Boy gay story of fun with a horny doctor: 1

Boy gay story of fun with a horny doctor: 1

Boy gay story: Hi my name is Sheetal my age is 24 and i am a pure bottom sissy. Let me tell you about my self a little bit, since I hit puberty the only thing grew was my boobs and not my cock.

I was taken to the doctor for checkup where I found that since childhood male hormones known as testosterone was in lower levels and the female hormone known as estrogen where in higher levels in my body.

And any kind of injection would make it worse. So he decided not do anything and wait for a while and see what happens.

My sissy cock was half an inch when I was a teen and for years old and today till date it has not grown. Still having a half inch cock and boobs getting bigger every year. I have love handles which are bigger than a girl.

I have been teased by my frends for having such a body and they always purposely used to touch my boobs.

When I was older I went to see the doctor and that day no one had accompanied me as I just had to give him a normal check.

He had called me empty stomach and had asked me to come at 7pm. I would be his last patient. I reached there at 6.45pm. And he called me in at 7.10. His assistant called me in and was preparing to leave.

It was a little odd for me as I was still there and he was leaving. It was the doctors private chamber so i asked the doc how come he is leaving early today to which he said…

He has to go home and it gets late for him if i leave him very late. So I did not think much and waited for the doctors instructions.

He generally used to call me and check my weight and height. That day he asked me to get up on the weighing scale I opened my slippers and got up to which he turned towards me and said lets get the perfect weight today open your heavy jeans and tshirt stand in ur underwear and check the weight.

I opened it and stood on the scale only few hundred grams were the difference.

He saw that my underwear doesnt have a bulge at all given I had such a small cock. It was like I was wearing a panty. He asked me not to wear my clothes and sit he wanted to examine my chest.

He asked me to sit on the chair and came near me to inspect.

He touched my nipples and then slowly pressed my boobs from all sides with two of his fingers checking if the boobs had started becoming firm and getting its shape, he checked for a while and asked me to get up and sit on the inspection bed.

I want there and sat. He came next to me and said that there was a reason why i called you alone today i had to speak to you about few things. I said ok…

He first asked me if I knew what were male sexual organ and difference between female organs. I said yes i know the difference.
He asked me what do I know?

I said i knew boys have penis and girls have a vagina and boobs.

He said very good and said now let me show you something.

He asked to stand up and open my underwear, I got up and opened it and now I was standing completely naked infront of him not feeling awkward because I had to be naked infront him since long.

He said do you know your penis is smaller than usual? To which i just nodded my head.

He asked me if I ever got an erection may it be in the morning or ever?

I said no never as such I felt my penis getting erect.

He asked me to spread my legs and he put his hand and tried to open the foreskin of the penis and trying to find the head. After a long try he said its difficult even to find your penis head.

And asked me how do I pee? And I said I have to sit down to pee or else my clothes get wet.

I could see the bulge in his pants and he was trying to adjust it so that i dont see it. He asked me I have I had seen a proper penis?

I said no not other mine…

He said that is the reason you dont realise how small it is.

I asked him where do I see one or whom do i ask to show?

He reached out for my arm and said wait let me be your friend and make you understand it.

Slowly he loosens his belt and unhooks his pant.
His pants drop on the floor. He had hairy legs and I saw that I had no hair on my legs and body.

There was his blue underwear and his 7.5inch semi hard cock and the huge bulge I could see in his underwear.

He points me at his cock and asks, Does your underwear look like this?

I said no it doesn’t mine is flat.

He came closer to me and removed his underwear I could now see his whole cock semi hard and cock head coming out.

He asks me to come near and see. It was getting difficult so he asked me to sit on the chair and he stood infront of me. He asked me hold it completely in my hand.

It was big so I could not hold the whole cock.

Boy gay story of being seducing a hot and horny doctor

He then asked me to pull it behind so that his cock head can be fully seen. I slowly pulled back the skin and his huge head came out. There a little bit of pre cum oozing out. I asked him what this was to which he said its the pre cum.

He then said its okay to have a small cock like the one I had. And started to brainwash me that there are guys who have such small cocks and they like playing with big cocks.

So I asked him how it happens and what happens in playing.

He asked to hold his cock and start moving it up and down i held his cock and started moving it doing it for few seconds his cock was getting harder and bigger. He asks me to look at and understand that this is called a cock and then one I had is not a cock.

He was getting exited and asked me to come closer to his cock and remove my hand, as I went closer he asked me to close my eyes and imagine that I am sucking on a lollipop.

To be continued…