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Sports gay story: Ishan kept sucking and blowing and masturbating surya’s 9 inch black hard cock. But there was no sign of cumming. Circumcised cocks take a long time to cum. In addition cock rings and piercings further delay cumming.

Then surya kumar took ass beads. Ass beads are sex toys specifically made for ass. It has a long flexible stick with beads of varying sizes. When inserting it all the way in, it can be a bit painful the first time.

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But while removing them, it feels like heaven when they pop out of the tiny ass hole. Surya inserted ass beads one by one into ishan kishan’s tiny ass hole. Then he began pulling them out one by one.

Ishan began to moan ‘oh yeah daddy oh yeah o my god oh god yeah’ he repeated this a few times and massaged ishan’s g spot. At the same time he also inserted a vibrating ring around ishan’s cock.

Ishan was in heaven shaking his booty. While ishan was cumming surya removed the ass beads one by one and it was the maximum pleasure. Ishan collapsed with pleasure and leaked pre cum.

Then it was time for surya kumar to dominate ishan. He made ishan sit on the floor. He stood up and shook his cock vigorously and made it hard like a rock. Then he began to tease his cock near ishan’s mouth. He began to slap ishan’s face with his cock.

The cock rings and piercings on surya’s black circumcised thick cock caused scratches all over ishan’s face. Surya began to mercilessly hit his manhood on ishan’s mouth. The lips began to bleed. Surya bent over, sucked the blood from his lips by kissing it.

Then he thrust his dickhead inside ishan’s mouth and asked him to suck the lollipop. Ishan began to slurp it passionately tasting every bit of the black cock. Then surya held ishan’s hair and began to fuck his mouth vigorously all the way into the throat.

Ishan gagged and his eyes was watery. Surya moved his 9 inch cock in all directions inside ishan’s mouth and fucked it hard. The cock with every thrust was visible in ishan’s cheeks. Then surya leaked some pre cum after fucking ishan’s mouth for 10 minutes.

Then he made ishan sleep on his back on the bed. He collapsed on him and began to kiss and molest him. Surya’s sharp stubble beard scratched all over ishan’s twinky smooth body while he was kissing every inch of it.

Surya squeezed ishan’s boobs and pinched his nipples. Ishan screamed in pain. Then surya licked it and also bit it with teeth. There were bite marks all over ishan’s boobs and love handles.

The nipples were red like a cherry and swollen like that of a pregnant lady. Surya played with the swollen nipples and sucked it.

Then surya poked ishan’s navel that was sexy like the navel of a bollywood heroine. He put his finger deep into the navel and pinched it. Ishan again screamed in pain and pleasure. He bit the navel too.

Then surya kumar sat on ishan and hit his cock all over ishan’s sexy curvy meaty body. The cock piercings made scratches all over the body making ishan moan in pleasure. Then he spread out ishan’s thighs, lifted his ass up by placing a pillow underneath.

The groovy ass was now clearly visible. Ishan had folded his legs and resting the feet on the bed. Surya beat the ass with his rock hard cock and made it bounce. Then he hit the swollen ass rim with his pierced cock.

The rim started to bleed and surya kissed it and sucked the blood. Then he spit into the asshole and fingered it spreading his saliva all over the ass hole. Then he brought his cock close to the ass and thrust his tip into the ass. Ishan screamed in pain. He could not take the huge cock in his tiny ass hole.

Even though surya had trained his ass hole with the butt plugs, the asshole had become tight shut once again. But surya mercilessly spit saliva and thrust his cock head with force. The tip went in and then he removed it.

The insertion was painful while removal was pleasure for ishan. He repeated this while ishan was moaning. And finally he thrust his black 9 inch cock half way through. He then vigorously began to penetrate the smooth ass in and out.

Then gradually he thrust his dick deeper and deeper. Ishan was getting used to such a big banana in his tight pussy and was constantly moaning like a cheap whore.

Then surya increased the fuck speed. He fucked him in the position for 10 minutes. Surya showed no signs of cumming. Only pre cum leaked from his dark chocolate cock and lubricated ishan’s tight butt crack.

Surya kept slapping ishan and kept asking ‘whose your daddy? Say my name’. Ishan kept moaning and told ‘fuck me daddy. Yeah give it to me’.

Then ishan lifted his legs and put them in air. He further lift his ass up and was thrusting his ass back and forth in sync with surya’s thrusts.

Surya held ishan’s legs and spread them apart and kept fucking. After some time, surya kept ishan’s legs kn his shoulders and began to spank ishan while fucking the butt hole.

After some time surya bent ishan’s legs all the way to ishan’s head. Now ishan’s ass was fully up in the air and looked like a pussy. He penetrated deep and began to fuck. Ishan began to moan ‘ah yeah daddy. Fuck my pussy. Tear my pussy open. Ouch ah yeah yeah’.

This went on for some time. Surya was in no mood to cum yet. He wanted to fuck ishan in all possible positions.

Then he spooned ishan and entered him from behind and fucked him. Then he lifted his on leg sideways to penetrate deeper in the spoon position. Ishan never thought surya was this naughty. Then he turned his face and kept kissing surya.

Then ishan bent over on the floor and surya penetrated from behind. They fucked liek this in the wheel barrow position. Then surya pinned him against the mirror and entered his ass from behind. They were looking at themselves while fucking in this position.

Then surya pinned ishan against the wall. Ishan’s back was up against the wall. Surya lifted ishan and placed his legs around his waist and fucked him against the wall. They kissed while fucking in this position.

Surya supported his fat ass and kept fucking and they moved away from the wall. This went on for some time. Surya had so much stamina to support ishan’s heavy fat ass and thighs and fuck him at the same time.

Finally surya’s hands got tired of lifting ishan’s fat ass up and down and they both fell down. They kept fucking in the missionary style on the ground. Then they went back on bed and fucked in cow boy and reverse cow boy poisition.

Ishan rode the pierced big black cock like a cheap whore. He kept yelling ‘ah yeah yeah yeah. Fuck my pussy daddy yeah’. And surya encouraged him saying ‘you like it dont you bitch? Fuck your daddy. Give your ass shake that booty like a good boy’.

Then ishan sat on all fours on the bed in doggy style and surya penetrated him and began vigorously fucking him. The ass was now so lubed that there was plop plop sounds during every thrust.

Surya again put the vibrating cock ring on ishan’s cock and also began to masturbate it while fucking his butt hole. After 15 minutes fucking like mad street dogs, both of them came together like lovers.

Ishan came all over the bed. Surya kept cumming with his cock pulsating inside ishan’s fat ass. The ass was so deep that not a drop of cum was spilling out.

They both collapsed with surya’s dick still stuck and cumming and leaking sticky juices inside ishan’s fat butt. They kept kissing like lovers on first night.

Just like street dogs that have the dicks stuck in the bitch’s pussy to transfer all the cum even after the fuck fest, Surya kept his cock inside ishan’s ass. Ishan’s ass would have become pregnant so many times by now.

They lay in each other’s arms tired. They could not even move they slept just like that. They were that tired. Ishan could not even lift his ass. His ass rim was so swollen and surya’s dick was stuck inside. The next morning they woke up in the same position.

Surya’s dick was semi hard and still stuck inside ishan’s tight ass hole. The rim was so swollen like lips bit by bees. Surya tried to pull it out but he couldn’t. Ishan moaned in pain. Surya had an idea.

He began to squeeze ishan’s ass and his dick again became hard. He began to fuck ishan again. After 15 minutes of fucking, he came again. Now the butt hole was well lubed and he gently popped out his cock.

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Ishan now began to cum all over surya. Then surya went to take shower. He asked if ishan wanted to join. Ishan tried to get up, but he couldn’t even lift his ass.

His ass and waist was paining from the animal love they had made the day before. Surya lifted ishan in his arms and took him to the bathroom and put him in the bath tub. He also got in and they both soaked in the tub.

Surya scrubbed ishan’s body too and finally wiped him and his own wet body. He ordered breakfast for 2 to the room itself. He fed ishan breakfast.

They were both still naked. Then surya made ishan wear his shirt and pants. He carried ishan back to his toom and lay him on the bed.

Thus ishan got his BDSM fantasy fulfilled and got his ass swollen and fucked till his waist broke. And surya kumar satisfied his pent up frustration on the tight boy pussy.