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College friends story: Hi! This is my first story on igs. I am a student at one of the most premier institute of the country and doing my higher studies from here. In april or may 2022 I came here for an interview (for admission in the course which I am pursuing right now).

I reached here one day before interview. I was too tired because I travelled a lot for attending this interview. I came from South India for attending this interview here in Uttrakhand.

So I open my books after reaching to my allotted room and started preparing for the interview. One last minute revision I was doing. Suddenly I felt horny and opened Igs website and started jerking.

I was searching by different different keywords like teen, threesome, etc etc. Suddenly I saw very catchy heading on igs. But unluckily it was a story. I thought of watching a video of the same category.

I surfed on the other gay websites also but couldn’t find the one i was actually looking for. The story was about the college friends who were gay and room parteners and liked each other but never confronted each other.

One fine day sex happened between them and both didn’t talked to each other for few days out of guilt or shyness. Then they talked and became partners and then continued it for long until college’s final day.

So I was also fantasiesed by this story and started imaging my friend whom I always wanted to be my gay partener. He was staying with me in a sharing room during the drop year ( when I was preparing for JEE mains).

But we use to sleep together in same blanket in winters and sometimes we cuddled but unknowingly. But I felt sometimes that he is bi. But i never got guts to come out to him and ask his sexuality.

Finally the day came and we appeared in jee exam and he got selected for IIT and I didn’t got a decent score so I took admission in state university. Finally I passed that degree and tried to be in touch with that friend but he got some kind of attitude after he got selected for IIT.

Now coming back to my story. I was surfing the porn on google incognito, suddenly the idea of grindr and blued strike my mind. So I downloaded both and started messaging to the people nearby.

Out of my surprise I found so many gay smart men studying in that college for which I had to appear in an interview. So it was a bigger motivation for me to qualify that interview. So I was simultaneously studying and messaging people nearby.

I applied the filter of age that refined the results from the age group of 18 to 22 years. I got a profile suddenly around 8 km away. I messaged him. He replied. We talked and share some personal information. He was too impressed that he shared his whatsapp number.

I texted him on WhatsApp. He replied promptly. I asked for vc fun. But he showed his face and he was too cute. The cuteness was overloaded and my search was over after finding him. Next day I left the place after interview. It went well.

I was wishing to get admission in that college only. Though I appeared in other reputed technological institutes as well. But I personally wanted this one only because of the new chap I found there.

I was wishing him to be Vbottom as I am Vtop. Out of my surprise I was selected for admission in the college I wished. Meanwhile I was repeatedly messaging the boy I found on gr. But it was not getting delivered to him.

I thought he might have blocked me. I was having this thought because i showed him dick and nude on WhatsApp call and he showed his face. But after 2 days I got selected he saw my messages and replied.

I asked him to meet and he got agreed. One fine evening we met and slept while cuddling. At one point of time we were lying nude next to each other. But he didn’t allowed me for anal. I insisted but he refused.

I sucked his dick also thinking that he might feel horny. But still nothing happened. Then I returned from his place in the morning. And the best thing is we became were close couple like friends in the first meet itself.

I forgot to mention that he is very good cook also. He made aaloo-pyaz paratha very sexy and tasty. Now i am his fan of cooking. Next meet we organized within a week and he again refused for sex. But again he cooked food for me.

Finally I waited for a month and then went to his place. Then he got agreed for anal. I massaged him with oil. But it took too long for me to cum. So he said I am tired and slept.

Then I jerked with hands. But again I was not satisfied because i wanted to cum inside him. So after jerking I also slept. Then In the morning he came to me when I was sleeping and said I am sorry for last night and cuddled and slept.

College friends story of horny guys from the IITs

Then we smooched and again both were erect. But it came naturally to me that I wanted to suck his dick untill he cums inside my mouth. So I went down removed his blanket and shorts and underwear and held his dick and started giving him sensual blowjob.

He was moaning out of pleasure. I sucked him for 5 min. When he was about to cum he asked my permission to cum inside my mouth. I said ok as it was my first time in blowjob. He got up went down the bed and came near to my mouth and started stroking fastly.

He held my mouth and cum inside my mouth. I felt too good it was too hot. I sucked all the cum inside my mouth. But then he rushed for his office and I again returned empty handed.

But now we are in relationship. Now we talk to each other for hours daily.