First gay encounter story with school friend: 1

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First gay encounter: My name is Karan, I am 34, born and raised in Delhi, I am and have always been bi curious since a very young age. I am chubby and have juicy boobs and amazing nipples. This story is about my very first experience in school and how a friend of mine ignited my inner woman and slut.

my school was far away and our bus ride used to be almost an hour long so we spent 2 hours a day in our school bus every day. I was always one of the last ones to get off. We used to have a blast, talk about everything movies, sports, music, we would crack jokes, make fun of other kids, discuss girls and just kids stuff.

I had a friend Varun, he was very fair, slim and an attractive guy, we used to sit together. One day aftr the school was over we were just hanging out on our way back home and 10 minutes after the bus left the school, varun asked me

Varun: kal raat ko maine Titanic dekhi.
Me: kya movie hai yaar. Pata nahi kaise banate hain .
Varun: haan yaar, graphics, music sab kuch mast hai. aur sex bhi

Me: hahaha haan kate winslet kitni sexy hai.
varun: uska painting wala scene aur car wala scene toh kitna zabardast hai, sala di caprio sahi maje leta hai.
Me: haan bahut sexy hai yaar, kya body hai.
varun: uske momme mast hai.

I genuinely heard that word for the first time so I asked
Me : momme matlab ?
Varun laughed and grabbed my left boob playfully and said
varun: abey inhe momme kehte hain

Just as touched, he and me both were surprised, I shunned his hand away as he said
varun: oye tere bhi momme hain thode se .

I laughed and giggled
me : chal oye mai ladki thodi hun
varun: toh kya hua?
me: tere nahi hain toh mere kaise honge

varun: usse kya farak padta hai, kiski ke hote hai kisi ke nahi hote, kisike chhote hain hote hain kisi ke bade., but inke sath khelne mein bada maza ata hai. he again playfully grabbed my chest this time the right side. One again I shunned his hand away.

varun:Chal hum bhi khelte hain, maza aega tu mere dekh mai tere dekhunga.
me: nai yaar.
varun: chal na yaar, tu rose mai jack
me: koi dekh lega toh ?

varun: aby koi nahi dekh raha aadhi bus khaali hai, aur 2 button hi toh kholne hain.
Back then it made sense and being an adventurous and curious kid and even though I was scared and did not know anything but I wanted to try it so I agreed.

Varun was excited i was nervous, he grabbed my first button, i stopped him,
me: ruk mai kholunga

I looked around for a few seconds and very carefully and lowly unbuttoned my shirt, but quicly fear overcame me and I closed the button.
varun: abey dekhne toh de
me: nai yar,

Varun quickly unbuttoned his shirt and showed his flat chest with and his tiny pink right nipple.
varun: yeh le isme kya hai ? dekh liya? ab tu dikha

I agreed, he was so forceful , i unbuttoned my shirt I was wearing a vest
varun: nipple toh dikha

I removed my vest slightly and he saw my left nipple
varun: ohh bhai, tere momme toh mujhse bahut bade hain aur nipple kitne bade hain,

I smiled and quickly buttoned up mu shirt.

varun: yaar touch karne de.
me: nahi toone kaha tha, dekhne ko .. maine dikha diye .. ab bas.
varun: yaar please ek baar touch karne de, tu pehle mere touch karle.

He grabbed my hand and out it in his shirt, i felt another guy’s nipple for the first time, a strange sensation spread across my body, like a current. I didn’t know what i was thinking, but i started moving my finger around his nipple, i was loving it ..he was too I guess, coz he did not mind but he was more interested to play with my nipples.

So he unbuttoned my shirt and quickly slid his hands inside and grabbed the left side of my chest.

Varun (whispered): ohh fuck, tere kitne sahi hai.

I started enjoying, more than playing with his nipple, i was loving the way he was running his fingers across mine, suddenly he started squeezing, i felt a current through my whole body.

He squeezed again and again, and with each squeeze i was feeling hotter, this was the first time ever someone touching me in that way , first time i was feeling turned on which i did not even know was a thing, but i was loving it and he was loving it.

I was loving it so much that i stopped touching him and i just sat there as he was going crazy.
varun: kya momme hai yaar tere…oye hoye

I just responded with a smile and a satisfied look. Nothing felt wrong.
varun: tere mommo se toh mai poore din khel sakta hun …ahhhhhhh ahaaa

He was getting crazier and even i started moaning very softly and as quietly as possible
me: aaaah ..aaahhh
varun: maza aa raha hai na
me haaan
varun: mere bhi toh daba

I quickly slid my hands inside his shirt, without any hesitation

me: tere nipple mast hain
varun: yaar tere jitney nahi. Aaah

Every time he complimented me, I felt more special. The bus was making the stops, as the bus stopped we would take our hands out and just sit with a goofy smile on our face, one the other kids were off and the bus would start moving, we would start too. Varun slid his hand inside again.

varun: teri skin kitni soft hai
me: aaah
he stopped squeezing and was just feeling my skin
me: aur daba na,

He had a grin on his face. And he started squeezing again.
varun: saale kaha than a maza aega, ab dekh

He slid both his hands inside my shirt and grabbed both my boobs. Once again was in 7 heaven.

varun: tere momme daba daba ke laal kar du?
me: karde ( i was so turned on)
varun: aaah saale tut oh bada tharki nikla
me: tere se bada nahi … aaaah

It was around 2:30 in the afternoon and i used to sweat a little more than others so i was getting sweaty, but we were having so much fun so we continued, as my sweat reached my chest and touched his hands.

varun: saale badi garmi hai tujhme…
he rubbed his hands all over my chest and actually started using the sweat as if it was oil and started massaging my boobs, my heart was racing.

varun: aaah saale tharki
me: aah ummmmm ummm
varun: mazaa aa raha hai na?
me: haan yaar, aaaah .. pehle pata hota toh kitna maza kar chuke hote ab tak.

Varun started squeezing harder.
Varun: koi nai, ab kar lenge. Sala ba pata chala unn hero heroin ko itna maza ata hoga.
me: haan yaar

I just leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I was enjoying but I was also scared of being caught so every now and then I would look around to see if someone was watching us .

Varun: sale mere bhit toh daba, khudh maze le raha hai.

I started squeezing his chest but since he had a flat chest, there wasn’t much but i was still enjoying it as was he, we were both moaning very quietly as there were still a few kids around us.

Me: saale tujhe bhi to maza aa raha hai dabane mein
varun: aega hi .. aaaah tere momme ladki jaise hain yaar

He suddenly pinched my nipple and i shouted
me: oye …..

We both took our hands out and burst out laughing, it was like we were in a trance and now we were out of it. We buttoned our shirts up quickly.

First gay encounter with a naughty friend

varun: yaar mera stop ane wala hai.. nai toh aur thodi der maze karte.
me: haan yaar
varun: chal koi nahi kal karenge
me: yaar pakde gaye toh waat lag jaegi

Varun was quiet for a few seconds, trying to think of something and then
varun: kal bus mein nahi school mein maze karenge.
me: pagal hai kya?

varun: arey sun, long break mein mujhe miliyo meri class ke bahar.
me: chal oye chool mein toh pakka pakde jaenge.
varun: abey tu bas miliyo na,

Suddenly the bus stopped, he grabbed his bag before leaving.
varun: theek hai?

I was hesitant but then I said theek hai and we shared a hi 5 and off he went. The bus started moving as i sat there, I was still having that tingling feeling inside, as I started thinking about what happened today, and what was about to happen tomorrow.

I was nervous, scared but more excited. This is going to be interesting…

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