Gay seduction story of straight friends going gay

Indian Gay Erotic Story of New Bud's Seduction: 2

Gay seduction story: So, the story goes back to the day I broke up with my second girlfriend because she was being so clingy and to be honest, I was in relationship with her just because I wanted to make my first ex-girlfriend jealous.

But does this tactic even work? Well, it did not for me. And to say my day was not going well as I was a bit panicked because her friends texted and called me non-stop to know what happened between us and also her sister’s boyfriend was calling me continuously to whom I clearly ignored the whole.

So, later the evening I texted him “Call me tomorrow around 4 PM.”, to which he replied with “OK”.

Clearly, I was not planning on receiving his call in my own house cause my mother always monitors my call when I’m home, but he was like inevitable evil. If I didn’t receive his call he would end up at my house and creating a total mess.

So, I decided to go to my best friend Alex’s house (secret crush as I’m bisexual and Alex did not know about it!) whose parents and sister were out of town and he had his house all by himself.

So, I would not have my mother there and also, I would have one of my best friends to back me up. We’ve been friends for like a few months and we bonded very quickly to each other, or so I say as I was bonded much more than he was and we were called each other’s boyfriends by our classmates just to mock us because we hanged out a lot together.

And we just blew it away in fun. Anyways back to the point. The very next day I went to his place by 2 pm.

To describe Alex’s body is not so difficult as he was my secret crush and I used to check him out every now and then, and my only dream was to see him naked. He is a slim guy with a fair complexion and smooth skin and height approximately 5.6 ft tall and black hypnotising eyes.

He had thick beard on his chin and a little on his cheeks although he was younger than me, I didn’t have a beard, which is a super sexy look on him. He turned me on, on many occasions. He always wore a shirt when outside and casually on a comfortable lower and t-shirt.

And today I was rebounding, although I was not so badly hurt by the breakup, she was a good girl and I felt bad about whole breakup thing. And to describe me, I would say I’m a skinny fat guy with same complexion as Alex’s. Although I was taller than him.

When I arrived to his apartment, he had his CPU plugged to his living room TV and playing some game on it. I was getting bored playing him games, as he’s a gamer and I’m not. And his focus on the game also turned me on.

So, I told him that I was getting bored and wanted to do something interesting to take my mind off the breakup thing. To which he replied, “Should we watched porn? It’ll be much of a distraction for ya. I have a few loaded on this system.” After listening to this, I was shocked, I did not know what to reply.

So, I just made a few annoying noises. “I’m doing for it”, I reply with a little shiver in my voice to which he replies, “Great”. Then we wish the sofa chair to the wall behind as he had moved it near the Tv for playing game on TV as his joystick wasn’t wireless. I did not know what was happening, but he seemed so carefree about it.

Although I have had been with many guys from my schools, I wasn’t emotionally connected with anyone. We then sat on the sofa and then he loaded the porn on the TV. The quality of porn wasn’t so great and it did not turn us on so I suggested, “Why don’t we connect TV to the internet?”.

He said nothing and picked my phone, turned on the hotspot and connected on the internet. Then he loaded a few websites and we watched some, we were so horny together. We both could see our bulged pants to we decided to turn off the lights, which made us horny even more to which I said, “Please don’t get shocked if I started jerking off here!”.

He laughed. It was dark so we weren’t able to see anything except porn. He replied, “You suck dude. I’m already jerking off”. He stood up and turned on the dim lights, I could see his bulge now. He sits back and I ignore him. I was super horny now. He then said, “Hey see here.”

I turn to him and to my surprise he had his big dick in his hands and his pants removed. “Is this enough to distract you from your breakup. It’s your turn now. Be a man and show me yours.” He says this and I was star struck, as if my dream was coming true. “OK dude” I reply him and then remove my pants.

His was as long as mine about 17.5cms and I mine was thicker than his. He was circumcised and I wasn’t. I wanted to suck his cock but I did not know what to do or what to say even. We both were jerking off so hard as we were super horny seeing each other naked.

He then touches my balls. Firstly, I wasn’t sure what was happening, cause he never knew I was bi and he wasn’t gay or bi either. He then grabbed my hard cock and began stroking it. I left my thoughts and thought of giving it a shot with him.

For this was the first time I was doing such thing with a guy clearly like. We both began to stroke each other. He then told me that he wanted to suck my dick in this way, “Bro, I feel like sucking your cock.” I replied to him, “Go for it.” And then he got on his knees still stroking my dick.

He licks my glans and then tastes the precum, to which he replies, “you’re wet.” And this was so erotic for me. Then slowly he puts my dick between his lips and slowly takes all of it in. I moaned as he was a good sucker. I asked him, “Have you done this before?”

He denies it and says “It feels so good”. To which I reply, “it does.” And then moves back to the sofa and starts jerking himself. And then I say, “fuck this” and then I get on my knees and suck him off. He stands up and then pushes me on the bed lying beside sofa chair and licks my body and then starts sucking me off.

Gay seduction story of horny friends going gay

I would stop him when I was about to shoot as I didn’t want to shoot right away. I wanted more. And then I sucked him off again. Then we tried different positions to suck each other. I then grab him up in my arms and then pushed him to the wall, where I licked his body from his dick to the neck, by this time he was moaning in pleasure.

I then kissed him. He pushed me back hard, and then pulled me back and began kissing me strongly. He said, he wanted to cum so we went to the bathroom. He sucked me for a while when I was about to shoot, he began to jerk me so hard, my balls were hurting and moving back and forth with maximum force and then I cum.

I came a lot that day. And then he jerked himself watching me jerking me again and teasing my nipples. He came in fraction of seconds.

And then my ex’s sister’s boyfriend called which went well cause Alex was with me. After that we made out and came in our college bathroom, and many more times at his house. It has been many days since we met but when we meet next time it’s gonna be fun again.