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Gay hostel story: POV of Kartik

A guy, who was my crush since when we met first, today he is in my arms.

I always excited to talk with him, I want to protect him from all of forces against him for the entire life. I know he was feeling strange in this trip, but it’s me I can’t see him in troubled and lonely. So I make all efforts to be with my baby boii.

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Last night, he said that he love me, but I don’t respond much at this. I was thinking about my sweet innocent boy, whether it was exactly for love or it was just feeling because I was only a friend who cares for him at that day. I was just confusing in my inner thoughts, suddenly I look over him, he’s sleeping.

Such an adorable face, anybody could want to see forever. All of my thoughts get stopped, and I put my shoulders under his head & hugged him in my arms. I bring my face very close to him, his breathing was passing through my face, I can clearly feel this whole respiration.

I got feel hornyness, I noticed bulge on my zip. Still I don’t want to distrub my young boy because of my lust. I put a kiss on his lip, and got the sleep with him.

I get up early in the morning, I don’t have the words to describe this feeling. A sincere and adorable child is still in my arms.

I don’t aiming to separate him from me but, it’s morning, I have to ready myself and prepare the bags of both because we are leaving today.

Finally, I decide to tell the feelings of mine too. I want lots of memories with my boii, so we gone separate from the group. Suddenly he stopped at a tree.

I look over him, he was looking little tired, he is looking at me too. My inner feelings strongly urging me to tell all about them to him. I covered him from front side with my hands, another side it was tree’s trunk.

I kissed on his neck, and he closed his eyes putting his lips on my lip. I got enthusiastic to seeing this.

Again my hornyness goes high, I don’t want to miss any single part of my baby boii. He was betterly responding all of kisses and licking by me.

His soft lips, beautiful eye, ear, neck, palms, hair all are designed very well. I kissed one by one at all, I rode with my lip till all the way of his face.

He pulls my face, cover his both palms on my neck and said again

“I love you Kartik!”

His eyes were wet with tears, I can clearly see the credibility, trust, love, and truth in his eyes. I couldn’t wait more to say him. I said too

“ I love you too my boii, love you so much”

And he give me a tight hug, I was so happy today, I got my soul in Prashant. It was the longest hug Ever in my life, we were  remain together for 20 to 30 minutes.

We getting out from our dreams in arms of eachother, by a sound coming from my phone. Ohh! It was a call of one of my friend, Roy,
“Where are you!?, Here all are looking for you and Prashant.”

I guess they noticed that we guys were missing from group. I said “yeah, I’ll come directly to the destination what teachers have decided”

Roy : “ohh, you want enjoy solely, it’s okay but be ensure that you come on time” He was something disappointing from my reply.

Me : “I’m not alone, Prashant, he is with me, we’ll come at time, don’t worry” and he cuts the phone with simply saying “okay”.

After the whole interruption, we got the nice time together to spent. I caught his hands and walk together.

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I was familiar with the things of this place, I was describing each and everything presenting here, with me and he simply continued with his smiles, asking questions, telling me his experiences.

We have lots of fun, pranks, kississ, and hugging while in the way. Finally we reach at destination to go back to the hostel.

Sorry, you don’t got the erotic or sexual content here, but in 3rd part It will gonna too wild and crazy.

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