Gay college story of horny roommates having fun: 3

Gay sex story of hot experiences of a lifetime: 7

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So that one night is beginning of the upcoming countless romantic and sexy nights. So from that night, i no more sleep on top bunker bed with rest of my friends/hostel roommates for AC and told all of them that it is very congested for me and that I will sleep on the lower bed.

Me and Karan used to wait for the time till everyone sleep and he slowly creeps in to my room after midnight and then we start doing the fun business. I love to blow him in the room and he also enjoys it the most there in the comfort of our bed where we can take our sweet time.

But most of the times people will be awake in hostels chatting. As I already told you guys we have hostel in 2nd floor and mess, library in 1st floor.

So what we do is, I slowly sneak into first floor toilet and after a couple of minutes karan follows me to the toilet without anyone noticing.

As soon as we meet in the toilet, its already very dark and nobody uses 1st floor toilets, I close the bathroom door and immediately go down on my knees waiting like a hungry tiger to have Karan’s meat inside my mouth.

Now what can I say, I am so addicted to sucking his dick.

We used to do this almost every day and we both are never bored of it. As we are experiencing pleasures of our lives.

This went for many days and we used to tease each other where ever we find opportunity, I used to go and sit beside him during study hours and rub his dick when no one is noticing.

When no one is around him in hostel I go and sit on his dick and rub my ass over his dick to tempt him.

Karan brings Newspaper from reception and reads it every day in hostel, I use this chance wisely, I slowly go and sit beside him while reading and slowly put my hands under the newspaper and touch his dick over his pants and rub it.

There is always some tension, chemistry going on between us, we always seek for chances trying to touch each other. And my God Power cuts in the hostels are the best of all.

This is the chance we never lose, I immediately run towards him where ever he is and immediately take hold of his dick and suck it. I make him cum as soon as possible before the power gets back and there quickies are the most fun!

This is going on for many days and we did all kind of naughty stuff every corner of the college and now we even want more than what we already experienced.

Gay friends story of wild blowjobs at hostel

So we both decided that we should go head and do sex(Anal/Penetration). But the main question is how and where are we going to have Sex?

We taught of having Anal in the toilet at midnight, but me and karan don’t want our first time to be like that in dark and in hurry and obviously we can’t do it the hostel room with every one there nor we can afford a hotel room outside as we are given outings very rarely.

I taught for a while and came up with a brilliant idea and told karan. He jumped and hugged me and told me it is a great idea and he is waiting for that day.

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