Gay lovers story of horny boyfriends during pandemic: 1

Gay lovers story: Hi guys, I’m back with another story. Let me quickly introduce myself once again. I’m Sharan, 25, Hyderabad. I write about myself with my boyfriend. His name is shubam. We met when we were 19 while studying at the same institute.

Coming to the story, we are graduates now. I completed my graduation with my younger brother due to the pandemic and my backlogs we both graduated in the same year.

My brother and I thought to do a training program for jobs. We started going to the institute in Ameerpet after the pandemic and also staying in a small room there itself with me, my brother, and his friend.

Shubam looked for a part-time job while searching for a full-time job. The part-time job provides accommodation so he stayed there. It’s been one month since I came to Ameerpet.

We didn’t meet it’s been 3 months(i stayed at home during the pandemic we met when we wrote backlog exams after that I went back home) but we used to call daily.

It’s Sunday morning today. Shubam called me I went outside to the balcony to talk.

Subam: “beta, I coming today afternoon let’s meet at your place”

I said: “ok daddy, we will meet outside my room as my brother and his friend is here”.
(We used to call beta and daddy).

When I entered my room I saw my brother and his friend are dressing up. My brother saw me and said “we were going out to meet my friends who are at kukatpally”

I asked, ” when will you return then?”
Bro: ” probably by the evening”
Me: ” ok”

I didn’t meet shubam for so long and had no sex. So dirty thoughts came to my mind. I went out to call shubam.

Me: ” Daddy my brothers are going out they will be back in the evening, if you come now we can have some fun”
Shubam: ” ok beta, I will come as fast as I can, I will apply for leave here”.

Shubam came one and half hours after my brother left. His place is far and also it’s Sunday.
Seeing shubam after three months he changed completely.

He came in the nice ironed white shirt and blue denim and neat white sneakers, with well-groomed bread and with nicely waxed hair, and tempting perfume mixed with the sweat. I was in shock by this complete transformation.

We went into my room, we locked ourselves in deep hugs. We both can hear our heartbeats loud. Shubam looked at me smiling, oh God with that well-trimmed beard his smile made my heart beat faster.

I never imagined shubam will look this amazing if he is well groomed. Shubam’s lips came near my lips and I didn’t object to it. Shubam observed me then He first licked my lips and then he started kissing and biting my lips (actually I didn’t like to kiss but this shubam is different, I wanted him totally ).

While kissing I opened my mouth slightly he rushed his tongue inside my mouth and started exploring my mouth 👅.

And I can’t control it now I started doing the same now. Shubam is in shock that I not only rejected kissing but I did the same. After 20 minutes, I unbuttoned his shirt, I scent coming from his body oh God 🤤.

I sniffed over his body, and the scent coming from his short-trimmed hairy armpits 🥵 with the mixture of his perfume and sweat, driving me mad. I lifted his right hand that vision of his armpit 😋.

I moved my face to his armpits and licked it, slurped the hair, and bit it. Shubam liked it so much he moaned “aahhh ahh” but it made him ticklish so he stopped me and I looked at his hairy chest and pressed them hard and licked it while bitting it, smooching it again to disperse the pain. I moved to kiss and licked his whole body. Rimmed on his naval.

Unbuttoned his pant and saw him in new white underwear. I licked his underwear on the top of his dick. His body is trembling with pleasure. I licked his underwear until it was half wet( shubam liked it so much we tried it sometimes again).

I removed his underwear and sucked his dick. Up to this, I didn’t let him do anything to me except the kissing.

He pushed me onto the bed, and for 2 minutes he sucked my nipples. I wanted nothing but his dick inside me.

I pushed him and said: “fuck me, daddy”.

He:” ok beta and placed me in dog position”
He used some lube and entered into my ass he fucked so lightly as you know why.

Me: ” daddy, fuck me hard, I want the pain, make your dick drilling machine, drill me hard daddy🥵🥵”.
He:” missed your daddy so much ah, l will drill you so much that, the pain won’t let you forget me until next time we meet”

He then fucked roughly. Whenever I said I gonna cum. He would stop and do some kissing and licking nipples and continued the drill.

This total session took place for more than 2 hours until my brother called, I received the call while shubam fucking me lightly.

Bro: ” I am at the tea shop, do you want me to bring some”.
Me: ” when did you come back “.

Bro: ” one of our friends had some urgent thing to do, so we all left early”.
Me:” ok, with tea can you also bring me some samosas in the same street”.
Bro: ” ok”.

I said to shubam my brother is coming.
We both cleaned the room and I started dressing. Then brother came. I opened the door. Shubam went to washroom in underwear.

My room is in this shape. entering the room there will be a bathroom vertical besides that there will be two beds for them. and there is another bed beside the door in horizontal.

Gay lovers story of two horny young friends

He is still hard when he went to the washroom. My brother and his friend went to their beds. I said shubam came he is in the washroom room.

Shubam called me (as he is cleaning his face) to press the tap (it is a push cock tap). I went to push. I can’t be visible to them if I was standing before bathroom.

I was pressing the tap from outside when I saw his hard cock in his underwear. I removed it with one hand while laying on the side wall seeing my brother and started stroking then shubam moaned then he pressed the tap (acting in my position so they can hear water sound).

I started stroking his dick while staying outside the bathroom and talking to my brother. Shubam is trembling with pleasure. I started stroking hard until he cum on my hand…

To be continued…

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