CD boy story of a horny guy’s seduction: 2

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CD gay erotica: He was surprised for a moment. Then he moved his hand along my waist and held me. He bit my lower lip and started licking the border of it. Then slowly he kept licking till he reached the edge of my lips and that is when he sucked both my lips in and licked it.

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It felt heavenly. Then I opened my lips to let him in and his tongue slid over mine as we kissed and smooched. He then gradually slid his tongue down to my jaw and bit it. It sent sparks flying through my body.

He rolled his tongue further down and started kissing my neck. Slowly he grew firm and started biting and sucking it. I was moaning with pleasure. He kept kissing me further as he came to the border of my blouse.

Then he looked at me and asked, “May I ?”. “I am all yours”, I replied. He sprung my blouse open with one hand and my boobs jumped out. He licked my nipples and made them wet, then he sucked them.

It filled my heart with pleasure. As he ended sucking, he pulled my nipples with his teeth. He then moved to my other boob. And kept sucking and biting the nipples. I was turned on more than ever.

His body was wrapped around mine. His rough skin was sliding against my milky smooth arms. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I rolled him over and pulled off his dhoti. His cock was brown with a pink top.

It was about 8 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. He was hard. My hair was all messed up. I had my jewellery on but my saree was half undone and my blouse was gone. I held his cock in my hand and touched it’s tip with my tongue.

I then dropped some saliva on it which rolled down it’s shaft. I further made the tip wet and then kissed it. Then I placed my lips on the tip of the cock and slowly started sucking the glans. He gave out a small moan.

I further opened my mouth and slid more of his cock into my mouth. I then licked that part inside my lips with my tongue. I kept licking till it was wet.

Then I slowly started sucking and gradually swallowing more of his dick. Everytime more of him got inside my mouth, I licked it with my tongue. Finally his cock was inside me. I slurped a bit and took his cock out.

Then I started rolling my tongue along it’s shaft up and down covering each side. Then I massaged the edges with my lips. As he got completely wet with my saliva and his precum, I started sucking his cock.

I started slow, and gradually increased my speed. He had shut his eyes in pleasure. A slow wind was flowing. My earrings were producing a slight tune due to the movement of my head. His cock went deep into my throat.

It was rock hard. I could feel the veins of his cock against my lips. I went faster. And then i gagged. A lot of saliva spewed on his dick as it came out of my mouth. He opened his eyes and looked at me.

He then pushed me down. And pulled my saree off. Now i was naked in his arms. I felt a bit shy and hid my small penis. He parted my palms and kissed it.

Then he kissed my chest and slowly started coming down, till he reached my penis. He licked my penis till it became hard. It was tiny but aroused and slimy. He turned me around and started kissing my back.

He grabbed my ass cheeks, and bit the cheeks. It turned me on so much. I grabbed his head and pulled him. I kissed him hard, and as our lips separated, “Make me a woman”, i said. “Are you sure ?”, he asked.

I smiled and positioned his cock near my ass crack. I was a virgin before that. He slowly pushed his tip into my ass crack. It pained, and i gasped. He pushed in harder and further. The walls of my anal canal widened.

It was paining. I was trying to hold it in. He pushed further and his entire cock was inside me. He could see the pain on my face. He caressed my forehead, and gently started pulling and pushing his cock in and out.

The pain reduced after the first few thrusts, and slowly pleasure took over. He then increased his speed. I was now moving my ass in coordination. My bangles were ringing, I was moaning, and he was fucking me. He fucked me harder and faster.

I was lost in pleasure. His cock was tearing me and fulfilling my heart. My waist was pulsating and the chain was ringing. He then squeezed my boobs and smooched me at the same time. My sweat, and his blood mixed against his abs.

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He fucked me for half an hour. As soon as he was about to climax, he pushed very deep and jets of cum hit my anal walls. He then pulled his dick out and laid beside me.

“Thank you”, I whispered as I cuddled with me and slowly got lulled into sleep by his heavy breaths.

The next morning, as I woke up, I was lying naked with just my jewellery, my hair undone and my soul satisfied. I saw him standing on the cliff.

I got up and walked to him. He turned and kissed me. ” I have decided something”, he said. “What ?” I asked.

“I will win you your kingdom back.”

I smiled.

“Now that you have made me a woman, may I know your name ?”, I asked.

He turned towards me and told me in a heavy voice “You will know it soon.”

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