Indian Gay Erotica of New Roommates Getting Cozy: 1

Indian Gay Erotica of New Roommates Getting Cozy: 1

Indian Gay Erotica: Part 1: The Muscular Perfection

Hello again. Varun here, back with another experience, This is a story of the time when I was new to Mumbai. I joined an MNC here, straight out of college and found a flat to live nearby.

I found this flat through a broker, as I did not know anyone around there and in Mumbai it’s pretty much impossible to find a good one without a broker. I received tremendously positive feedback on my last story, “Indian gay sex story of a surprise bus encounter”, and “Indian gay porn story of a poker game turning dirty” which prompted me to share more experiences.

For those of you who are new to my writing, I am Bi, from Mumbai, 6 feet tall with perfect jawline and a 8 inch monster in my boxers. I would love to connect with anyone who wants to get in touch, just drop me a mail at [email protected] I welcome all feedback and critique, so don’t hesitate.

This story is a little one, so I would try to incorporate it in few parts. You can write to me suggesting any changes I can make to my style of writing, to make it more enjoyable.

Coming back to the story. So the day I went around looking for flats with the broker. He showed some 7-8 flats but none of them appealed to me, partially because I needed to share it with a stranger, so hygiene was important and I wanted a big balcony, which isn’t that easily available in Mumbai.

Finally we went to see this flat at 19th floor, which had great balcony and two rooms. Since the other flatmate was at office, broker opened the flat and showed me around. I saw this guy’s room, neat, well decorated and most importantly, had a picture of him on the wall, where he was posing just like Jon Abraham in Dostana.

I finalised that flat and told that I will shift the following day. The next day was Saturday, and I reached with my bags at around 1 in afternoon. I rung the bell, and after ages, a fit, athletic guy opens the door. I recognised him instantly as the guy in the picture the other day.

Most importantly, he was wearing just a vest and boxers, and looked pure godly. I swear my look lingered over his crotch for more than five seconds. He then extended his hand, introducing himself as Ravi. I introduced myself, asked him if the broker has informed him that I will be shifting here from today.

He responded positively and welcomed me, apologising for not being dressed. I chuckled and said, “ That’s Ok. Now I know I can also roam around in underwear without you minding.” He also smiled. I went to my room, to set it up and also to freshen up a little.

I took a long, refreshing shower and lied down on my new bed, still wearing only a towel as moving had been a little tiring. I couldn’t remember when I fell asleep, only to wake up to knocking on my door. I opened the door, still in towel which had ridden up to my thighs.

Ravi: Hey, you want to watch some TV with a beer maybe? I don’t want you to feel unwelcome here.
Me: Hey, Sure. I would love to. Just give me 2 minutes, I will dress up and come.

Ravi:(Chuckling) Oh, I thought you are just gonna roam around in towel now that you know I sport around in my underwear.
Me:(flirting back) The thought came to me, but I know as soon as I do that I will find you hanging brain all over the place(Being naked all over the place).

In five minutes, I joined him in living room. Some random Bollywood movie was playing on TV and there he was, sitting on couch with 2 cold beers, sitting in his Shorts and a red t-shirt. I sat beside him.

I was also wearing my cute Pokemon t-shirt, which coincidentally has his red cheeks at same place as my nipples (wink, wink!!) and a set of Puma joggers.

I opened my beer, cheered to a fantastic stay here and started chatting. I got to know that he works at a startup in sales, gyms regularly (Not a surprise there) and is originally from Bangalore. We started talking about lots of stuff, how long has he been in Mumbai, what all places to see around, where can I find good food etc.

It was the month of May, and Mumbai in May is sweaty as hell. In no time, I was feeling hot, and even chilled beer had no effect. Even Ravi was sweating, then he excused himself, went to his room and came back in a tight fitting vest and boxers.

Ravi: Here I am, back the way I met you. Too hot to wear anything at all.
Me: I’ll also go change, otherwise I’ll have to bathe again.

I also removed my tracks and came in boxers and my pikachu tee. Soon, we were bored of the movie and started switching channels. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Ravi went and answered, again in his boxers only. It was the Newspaper delivery guy, asking for subscription payment.

Ravi asked him to come inside, while he went to fetch cash from his bedroom. The Delivery guy was a young, 18-19 year old boy, who was clearly interested in Ravi’s abs, because I could see his eyes not moving for even a second from them. When Ravi came back, Newspaper guy was staring at his crotch too.

After collecting money, he asked if he could have some water. While Ravi went to get some, he started checking me out from the corner of his eye. I was enjoying this moment, but Ravi soon came back with a glass of water. He drank it, thanked us and left.

Ravi closed the door, and then removed his vest also, complaining that he is sweating a lot and its sticking to him. If I thought he was hot before, now he became a chiselled statue of male beauty. Such finely refined abs, bulging chest, with a speck of light hair strewn around, like flowers at the first dawn of spring.

He saw me checking him out, and said,”Thanks. I know I am hot”, and winked. I teased, “I was just wondering, if you hadn’t wasted time on building abs and done something productive instead, how good would that have been?”

He replied, “Then all those girls who die to spend a night with me, and feel these abs wouldn’t have been there, and you wouldn’t be sitting here getting hot on these muscles”, and laughed. I then genuinely complemented him on his work, and asked him to help me also get in shape.

Ravi: Dude, you don’t need to get in any more shape. You look good, and carry the right amount of weight.
Me: Yeah, but I am no you. I don’t have an endless parade of girls behind me.
Ravi: Well, I don’t know about girls, but I would have been behind you had I been gay. Dude, you are hot and very smart.

I blushed a little but moved on. We settled on some Hollywood movie playing on TV and drank a little more. A little while later, he got a call and went to balcony while talking. It must have been important, since he was still on call and it’s already been half an hour.

So I continued drinking beer, and as night gathered, it got more humid and sweaty. So I also removed my T-shirt and was sitting in my Jockey Boxers. All those beers had an effect on me and I was getting a little buzzed and also sleepy.

Indian gay erotica of new roommates getting cozy!

Then a scene came on TV, in that movie where the actor and actress were going hot and heavy at each other, undressing and kissing, biting on the neck, and I, being bisexual was a little turned on. Then she slipped her hand inside the hero’s underwear and instantly, somehow, my hand also reached inside mine.

I was massaging my dick, still inside my boxers. Suddenly I heard the balcony slider opening, and Ravi walked into the living room. I removed my hand from my underwear in a hurry, but the tent was easily visible and I was very embarrassed.

Clearly, he had seen that, and know that I was masturbating.

What happened next? Does Ravi and Varun’s story turn more steamy from here, or would Varun face a rejection from his straight roommate?

Read the next part here to find out.

And write for more to me, at [email protected] I would also love to see some of my readers, with or without clothes( Wink, Wink!), So feel free to attach nudes with your emails.