Office guys story of horny and slutty gay colleagues

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Office guys story: To start with me and my description, my name is Samar and I am 32 year man with an athletic body with around 6 feet height, a bubble smooth butt and dick size around 8.

Me being versatile in preference I enjoy my life to the fullest in bed performing both sides. This is work of fiction.

I have small company and have got many few juniors working under me. So this one guy who recently joined our company he was 27 year guy full of energy glow in his eyes very jolly with everyone.

Gym fit lean body and dick around 7.5 size which I got to know later. His name was Rohan.

So lets get back to the story, Rohan was very workaholic and caught my attention in very short span of time. Incident happened when he was accompanying me for some business meeting to other city.

Our office guy forgot to book hotel rooms for us. So when we reached hotel we realised the Hotel is almost full and there is only one room with queen size bed available, if wish to have the room.

We were so damn tired with the work and early morning flight. We agreed to have that room.

When we reached to the room, I asked him if he wants to freshen up, and he went to washroom to freshen up with some nightwear clothes. I ordered some food and the drinks. When Rohan came out he was in body fit sandoz showing off his body and nipples were quite hard.

He was wearing boxers and no undies. His dick was making shape in the boxers. This made me hard. Now, he started surfing his phone and I got freshen up.

By that time the food and drinks came so we started drinking and chit chatting.

We started drinking and eating. After a while where we were slight drunk we got little free in our conversation, the conversation went to girl friends and then to the sex. We both had boner in our boxers which was quite visible.

Now the point was who will move first. I was drunk and even Rohan was. So I told him lets play truth and dare. He agreed and had starry eyes. His eyes were full of lust but he was scared as I was his senior.

First round I lost and chose to dare, he asked me to remove my top. Now, I was bare chest making my hard nipples visible. Rohan was ogling my nipples and small man boobs.

Second round I lost again and chose to truth, he asked if I have ever had sex a guy which I agreed in affirmative. This was his indication to see if I am open for m2m sex.

Third round Rohan lost and chose to dare, I asked him to get naked and sit like that whole night. He hesitated first but as we both were drunk and I think lust was on our mind. He got naked but hid his penis.

Fourth round again Rohan lost and chose to dare, so I asked him to remove his hands and release his penis to show and he did. He was rock hard with 7.5 thick dick with oozing pre-cum.

Fifth round I lost and I chose to dare, He thought for a while. Now I think the boss and junior limit was gone between us. He asked to get down on my knees and close my eyes. He came close to me and kept his dick on my lips.

I opened my mouth and started sucking his dick lustily. He started moaning. After long suck I pushed him on the bed and licked his nipples and turned it red.

Rohan pushed me on bed turned to 69. We started sucking each other and it was best suck I have ever got. I started oozing lot of pre-cum. He sucked everything.

While I was sucking his dick, he went more down and started rimming me. After a long suck session, I came in his mouth and Rohan drank it all. That was a surprise to me.

I was wet down in my ass with all the rimming by Rohan. Rohan got up and turned me into missionary style and kept his wet dick on my anus and gave slight push in.

I moaned in pain and pleasure and he was going all in slowly. His dick was thick it was tearing my ass walls. My anus was closed as I was not got fucked in a long while.

Rohan slowly pushed his whole 7.5 long dick in me. My ass was burning and I was enjoying this pleasure of pain. He waited for a while and started with slow thrusts.

After a while he gained speed and started giving hard fucks. Now, my legs were in air and he was going all hard in. Rohan and I started smooching while he was fucking me hard and stroking my dick.

Rohan was so nice fucker he did not came for more than 30 minutes and was going all in. We changed from missionary to doggy to cow boy. He fucked me that night in every corner of the room.

Office guys story of horny and wild colleagues

On bed, on chair, in washroom. Under shower, he was going all hard and due to our actions shower got started. He was about to cum and asked where does I want it. I told him to release it inside and breed me.

He gave few hard fucks and came in loads in my ass. Slowly his dick came out and his cum started flowing out from my ass. We took bath together and cleaned ourselves and that night we had two more rounds.

I took his virginity and fucked him that night.

After that he accompanied me in most of my trips and colleagues started doubting us but we did not care much.

Eventually, I guess we started loving each other and it was not sex but it was passion with each other.

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