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Virgin friends story: I was about 18 years old when I got a crush on one of my friends while I was discovering my sexual orientation. I didn’t have feelings for him. I’m Varun and his name is Rohan. You can follow me on instagram in truely_yours._ The story started as follows:

One day I visited his home but he was taking bath so his mother told me to wait in his room. I didn’t knock the door and and went inside and was waiting outside his room. He didn’t know that I was in the room.

Suddenly he came from the bathroom all nude. I saw his body and dick and was in a shock for few minutes and from that very moment I kind of got a crush on him. He immediately went back to bathroom and came in a towel.

I moved out of the room letting him change and then we started playing video games. That day passed but my feelings increased for him.

I started touching him while playing and started trying on him. One day all of our friends went to pool and I was excited to see him shirtless and touch hi bare body.

We all were enjoying and I was also looking at him and I was standing near him and I pretended to jump towards him to catch the ball and in the process touched his dick, then again an awkward situation was created.

After playing and enjoying, we all went to take a bath in shower and I also went. While I was taking bath, he opened the door by mistake and then laughed at me saying that my ass is very big and slapped on my ass and went out and laughed and made fun.

But that incident charged me up.

Similarly, one day we all friends had a plan to watch movie at Rohan’s house so we went and all of a sudden everyone planned to watch porn together.

We all watched porn and I could notice Rohan’s dick which was erect and that turned me on after the session everyone went home.

On that day while watching the porn, I left my earphones in Rohan’s room. I rang him and told that I will come tomorrow to take the earphones. He agreed. The very next day I went in his house.

To my surprise, the house was not locked from inside. I went in and screamed aunty I have came to meet rohan but no one responded. I entered the room and locked from inside.

While I was in the room I was searching for anyone, no one was there , I thought to go out since no one was there but I thought to checkout Rohan’s room.

I went to his room and I opened his room and I saw that he was watching porn and his dick was erect and he was masturbating. I asked him what was he doing and he kept his dick inside all of a sudden as if what happened.

I asked him weather his family was there or not and I got to know that they went to his relatives house and will be returning by night.

I entered his room and he adjusted his dick but the budget could still be noticed. I saw it but didn’t understand how to react. The porn session was on and he was charged and seeing his dick like that made me charged and I also started adjusting my erected dick and rohan noticed it.

He then made himself calm and opened his pant in front of me and told that I have already seen so there is nothing to hide. I saw him nude and this made my feelings uncomfortable.

He started masturbating in front of me and opened his tshirt also and was fully nude. After a moment, he also told me to take off my clothes and told to masturbate together. I opened my pants and I was also nude.

Then he again started seeing my big ass and told that I am having a very big ass. He then requested me to open my tshirt and sit full nude. I opened my tshirt and my boobs were visible to him.

He looked at it with his lusty eyes and then started masturbating his dick and so did I. After one round he again charged while the porn session was going on.

This time he requested me to masturbate his dick. I was waiting for this so I agreed to this. I hold his dick and the 8 inch rod couldn’t fit my hand. He was extremely charged now and was waiting to fuck someone.

All of a sudden he grabbed my boobs and started pressing it harder. I also couldn’t control my emotions I was masturbating his dick. He then took his fingers and put it in my asshole. It pained me but I took his dick and sucked it.

He looked at me and pushed me away and stood up and took my mouth and put his 8 inch dick in my throat and mouth fucked me for some time. I was just about to vomit when he took it out.

He folded my hands and bit my boobs like a monster. Blood came from my chest. He bit it so hard that many marks were there on my chest. He was behaving like a monster to me by now.

My gora boobs has finger marks and bite marks all around. He then turned me spit on my ass and put his dick in my hole. I pushed him back as it pained me very much.

He looked at me as if he will kill me and told that if I will not take his dick then he will not leave me. He pressed my boobs so hard that I shouted. And then kept my leg on hi shoulder and put hi entire 8 inch fat dick in my ass and started fucking me hard.

I was moaning loud but it hardly mattered to him. He held my hand tight so that I couldn’t disturb him during the session.

Finally after 10 minutes he cummed inside me and all his aggression cooled down and he fell in me with his dick inside me.

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After that he stood up and asked sorry to me for this. I forgave him and he requested to take bath since he had so many marks on his body. He went to bathroom with me to take bath and we both took bath together.

After that he came out and while I was wearing my clothes he again started fingering my hole and pressing my boobs. In that day he fucked me thrice.

After that, he fucked me many time and even now also he fucks me sometimes.

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