First gay experience with a sexy gym hunk

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First gay experience: Hi, I am Yudi(name changed). I live in mumbai. But we have 1 house in our village too. I am 22 years old straight(was straight) slim, fit boy. I am very studious,sanskari, favourite of my parents.

I was always fascinated towards muscles of guys. Actually I never had imagined about sex with a guy but what happened is may be a dream of many bottom guys. I know many of you wont believe but it really happened with me.

I lived in city so I was kind of soft and kind hearted. My body was slim and average but my parents wanted me to improve and become tough. So when we came to village for holidays they had me to join the gym in our village.

Most of the guys in our village were buffed and muscular after 16 years of age only. And u know desi village boys. They look rough and wild. They abuse for small reasons and fight well.

They used to wear low quality t shirts but we could see the chest bulging out. Biceps were tight to the sleeves and bulging. And veins all over the biceps coming to the forearms. Not everyone but most of them looked like this.

So I went to the gym. There were all gavthi boys sweating and with pumped muscles. Teacher made me aquainted with them. Actually i used to stare their muscles everyday.

It was not under my control. That’s why may be one of them (Raj) came to me one day and said that you are doing it wrong, I will teach you exercise.

Let me tell u about Raj. 24 years old. 6 feet 3 inches tall. Thoda sa dusky. He could be fair but working hard in farm and sweat and all made him that way. Body was muscular but desi. In city they take steroids so muscles are more sharp.

But Raj’s body was bulky. A lot of veins running over muscles. Wearing tight t shirt and tight short pant. Chest pumping out of t shirt and abs were visible too. Big biceps and forearms with veins. V shaped upper body. Big thighs and bubble butts.

Only one thing came to my mind seeing them – yaar ye iski bandi ko jab shots deta hoga, kya jor se jabardast shots hote honge yaar😮(I didnt know about the sex in detail but knew few things that friends used to talk.).

I took my hand forward for handshake. He pulled me and hugged me saying – gaon me seedha gale lagakar milte hai re. Man I could feel his chest muscles and abs to my body. And his back muscles to my hand. They were so hard like rock.

After that everyday we used to come at decided time to gym and he used to teach me. After few days, he started to touch my butts with hands while teaching. I ignored. Then eventually he used to rub his dick while giving me support while i was doing squats. I dont know why but I liked it.

He used to pose and flex his muscles after every set. One day i said ki – wow yaar kitne bade biceps hai yaar, bahot kadak honge na. He said -touch karke dekh le na. I did. He said that you should feel the muscle so that you will understand the muscle-mind connection and exercise well.

So whenever he used to exercise a muscle, he used to ask me to touch that particular muscle. Like this he made me touch his all muscles while exercising that muscle biceps, triceps, back, shoulder, chest, abs, thighs, gluts.

One day I said – wow yaar your muscles are so big and hard. He said – mera sab kuch bada aur hard hi hai 😂.

Actually he made a lot of efforts to seduce me. I realised it later. Some events happened later that changed me from straight towards gay.

My parents wanted me to learn swimming. In village we learn swimming in well. So I asked Raj once casually in gym that can you swim. He said yes. So i asked if he could teach me. He agreed. We went to my parents for permission. My parents were happy that I made a friend like Raj.

They thought ki uski body dekh kar i ll be inspired. And also they felt i was safe with such a strong guy especially in the village environment. They gave permission.

We went to our farm. There is well. In the afternoon there is usually no one nearby in the farm. So we were the only 2 of us. We removed clothes. Only on undies. I first time saw him in undies. Man his bulge was so big.

I never knew that it could be so big. I was a sanskari boy never watched porn 😅. Then i thought ki he is elder so. With age may be it gets bigger. Then we entered in the water. He teached me.

Then I took some rest there on platform. There is platform in village wells just like shown in Sairat movie(on which he fucked me a lot in the later days). Man he was all wet. Whole shape of his dick was clearly visible.

It was really very big. All his body was shining wet in water. I was slowly becoming hard. He could see me staring his dick. He just passed a smile and winked.

Then we again practised some. I was suddenly drowning. He brought me up. I was very scared. He said enough for today lets come tomorrow. I was so afraid to even climb up the iron ladders. He picked me up and asked me to hold him tightly. And he started to climb up.

I dont know why but my fear was out and i was feeling something else. I could feel his all muscles and strength. It made me rock hard. It used to happen at nights only but first time my dick was hard in day.

When we were up, he put me down. He saw me rock hard. He said – aaha lagta hai kisiko bahot maja aaya. He laughed and winked. He picked me up again and made me hold him like monkey’s baby holds his mother.

My legs were surrounding his waist and my hand surrounding his neck. He was holding me with my waist and adjusted me so that my ass was on his dick. He said – to isme bhi maja aayega tumhe and started giving shots with both ours undies on. He was not hard.

He was just kidding and taking fun of me. But it was the first time different experience for me. With each shot, all the vibrations were going up from my ass to head. There was only loud noise of thap thap thap. I didnt know what was happening.

I could not speak anything. He gave shots like this for sometime and then i cummed in my undies. Wow that was such a pleasure first time in my life while not sleeping. Then i came to my senses.

I scolded him – kya kar rahe ho. Mujhe niche utaro. He did. He was so sorry. He said he was doing it just for fun. He was just kidding. I am sorry.

One day he said:
Raj – yaar body bahot dard kar raha hai. Kash yaar mera chota bhai abhi ghar pe hota. Wo dusre gaon gaya hai abhi.
Me – kyo kya ho gaya?

Raj – arre yaar wo humesha meri body dabake deta hai jab bhi body pain karta hai. Matlab ek tarah se massage deta hai.
Me – Ohh ok. Mai deta hoo massage if u dont mind. Mujhe aata to nahi par try kar sakta hoo.

Raj – Haa yaar bahot accha hoga. Chalo mere ghar. Ghar pe koi nahi hai. Maa papa khet gaye hai.

I was straight so never thought that may be he is asking me for something else. I thought ki aaj bhaiya ko massage dena hai.

We went to his home. He removed his clothes only undie and asked me to do the same so that oil will not spoil the clothes. I did. Then he slept on bed with his stomach touching bed. I applied oil all over.

I could feel his all hard muscles – back, butts, thighs. Then he turned and slept on his back touching bed. Seeing all his muscles glistening with oil, I was becoming hard. He could see it. He asked me to sit on his lap so that it would be easy to oil his upper body.

I did then he adjusted me directly over his dick. I was so seedha-saadha, I still didnt understand 😅. I didnt knew anything about sex, never watched porn. I oiled his chest, abs, biceps.

Something was poking on my undies. His dick was hard. I thought it was normal as it was happening with me too. After feeling his muscles for sometime I said him – yaar us din swimming karte waqt bahot maja aaya tha.

First gay experience with a sexy and hot gym guy

Firse karte hai na. He smiled a little and said kyo nahi. He said – are you ready? I was so excited 😅. Then he hold my waist with his hands and started giving me shots like a horse. Just imagine the power of each shot with that huge thighs and gluts.

My body was going up with each shot but then he used to bring it back with his hands on my waist to his dick and at the same time his next shot coming up. It went on for some time and I cummed in my undies.

After some time I said I am not feeling well I am going home. I came home. We both didn’t say anything to each other.

A lot of things happened later. Yes I had sex 😅. A proper anal sex. In my home, in our car, in the clinic of my father, in that well, in the farm, on terrace, in the gym, in school ka washroom, in Akhada, side room in the bodybuilding competition. And he was not the only one 😅.