Straight friend gay story of two horny buddies: 1

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Straight friend gay story: So it all started when I came Delhi after my graduation… I know I slightly like men too but I always refused it like it was my nightmare. I joined a famous coaching centre where I got a friend named Avi from gorakhpur.

He was tall (6’4″), dark and absolutely handsome. He had a natural build body that make him so sexy. Height wise he was much taller than me and he was also darker than me in skin tone.

So coming up to the story, the rapport was developed with him and finally he asked me for staying with him as a roomie cause he wanted to change his room due to distance.

I didn’t know why I agreed with him and we were roomie now. I started liking him just liking him. We lived in a 2bhk flat with a brother and sister.

I was not aware that he started liking that girl and so do I started to like him. Now I’m doing everything he wanted cause of attraction. I can observe the things in between them but whenever I asked him, he refused.

Girl was always trying to be more touchy touchy with him I didn’t know why I hated her. I did not realize why at that time but now I surely know.

I naturally stared him whenever he was in his underwear and maybe he noticed that but now it’s almost 5 months together and we were comfortable with each other.

One day we got drunk in our friend’s birthday party and he was super drunk while I was in my consciousness. We had his younger brother with us so he told he’ll sleep with me in my bed ( I used to sleep on the floor cause I felt comfort and I had slightly bigger bed then his), I was super happy.

It was completely dark and he was snoring. I was near him and he was only in his underwear. I felt some moving and I knew it was Avi jerking his dick very slowly but before that he was snoring I was like – Is he in his dreams?

And I grab his hand put it aside but again after sometime he was starting moving but this time he was trying to put my hand inside his underwear.

I was repelling him suddenly he forced me to do as he wanted and again he put my hand in his underwear and I felt his soft dick and he made my hand to jerk him and it was growing hard like a rod.

It felt weirdly nice while I was holding his hard cock in my hand and I realise that I was also getting hard in my shorts at the same time. It was confusing for me because I didn’t think that I was attracted to guys at all.

But while playing with his cock like this I was surely questioning all of these things for a split second. It was not in my head for a very long time though because I was really enjoying his warm and hard dick in my hand like that.

It was not too long but maybe longer than mine.

I was stroking him and he was moaning and suddenly after 10 min, I felt some drop on my face and he cummed all over his body and my face (my face was on his arm and right chest).

I found that he was asleep now with snoring during the effects of alcohol so I cleaned his body and my face and after that night he never spoke about it nor me from my side cause I think he was not in his consciousness due to alcohol.

Straight friend gay story of hot gay fun with each other

But I started disliking the girl cause she was now being too much touchy with him and I’m sure he liked her as well.

In the next part I’ll tell you how Avi will make me blow him hard while there were all in the flat. Hope you all enjoyed this story, kindly let me know your review on [email protected].

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