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CD boy story: By the time I was 20, I knew that I liked red sarees draped around my curved waist. I used to stay up every night, and wait for the moon to shine into the palace windows.

Then I used to full fill my heart’s innermost and most intimate desire, to be a woman. And that night, it was no different. I had grown my hair till my shoulders with great care over many years.

It was silky, soft and fell on my shoulders. I lazily walked to my wardrobe and opened it to see my vast collection of sarees. Being the Prince of an Empire gave you one advantage, you never fell short of things to decorate yourself.

I was in a lusty mood that night. I ran my fingers through the fabric and chose a pink saree. It was made of silk and was very soft to touch. I then picked up a silver coloured blouse.

It shimmered in the moon light. I slowly undressed myself and looked at my body in the mirror. I was born to be a woman. I had a nice curvy waist of about 34 inches. It then bulged into à very tightly shaped circular ass.

My legs balanced the figure of my body beautifully. My boobs were perky, with brown nipples. My skin was soft, and brown in colour. But what I did pride most about myself was my face.

My lips were naturally pink. My eyelashes were long, and my eyes wanted to tell a thousand words. I pulled open the drawer of my dressing table. I picked up a Mang Tikka, made up of platinum to go with the silver coloured blouse.

Then I picked up a pair of platinum earings with diamonds embedded in them. Now came my favourite ornament. A waist chain. I had a few made to my size by an old pervert jeweller from the outskirts of the kingdom.

He in return loved the opportunity to squeeze my ass cheeks multiple times. I picked up the silver one with small beads attached to it. They made a soft sound when I walked. I also put on bangles made from pink glass and lapis lazuli.

A glance at the mirror and I knew what else I needed. I took out a necklace made from diamonds studded in platinum and wore it around my neck. I then touched my small penis and licked the oozing precum.

Finally I wore the blouse and draped the saree around my body. I applied some kajal to my eyes. I threw back my dense hair. I looked at myself in the mirror. Revati, I uttered slowly. It was a name I had given myself. I looked gorgeous in the moon.

I then slowly walked past the sleeping guard outside my room into the garden. There was a small isolated area by the fountain. No one ever came there. As I reached my spot, I was awestruck.

There was already a man there. I couldn’t see him clearly in the night. But I didn’t know what to do. I froze. He turned towards me and smiled. “Your secret is safe with me my lord or should I say my lady”, he said in a deep voice. I slowly approached him.

Now I could see him. He was a soldier. He had the normal uniform on. A dhoti covering his legs and a uttari for his chest. I could see his abs and clearly cut biceps. Locks of his hair fell on his face.

A diamond shaped scar on his forehead was the only imperfection in his rather solemn and masculine body. He offered me a seat, and I took it. “Some wine ?”, He asked. I nodded. He then took out two glasses and poured some. We sat there silently.

I couldn’t help but steal glances at his body. I wished I was closer and in his arms. He would complete my womanhood. The fire was crackling in the fire torch near by.

Everything seemed so beautiful and peaceful. That is when a thundering roar struck the palace.

It startled both of us. We looked up. A huge ball of fire had struck the palace. Alarms had started ringing everywhere. There was a lot of confusion. He took my hand and started making me move.

I had no idea where I was going. He pushed through the crowd of confused soldiers and made way till a horse. He climbed up and offered me his hand.

I hesitated at first. “Your safety is of maximum priority princess. If you stay safe, we can always come back.”, He spoke with utter confidence.

My heart was beating fast. I didn’t know him, but it felt as if he would always protect him. I climbed up behind him. As we rode out of the gates, I could see a huge army running towards us. We were alone.

All our defenses had been compromised. Fear froze me. “Hold tight dear”, he said. I closed my eyes and clenched his chest. It felt hard, hardened with years of battle. I clung to his back. I could feel the arches on it. I placed my head on him.

I could feel we were getting closer to the enemy. I heard him take out his sword. Then all there was for next few minutes was metal clanging and bodies being slashed. People screaming.

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But I felt safe behind him somehow. After some time we gradually slowed down. I opened my eyes. His body had splashes of blood all over it. But there was an inherent calmness in him. We slowly arrived at the foothill of a hill. He then lowered his sword and made it touch the ground. He chanted something.

And the blade burst into flames throwing us into the air. He finally made us land on top of the hill. He got down and then helped me. “Are you fine ?”, He asked. I nodded.

He then got me a place to sit, and collected some wood to light a fire. He took out his uttari and placed it on the ground for me to sleep. “Sorry for the inconvenience my lady.”, He said in a husky voice.

I looked at him. I didn’t even know him. Yet he had saved my life. I had lost everything that night. I felt so lost and alone. I turned to my side. Without much thought I pulled him close to me and planted a deep kiss on his lips.

To be continued…