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School boy sex story: Namaskaram, dear friends I’m Rajan from Karnataka Banglore and I am a 12th class student from a reputed school.

I am a gay bottom, (sex slave bitch) and 18 years old I am chubby with hot boobs
Round fluffy ass, and feminine behaviour
This is my story of being devote of my own master who was my friend earlier.

My friend samarth iyer who was tall handsome masculine powerful and brown skin. Me being a feminine boy was bullied by many classmates but when samarth get to know these things he punishes those all bustards and they never annoy me in future, samarth was my friend from 9th standard.

I helped him in studies and many things he knew I was feminine but still he never judged me. And that thing always let me to respect him more I saw him as a superhero of my life.

People say that samarth accompanies me bcoz he wants my ass but he never pretended such instead I was in a wish to get fucked and beaten by him actually I have bdsm kink 😅. I was just a friend to him but for me he was my god and now I wanna worship my god 🤤🤤😍.

I asked samarth why dont you take me with you to your morning workouts. He said ok bro tomorrow we’ll go together.

Next morning we went for jogging then done workout at a garden nearer to road.

Suddenly he removed his t-shirt because it was wet due to his body 💦sweat and I witnessed his pro-muscular brown body.

He was so hot that the ladies in the park were also starring at him he wore another t-shirt quickly and we ate dosa as breakfast from the stall and next day something special happened he told me to have some clothes with me and we went for workout later he fook me to nearby village in a river and he told me buddy do you know I love to bath in river.

I replied thats why you asked me to have extra clothes he said yes , now lets have some fun in river 😁 we both took a bath.

After bath we rested near the tree and samarth brought some oil with him he asked me frankly to oil him up as it was his routine, and I obeyed him and oiled up his muscular body and he was liking my massage he sarcastically said, why dont you teach girl’s how to be a good wife 😂?

He said this coz, I was serving him like his wife 🤤 I just laughed on his comment and not responded after that we wore clothes and went to our homes.

Next day was my birthday and samarth was very excited for my birthday, as it was his bestie’s b’day but I also wanted to impress him, I had always noticed that he hates excess onion in food items so, the party meal of birthday I cooked myself including dosa & veg pulaw without onion & was waiting to feed him.

Birthday night came we all celebrated danced and in the meal time I served his favorite onion-less food to samarth, he ate 2 times and understood that I cooked that meal ‘coz only I knew his food taste.

Samarth also gave me a gift in the gift there was a costly book of politics which I wanted as I was interested on politics. But the real gift was to be given later, at late night we both were at the terrace sitting and enjoying the weather and he asked me something.

Samarth :- Dont mind buddy but are you gay ? I know you’re feminine but are you actually homosexual?
Me :- If I say that I am a gay then ?

Samarth :- then I also have a secret for you that I am also bisexual 😌
Me :- Really samarth! Why didnt you told me earlier ?

Samarth :- I was hesitating but now I am clear about my future 😊 you’ve been a loyal friend of me since 5 years and I wanna reward you my dear.
This was the first time he talked to me like my husband and hugged me also he kissed me.

But I knew my place and as per my feelings I touched feet of samarth as a regard of honour & respect.

Now samarth was my pati parmeshwara.

Samarth proposed me next day in the school in front of my classmates and I accepted it but later I asked him that samarth you are bisexual this thing is making me unsecured what if you like a girl?

He announced so what happed my wife is you only and if I did so beat me up with your shoes. We laughed but after listening to him I was satisfied our board exams came we passed and were colleagues in a college and I personal I have been devotee wife of my husband.

But still we were un married and living in different homes later with huge efforts samarth convinced both the families fot our marriage and we married at a temple.

We had our first suhaag raat where i’ve been so obedient to him whatever he demanded that sexual fun I gave hum he fucked me with his whole masculinity and also cuddled after sex in the bed, now everyday I used to touch his feet after puja and seek his blessings he was very surprised to see my devotion toward

He never made me feel unsatisfied and always offered me love and sex 🤤

I quit my graduation and started workin on my father in law’s hotel as a manager while samarth was preparing for PSC.

Now after hotel work I was having six hours time for my husband who used to study all time, I insisted :- baby why you take so much stress have some time with you wife ! He took me to bed and said so my queen whats the order for the king?

I said I want some bdsm kinky sex.

Samarth :- How can I beat you baby 🥺
Me :- dont worry baby im your wife you have the right to beat me, and specially your wife is asking you to beat her, please baby show your masculinity 🙏🏻

Samarth :- okay babes it seems my devotee wants some punishment 😈🤤
Me :- yes My lord please punish me 😝

Samarth spanked my ass and ordered ok. Bitch now you be ready to see my power. You know my love but now you’ll know my anger, i’ll make you fear of me bitch.

I was shocked after he threatened me like this and was enjoying his 🤤 anger & said yes my lord he slapped me and said, “You slutty whore I am your god call me swami or prabhu and join your hands to beg”, I did the same 🙏🏻 I joined my hands and begged prabhu punish your slut hard
And he slapped me again.

Samarth :- “good bitch” now remove your clothes and wear girls ornaments fast

I stripped naked and applied sindur bindi wore bangles mangalsutra payal and earings and I was looking like traditional slut and kneel down on floor.

Samarth started abusing me he was slapping me and commenting vulgarly simultaneously.

Per slap per abuse word like randi kutiya chudakkad raand gandu gandmari behn ki lodi , fati chut ki kutti , gulaam , etc.and
Later he started spanking ass and pressing my boobs aggressively and ask me to do sit-ups and for each mistake and delay I was getting a slap and spank.

He was humiliating me like a street dog and also asked me to lick his foot I licked it like a hungry slave he mard me stand naked and bring a belt and said now you will regret and fear me and in that naked condition he beated with belt.

Suppose standing naked in front of dressed men how humiliating it can be after getting beaten like this I got feared.

He then kicked me to the bed and took out his dick and inserted suddenly in my ass and was hitting me roughly while I was crying but he closed my mouth with his hands now he has increased speed and finally loaded my ass with his warm cum 💦

School boy sex story of horny and hot gay guys

Then he dragged me out of bed to the floor like a bitchy slave and ordered me to lick and clean his dick and I did that.

He was still dressed and I was naked.

He removed his clothes and now we both were naked he further dragged me to bathroom 🤤and he again fucked me while bathing in shower later we came out I was tired and afraid I slept on the bed samarth also slept with me naked.

When I woke up after 2 hrs I felt that I was third time being fucked by samarth.

I begged him 10 times :- sorry prabhu forgive 🙏🏻🥴🥴 me then he stopped

Samarth :- I think after this day you’ll never ask me about bdsm ! won’t you ? 😂😂😂😂
Me :- Never 🥶😨😰😱
Samarth :- good boy 👍😈

But from that day my submissiveness increased rapidly however we had very less bdsm sessions but those all were nice 😁.