Friends sex story of horny young boys: 2

Married gay friends enjoying a fun blowjob

Gay friends story: Next day, My doorbell rang at 05:55 am sharp.
Me- You are early.
R- Couldn’t wait.

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I laughed when I invited him to my room. He had been in the room for three days now but this time it felt different.

Me- Okay, You will mimic whatever I do from now. Okay?
R- Ok sir.
Me- First, how long does ur handjob session really last? be honest.

R- Well…about 2-3 minutes only.
Me- Okay. So before jerking, do u pee?
R- no. Should I?
Me- Yeah it helps

And he immediately went to pee. As he came back, I went to pee too.

Me- Now that we both are ready, Copy me.
And I started removing my shorts. He too started unbuckling his jeans. I kept my shorts on the bedside table. He kept his jeans on top of it.

I was wearing a red CK brief. He was wearing a printed one. I then started massaging my dick over my briefs. He did the same.

We were both looking at each other’s crotch while massaging ourselves. I saw that he started moaning already

Me- Relax yourself. Not too soon.
R- Yes.
He closed his eyes and relaxed a bit. It worked. His dick was hard but he was not moaning.
R- Hey, my dick is hard but I don’t feel like cumming just yet.

Then I started rubbing my balls. He followed. He gasped. He was now very close. But I wanted him to last longer.

So I stopped a bit. But it was too late. He was already gasping too much and even when I held his hand to stop him from touching his dick, he had already released his load in his printed briefs.

Now wet stains appeared all over them.

R (with tears in eyes)- See? I cannot last longer than that. I am a loser.
Me- You will be better. everyday will be a progress. You will see. Now go and change ur briefs.

And I gave him a new set of briefs from my wardrobe.

He wore them and left. We met at school, later in the evening for tutions but never discussed our morning experience but we both were looking forward to the next morning.

This morning’s fun continued for a week. Everyday, he would cum as we rubbed our balls. But on the eighth day, we made progress. As he rubbed his balls, he gasped but then stopped himself from releasing.

Me- Now that is progress.

He smiled at me. I took it to the next step. I now removed my briefs. My semi hard on bounced as my brief dropped to the floor which I picked and kept over my bed.

He removed his. His little dick was also semi erect and looked cute. His balls were big for his dick size. I then started jerking my dick.

I jerked it in a special position, in a special way. He copied me. He was moaning but was trying hard to keep up.

For the next fifteen days he would cum within a minute of jerking in this position. But then from sixteenth day, time got increased to 5 minutes, then gradually to 10 minutes.

Our exams started and our exams ended. Our excuse to meet for tutions ended. He then started coming at 6 saying at his home that he is going for a jog and would climb my room as I gave him our house keys.

After about four months, we reviewed our progress. His dick was now 4.5 inches. It had grown 1.5 inches and his stamina now increased to 27-29 minutes. He was very very happy.

He would constantly thank me. By now, we never even removed our t-shirts and never touched each other. But on our last day, I did take the first step.

Me- So Reyansh today is the last session. Copy me today without any questions.
R- okay sir.

Now with my hard dick in my hand, I removed my t-shirt and vest. He looked puzzled but also removed his. He was hairy and well built. I too had hair and was athletic.

I started rubbing my nipples, he did the same. I lifted my arm and started licking my armpits. He was reluctant but followed his master. Then I touched his nipples.

He took a step back. I stared at him and he obliged. Now our left arms held our dicks while our right arm pinched each other’s nipples. Then I lifted his arm and smelled his armpit.

He did the same and I could sense the connection. He too felt it as I witnessed shivers down his body. I then licked his pit and he licked mine. We both were jerking our dicks while licking each other’s pits.

After some time, he assumed what he had to do. He automatically bent on his knees and touched my dick and smelled it.

R- You gave me the greatest gift. It is the least I can do. Today I will give you the best orgasm ever.

I smiled as he started sucking my dick. He rubbed my balls as his tongue cleaned the top of dick. He choked on my dick but still managed to give me the best blowjob of my life.

After a few minutes, I bent down to return the favour.

R- No. You wont suck me. Today I will only please you.
He then bent down and took the doggy position.
R- Fuck me please. I want you in me.
Me- Are u sure?

R- Yeah I wanted it for so long.

I rimmed his ass while he moaned loudly. My dick pierced through his virgin ass as I muffled his scream by keeping my hand over his mouth.

He was very tight but a huge amount of spit and supper dotted condom which he had hidden in his wallet helped. I fucked him in multiple positions.

First doggy style, then cowboy, then on the bedside table, we fucked for almost an hour. It was past 7:30 am. We had to get ready for school.

I gathered speed and in the spooning position, I came all my load. The condom was filled with white liquid. He jerked himself and released his cum in the same condom.

Then he cleaned his ass, wore clothes and did something which I wanted him to do for so long. He grabbed my neck and kissed me the best kiss. We kissed and our tongues mingled.

My dick was almost hard again but it was time. He ran towards the door with the dirty condom in a polythene which he threw in the garbage bin outside the street.

Gay friends story of a sexy first time fun

He pinged me almost 5 minutes later-“today I please you, But soon we both will enjoy it together.”

And that soon came very soon, just two days later.
He also messaged- ” BTW how do u learn that special massage for dick?”

Me- From Vicky

He sent shocked emoji as Vicky is the name of my elder brother.

To be continued…Reach me at [email protected]