Fem gay story of slutty young guy with an older man: 2

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CD gay story: He slowly bent to kiss my chest but suddenly diverted to kiss my neck area. He was kissing and smelling and rubbing his face on my neck area, it was like first night couple starting their moves.

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He saw my little flesh bulging out between the slip strap and armpit, he touched it gently and kissed it wildly. He then started to kiss the cleavage area and when he was doing this, he squeezed my hips gently.

I was holding his back head hairs and it was like I’m serving myself to him. He moved a little down and did a deep inhale in between my cleavages and then he kissed it gently.

It tickled me a bit and I just contracted my shoulders, which further squeezed by breasts to show a little bit more of the cleavage. He kissed the cleavage with that much love I felt his lips completely on it.

He then got back to kiss my neck area and started to give random kisses over the neck and cleavages. He moved so fast that I halted him and said, everything is for you and you can slowly enjoy it.

He gave blushy smile and continued to kiss. I stood up and wanted to move to the bed, but he noticed that his head was at the perfect height to enjoy my tummy area.

He saw my hairless smooth O shaped navel and gave a grin on it for 10 seconds and then, with his mouth open a little wide, he pressed his open mouth on my navel. I felt something soft and warm entering in my navel. it’s his tongue.

I almost got a chill freeze from my head to toe and shouted out ssss aaaaah. He thought he hurt me and took off his mouth from my navel and asked me what happened? I’m still not back from the shock and still having my eyes closed I nodded my head saying nothing.

Within this short interval, as ac was running, my navel area dried so soon. I don’t know was it because of ac and fan or was it because of the heat developed in my tummy area. He again repeated the same thing, and this time, I literally moaned his name, like a female, holding his head.

He was tasting it almost nearly 2-3 minutes. Not even bored of it. I couldn’t stand for a long time, I pushed him a little bit and moved to the bed. He came near me removing his shirt. And hugged me and started kissing my neck and shoulder, ears and cheeks and chin and slowly came near my lips and waited.

I kissed his lips first, and then he picked it up from there. We were doing french kiss, he literally chewed my lips. I also did not hesitate as I loved his play on my navel. We were kissing like for about five minutes and again I pushed him a little bit and sat on the bed.

He made me lie down and he too lay down by my side and started enjoying my breast cleavage, which showed a special cleavage after lying down side ways. He kissed and bit it, and said sorry.

I told him, hey it’s ok and it’s yours. Then he rolled up my slip and kissed all over my tummy. He asked me, hey it’s delicious, and can I bite it. Cheee… go ahead, I said. He bite the sides of my navel and my hips.

It was a gentle bite, but still I said sss ah, sss ah for each of his bite, and he made me shout those words like more than ten- fifteen times. And now he wanted to proceed further to see and enjoy my breasts and nipples.

When he wanted to roll up the slips a little more, I asked him to wait and I stood up from the bed. He asked me what happened, I said, nothing, just sit up.

And then I myself rolled the slip above my breasts, as it was tight enough, it squeezed the top of my chest area to show a voluptuous teen girl’s sized boobs. He just caught both of them and said, hey it’s wonderful.

He played and squeezed them and started kissing them gently. He slowly licked my right nipple and started tasting it as if he is sucking a boob for the very first time in his life. I really loved the way he enjoyed it. He started sucking it.

I felt the pressure and held his head close to my breasts as if I’m feeding him. He put his arms around my hips and hugged me tight. I was weaving my fingers inside his hairs and was like feeling completely feminine.

He literally chewed and sucked my nipples so hard, i literally felt it on my nipples and it started paining for me. I moaned and moaned and asked him to give it some rest. He then pulled me on bed and hugged me tight and again french kiss.

While kissing he inserted his hands inside my pant and gently massaged my penis. I completely lost myself to him. I moaned more and more like a slut for his kiss and massage. Wow… even now I can feel it.

He asked me can I suck his cock, I said, I never used to, but I said, I will do the action with his underpants on. So bent down and took his banana and started to gently bite the tip of it. He was enjoying.

Two three times, he got up and pulled me up and kissed me. I continued to do this for him, as I started loving him for how he enjoyed me. He said, shall we take 69 position so that you can also enjoy it.

I gave him a lovely smile, and said, I love you. We got the 69 position. He too started doing the same thing to my penis tip. I also started doing it. To the very surprise, we both cummed together.

CD gay story of hot fun with a horny older man

As soon as I felt he is going to get it, I stopped putting my mouth over it and held with my palm and massaged it, he moaned and cummed.

Me too cummed at the same time. Wow, I felt it almost like a female reaching orgasm. You might think we both would have stopped here. To the surprise, we got up and again French kissing for sometime.

This time, he said, he loves me so much and he wants full meals very often. I said, I’m all yours and anytime you can have me.

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