that things would take such a steamy turn.

He casually mentioned that he was curious to try it out with a man and if I would be open to having sex with him. Of course I was thrilled- after all, I had a little crush on him.

I was also curious about why he thought I might be into men, but he was vague about it. Anyways, I invited him over; we lit a joint and started talking.

At some point, we shifted to my room, and I had my shirt off. I offered to take his shirt off as well to which he consented. Next I know, I was sitting on his lap unbuttoning his shirt.

As I undid the third button, I caressed his smooth, brown chest inching towards his right nipple while my right hand slid under his shirt towards his back, my thumb forming its own pattern towards his spine.

I proceeded to unbutton him with my left hand all the way down to his navel and began playing with it.

All through this he kept looking into my eyes though with every passing second, the intensity of his gaze seemed to increase palpably. We were so close that I could feel his heart beating a mile a minute.

I gradually bent forward and kissed him on his neck and began tracing a line with my tongue towards his smooth, brown chest. He moaned as I moved further down towards his nipples. I flicked my tongue around his left nipple and a soft ah escaped his mouth.

I gripped his back tightly and my left hand moved to his other nipple and pinched it. He moaned a little louder and I bit his other nipple.

It was as if a bundle of ecstasy shot through his body. Eyes closed, he let out a sibilant sigh and his body erupted in goosebumps. I could also feel movement near his thighs and an almost deliberate hand grabbing my back.

I moved down to his stomach and started making 8s with my tongue, biting him every now and then. The fruit between his legs was now ripe, and it was time to take off his pants. And he- he just couldn’t wait to get rid of them.

His eyes- red in passion, bore into me while he freed a leg out of his faded blue jeans and the brown jockey. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head to his dark throbbing member and I started licking its sides.

I stuck my tongue out and rotated it around its sides and felt his hip move as he took off his pants. With both his legs free, I began stroking the inside of his thighs with my thumb while the other four fingers moved around the outer thighs.

I went towards his balls and began licking them. I took one of them in my mouth as my tongue swirled across the sack’s base towards his left thigh.

Licking through the thigh joint I went upwards, to the base of his dick and down towards the right ball and swallowed it in.

All this time he couldn’t stop moaning. He grabbed my hairs again, this time with both his hands and lifted my head. My mouth, still open, landed straight on the deep red and leaky crown of his dark stallion.

My mouth slid down to around three inches as my tongue swirled around his glans. I held the remaining four inches in my hands and started blowing him. He was now caressing my hairs as I dove deeper and deeper into a passionate and sloppy blowjob.

About two minutes in, he suddenly held my head and pushed his hips towards me. As I chocked on his tube, my hands gripped his thighs, my nails pierced his skin and a rush of excitement flew through my body.

Just when I started struggling, he let go of me and I started biting and licking his thighs, his balls and his dick ferociously while panting for a fresh air of breath.

We now stood up- he on his feet and I on my knees, and I resumed blowing him. I held his dick in my left hand and moved it up and down as my tongue played with his glans.

He swayed and hissed and moaned; and my mouth engulfed more and more of his gorgeous tool in a to-and-fro rhythm. My right hand started roaming all over his body- from his taught calf to his slightly hairy thigh and across his soft velvety bum, and I softly pressed my thumb on his hole.

He squirmed a little and looked sternly at me; I winked at him and gave him a particularly tight swallow. And all he could do was swoon in desire.

His dick was now wet enough and I was ready for a ride. I made him lie down, applied lube on his dick and began squatting over it. As his head tore across the walls of my hole, I moaned loudly.

It was as if he was unlocking the path to the zenith of pleasure. As more and more of him entered me, I found myself arching my back, drenched in a fiery longing.

His left hand moved up my back between my shoulders, his right grabbed my waist, my left hand came upon his chest and my hips rocking backward and forward.

We looked into each other’s lustful eyes while I continued a slow rocking motion alternating it with rotational gyrations. Swept in pleasure, I bent my head back, closed my eyes and moaned.

His hold tightened around me and while inside me, he turned over so that I was now below him in a missionary position, my hands around his back. He stretched his legs and began fucking me hard.

Suddenly full of energy, he grunted with every thrust making me cry louder and louder. I arched my back to give him better access and grabbed his hands which were near my shoulders now. The heat of the moment was so intense, the power of his thrust so strong that tears trickled out of my eyes.

He bent towards my nape and bit me just as he slowed down, sweaty and panting. He pulled himself out and lied down on me, regaining his breath.

Impatient to resume, he asked me to turn around and lift my ass up. Eager to comply, I lubed up his dick and my ass, and he entered into me from behind with a force that made me cry out loud.

Holding my waist tight, he resumed his attack on my pink puckered hole that made me curl my toes, arch my back, close my eyes and writhe in his hold.

I could feel my sweat trickling down my spine as drops of his sweat fell on my back sending waves of pleasureful satisfaction through my body. With every thrust, I moved forward a little- the faster he fucked, the closer I inched towards that transcendent destination of carnal satisfaction.

Brimming with desire, I started shagging myself which only amplified the fanciful ecstasy.

He asked me where I wanted him to cum, and I told him to cum inside me. He increased his speed and in a minute or gave in to the awaiting orgasm.

Bicurious sex story of a horny and wild gay man’s fantasy

The final force of his thrust knocked me on my stomach, and him on my back, both panting heavily. I could feel him pulsating inside me, as he pushed his dick deeper and wetted my insides.

As if in reaction to this, I squirted under my stomach. I could feel his heart racing on my back and his breath warm on my cheek. His light stubble prickled my shoulder as he leaned his head against mine.

And in that moment of supreme delight, no one mattered but the man pinning me down; nothing mattered but the now soft penis sliding out of me and the sweet drop of his juice slipping down my thigh.

As I pen down this fantasy, I feel both aroused and regretful. I could have made this a reality but a split-second hesitance on the night in question and…

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