Gay friends story of fun time at hostel: 1

Naked straight friend gets a quick handjob

Gay friends story: Hi I’m Sharan ,24,from Hyderabad. This a real story happened when I’m at my 2nd engineering. I’m a good looking and somewhat thin at that time but I have nice face with French cut beard and nice moustache (I didn’t grow beard on cheeks so it looked like it). I know I was gay and wanted to be bottom never thought this dream come true.

I’m quite a non talkative person.

I’m studying my engineering in hyd.I’m staying at a hostel which is only for fresher of my college (not belong to college though).It had curfew (10pm-6am).But this happened in starting of 2nd year and I was in that hostel only becoz next year fresher classes hadn’t yet started.

I used to have friend-sunny with whom I used to go out daily.

***Note***This friend of mine had a different story I will say in next chapter

Most of the members I meet says that I handsome and have nice smile(all who say would say that)did u have any girlfriend or not(as if I haven’t they gonna propose or what ,my feeling). So when I went out with my friend he introduced some of his friends at a bakery.One of them is Shubam.

I didn’t focus on him much as he is smoking,I didn’t like. He said I have nice smile. I didn’t talk to him as I didn’t like him at first.

After some days I went in argue with my friend on something (which I gonna say in next part).so I started not talking with him. R used to go out to have evening tea. so I went myself now where I met shubam again. He came to me, started talking to me he said “you have nice smile” like that we continued and after that he used to message me on fb.we became friends .

Shubam : he used to be slim and he is of boss type means he has a group of friends in which he is of leader type and whenever a fight taken place in area of college he used to be there.and he is stays in a hostel besides my hostel where there is no curfew.he is used to go on night rides .

One day he asked me to come out I said the gates are locked ,he said to jump from wall(no Watchmen)and he got up and helped me to get down. After that we went to out for small ride and ate some late night snacks and tea. After that he said me stay the night with him in their hostel and we chatted and slept.

Actually I had habit to keep my hand on bulge while I’m sleeping and no hands on the stomach it suffocates me.

On that day shubam slept beside with me on the same blanket. In night at some time he placed his hand on my stomach. As u know I don’t like that so I moved his hand somewhat down (which is end of stomach and above my dick). He suddenly grab my cock from outside.(actually he thought I wanted that as I placed his hand down).

And I’m so excited as never ever any one did that. My heart race increased and my dick started to erect and I can feel his warmness on dick. I was so eager as what gonna happen next but something happened which I never expected in my life,he placed my hand on his dick from inside I was so excited and grabbed this 6inches fat cock.

We started stroking each other for 2 min and he moved my t-shirt upwards and pinched my nipple (my sensitive spot) I got finched afterwards he started sucking my nipples.

I forgot say something actually we weren’t the only one in room which excited me more becoz it’s my first time and that to had to doing in scertly between bunch of guys both of ours side.

As nipples are sensitive I got so excited after wards he flipped to other side and he rubbed his dick on my butts.

At that time becoz of excitement my hole expanded. He suddenly pushed his 6 inch dick directly into my hole without fingering, at that time I was so shocked but I didn’t felt any pain as it’s my dream come true and the huge dick directly entered into my hole.He started pushed in and out.

I was becoming so crazy but didn’t felt any pain.when he about to cum he taken his dick out and we started stroking each other dicks until we both came.

Next day he called me some time and taken into a empty room. He removed his clothes it’s my first time seeing his cock as yesterday it’s night and no light so I didn’t saw that now he came to me removed my t-shirt started sucking nipples about 30+min it was so great as I can see him while sucking and biting also yesterday night he hadn’t shown that side of sucking nipples.

He asked me to let’s suck each other dicks but I didn’t agree. After that he worshiped my nipples and he removed by shorts and taken my dick into his mouth that’s the greatest feeling I ever felt but after a min he asked me again to take his dick into my mouth but I didn’t agree to it so he said that’s enough for today and he lay on the bed and I went to another room where his friends stay.

After About 2 min after he called me again.

He said remove my shorts he started sucking my dick by rubbing his tongue around dick head and into the pee hole the pleasure I got from was wonderful felt like I was in heaven, I was praying no one to come and disturb us, I sat on the bed he is on his knees continued sucking until 1 hour thank god nobody disturbed after 1 hour I’m about to come and said to stop him.

Gay friends story of horny boys in the hostel

He stopped said it’s my first sucking a dick I never did that or had a feelings towards men I saw your post on Facebook in which I wore a vest at that time I wanted to fuck you and wanted to taste ur dick and now it’s the chance.

He ate the pre cum and said wow it’s so sweet and I wanted to taste ur cum and he started sucking my dick speedily and I came all over into his mouth he drank my sweet white cream and said it’s so sweet I wish you had cummed some more , it’s not enough for me.

After that we both started to do same we used to meet and he would play with my nipples and we masturbated each other cocks and I never agree him to fuck me or sucked or tasted his anything until one day it’s totally changed.

For what changed with me towards him, Stay tuned for next chapter…

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