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College sex story: Hi everyone! This is Gaurav. As much as I like to read the stories here on IGS i also love to write some so here is one from my experience.

I am 22 years old; averagely tall, fair biy with an athletic body. So recently I went to a college fest, and I had met some really amazing people.

One, was my junior. He was a silent- type guy, usually didn’t talk too much. I loved talking to him. Umm…also he had a girlfriend.

Soon enough we started seeing each other in college, and realised we take the same bus. He didn’t have a lot of friends, and his girlfriend doesn’t take bus, so he usually sit alone. I thought I should give him some company otherwise he would be lonely.

So we started talking and soon we shared our numbers. After a while, we got very close to each other. Everyday we used to talk. And suddenly, I got this attraction towards him.

One day, via text, he asks me if i want to come with him and hang out at a coffee shop. I said yes. It was the first time we saw each other anywhere except our college and bus. So we met.

“Hey, Gaurav”

“Hii, Amitesh! Kaise ho tum?”

“Changa, changa. Tum batao”

He always smiled whenever he looked at me, and i could sense that he was addicted to me somehow.
We talked, and had a lot of fun. I was about to leave when he offered me a ride home. I was overwhelmed by this gesture. On our ride, we had some serious talk.

He told me how he and his girlfriend has problems going on, and how they break-up and get together almost everytime. I tried to console him and intentionally touch his biceps. He was strong, his biceps could literally be just popping out of his shirt.

I rubbed his back trying to tell him all will be well. We reached my home and i told him to come inside and we could talk more. He agreed.

We had a lot of talk. Then i told him I’m going to change my clothes. I deliberately open my bedrooms door in such a way that Amitesh could be able to see my soft smooth ass.

As I was taking my shirt off slowly, I could see looking at me through the mirror. He was giving me look up and down and biting his lips. I slowly removed my jeans and gave him a hint of my ass.

He got up and came into my room and held my waist. His hands were warm, he was nervous. I took his hands gently and put it near my chest. And oh his hands were like heaven’s touch!

He kissed me on the neck, his tongue licking my beard. I could feel a thing coming to me. A deep sensation of love for him. I turned around to face him.

His eyes were starting into mine with a drunkenness of a mad lover. His breath was heavy. He held his hand in my face and touched my soft pink lips with his finger. And then it happened.

He kissed me.

His toung touching the inner parts of my mouth. Oh, his kiss was just amazing. He definitely knew how to kiss. He bit my lower lips and sucked on it. I was hungry for more. I kissed his neck, I could smell his perfume and it was breathtaking.

I had a sense of comfort and warmth with him now. I took his shirt off. His body was like a God’s. It seemed he maintained it by going to gym regularly. He had no hair, and his pecs were huge with soft looking nipples.

I rubbed his pecs and kissed his nipples, licked on one as i was pinching the other with my hand. I held his arms high and smelled his armpits. It was hairless too. i. can still smell the erotic perfume.

He started moaning and whispering my name again and again. He took me by my waist and threw me onto the bed. He took my underwear off, and took my dick in his hand as he was staring straight into my eyes.

His warm rub on my dick made me go crazy. I begged him to starting fucking me.

He unzipped his pants, and took out his huge junk. He slapped it on my face hard and i started sucking it. Ummm tasty. I could taste his precum. I licked the top of his dick, and he shivered with excitement.

He was moaning hard now. I never thought I’d get into his pants. I love him, it was a dream come true. After 30 minutes of deep throating his dick I came down on my knees ready for him to fuck me. He had better plans it seems.
He went down and licked my butthole.

I was surprised, I was never rimmed before. First time for everything, I guess!

And the feeling was amazing. He played with my hole, rubbing it with his chin, licking on it, inserting his fingers in to make it loose.

He got up and held me by waist as he thrusted his dick inside. He was careful with it, i know he didn’t want to hurt me. He closely knelt down to kiss me to make my forget the pain, but i was not feeling any pain!

I was in cloud nine already! He was my crush, and you know now it was like my wish has come true. He slowly begin to take his dick out and then put it back again. And slowly increased his speed. He got fast and faster.

“aaah, yeah yesss yes yes yes faster!!” I was yelling. I was beginning to feel like a sex whore. I was liking the way I was submitting myself to him.

“Yeah? You want that? You like my dick inside you?” He said.

I can’t describe you the feeling. It was like our body was one. After 15 minutes we changed our postion. He laid down on his bed, and i came near to him and sat on him.

I kissed his face, everywhere hungry for more. He slapped my ass hard, and i went and sat on his dick riding him like the slut i was feeling. He held my chest, pinching my nipples. It was sensational!

The feeling of his cock deep inside me while he was playing with my nipples yummm. He got up while his dick was inside and hugged me. Kissing while getting fucked deep by him was a dream come true.

I turned and spread my legs high. He came, out my legs on his shoulders and bent down to lick my lips. He thrusted his penise in me again, and this time it was feeling a bit different. His dick was harder.

I could feel the nerves of his dick in me. He fucked me bareback in the position for a long time and I started shaking my dick too.

“Aaaaaahhh, ooo, yeah, I am cumming yeah!!”

I poured all my cum on my chest. He slowly began to decrease his tempo to make me settle down. He took his dick out of my ass, and licked my cum and poured it into my mouth.

I drank all of it.

He got up came near my mouth. I knew what was coming and opened my mouth wide like a hoe.
His dick was 12 inches long and he was shaking it vigorously.

And then it came.

He cummed all over my mouth. My eyes, my cheeks everything was covered with his huge manly cum. It smelled so good. I was about to lick it, but he came down.

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Licked my lips, and my cheeks taking every drop of his cum in his mouth, and spat it inside my mouth. Umm….his cum mixed with his spit was tasting good.

After that, he stayed in my house and we slept naked together, cuddling and hugging the whole night. Next morning I woke to a wonderful blowjob by him. And his morning dick was harder than last night, and he fucked me again. Rough this time.

We started hanging out more. And frequently met to have sex. Amazing sex.

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