Desi Gay Sex Story of My First Forced Encounter: 3

Indian Gay Story of Hookup with an Actor Friend

Desi Gay Erotica: Hello Everyone I really appreciate the love that I received for my last two stories forced encounter part 1 and forced encounter part 2.

Now to continue ahead the last time when I was with munna the fucking sex Greek god Mr Singh had seen us but I was not aware that there was someone else also watching me so this guy who just lives in front of my house had seen me and munna before I left.

His name is Parikshit who is 4 years older than me u can say he is a copy of dulquer salmaan. I mean those chocolaty looks that smile those eyes exactly like him but more toned body can say towards athletic side as he was a swimmer.

He used to play cricket with my colony gang.Now five days after munna’s fuck I was chilling at home in evening when the electricity was out my friends came to my home and said come out we are playing hide and seek I agreed and went outI

Parikshit also joined us at one point of the game me and munna where hiding in a porch of the house which was not used for a long time and we used to call it bhootiya house since we have never seen anyone over there so we lied down on the ground in order to hide.

Now it’s a beautiful night we both are lying down and then I felt a hand on my chest which was moving up and down and then all of a sudden he pinched me on my nipple.

I moaned and he said bada maza aya tha na tujhe uss painter ke saath, jyada hairan maat ho mene sab dekh liya tha.

Before I could say anything he started pinching my nipples badly waah yaar sahi boobs hai maza araha hai. In a second he came and sat on top of me. He took my tshirt and covered my entire face he held my hands above my head and started to suck my nipples sometimes he used to bite them and I was enjoying it.

He starts pull my shorts to knee level and pinches my cock and starts to suck it.

Wow the way he sucked was like a kid licking an ice cream or a lollipop. He started to lick from bottom to top then he would suck it then he would do that again. The feel of a warm tongue on the dick and then into his mouth was an awesome feeling beyond words I was falling for him.

Then he came towards me and said baby same way please!

My fucking sweet lord the polite manner in which he said that I was in awe and started to suck his 8 inch cock in the same manner.

After some time he increased his speed faster and faster he was not waiting at all. I could not bear the pain but I was loving it then in just next second I felt his love in my mouth and I swallowed it deep.

Now he laid on top of me and said I like u no one has ever swallowed my cum but u did that and see there is some left on ur lips and he started to kiss me on lips. Wow that kiss with cum excited me badly and I said fuck me now!

He smiled and I was like please hold this fucking moment let me be here. Let me see him his smile him fucking me.

He slowly started to raise my legs and kiss on neck and lick simultaneously. The moment was so intense so fucking good that I did not realise he was inside me bloody not a small dick but still I had no idea when he was in me.

He pulled my legs towards him keeping them together at a 90 degree angle holding them tightly and fucking me in between he would just start to kiss my legs suck my toe bite on my thighs.

I did not wanted him to stop he went on and on and on he then came into the missionary position and started to suck my nipples biting them fucking me kissing me it was such a intense moment.

And then came the sound AAAAAAAH!

We both were looking at each other his sweat falling on me. His eyes as if he was looking deep into my soul and a small satisfied smile I pulled him towards me and started to kiss.

After that we decided to wear our cloths and head back to see where everyone is.

Desi gay erotica of a crazy and wild encounter with a friend

All this while I had a smile on my face and he had a satisfied face.

We saw everyone coming and asked why they did not come looking for us and they replied bhootiya ghar mein kaun jata hai be and we laughed looking at each other.

Before saying bye he pulled me towards him in a dark corner and started to kiss and said I will love u again and again. We departed after the kiss.

All time I had just him in my mind his body his smile his face I was falling in love and that too madly! What happens next please wait to find in the next fucking loving part!

Adios let me know how u like my story.