Kidnapping sex story of a sissy gay boy: 1

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Kidnapping sex story: Mein aur mera boyfriend were in a 6 month relationship. We had kissed, given each other handjobs and I had given him blow jobs a few times. But we had not done it.

I was a virgin. We used to go on long drives on his bike and have dinner in a dhaba on the highway late at night. I was so in love with him.

One day we had planned to go on a drive. I wore a bra and panties just to please him. I was thinking that night I would lose my virginity to him. I was chubby and hairless with a fat ass and juicy man boobs.

I was constantly thinking of him and his muscular arms and abs and long hair. I was planning to make love to him on my bed and sleeping in his arms resting my head on his chest kissing his nipples.

I was thus getting ready. Then i recieved a whatsapp message. He had broken up with me. I was shattered completely. I did not even cry. I was angry. I decided to go on the drive alone. I took my bike and rode to the dhaba.

I was determined to lose my virginity that day. I thought I’ll seduce a lorry driver in the dhaba and get fucked.

I ordered paratha, butter chicken and lassi. While I was silently eating, I saw two men checking me out. They were sitting in a table diagonal to mine.

One guy was very handsome. He had thick beard. He was wearing a grey kurta. He had rolled his sleeves up showing his hairly muscular arms. His slightly long hair was combed back. He was wearing white sneakers and shaking his thighs.

He was very fair and had blue eyes that you could stare into for ever. He was fit and muscular. He could clearly see me. 

Another man was sitting opposite him. He was slightly older. He had thicker beard that was till his chest. He was wearing a light blue kurta with a grey jacket. He was also wearing white sneakers and shaking his thighs.

His ass was so big from behind. He had also rolled his sleeves showing his hairy arms. He was a bit plump. He was turning around and checking me out. He was wearing a turban of some sorts. It was not a sikh turban.

I was enjoying being checked out by the 2 manly men. They were talking to each other softly. I could not hear them clearly. But their voices were so manly and deep. I finished dinner, paid the bill.

I then wanted to take a piss so I went to the toilet that was outside. I stood in the urinal and began to pee. Then I saw someone enter and stand behind me. I dint turn around, but I could make out someone’s presence.

Then two men came and stood at the urinals on either side of the one I was pissing in. It was the same two men who were checking me out. They lifted up their kurta and held it under their neck.

They unzipped their pyjamas and began to piss. I could hear the loud stream of piss falling. I could only imagine the size of the dicks that could allow such large streams of piss to flow through.

Then they both bent a little and peeped into my urinal and looked at my cock. I was still pissing. I felt weird and scared. They looked at each other and nodded. I finished soon and went to wash my hands.

I looked in the mirror, they were still shaking their dicks. I wanted to get out as soon as possible. I finished washing my hands. By the time, the two men came on my either sides and they dint wash their hands.

One man put a cloth on my mouth and pressed it. The other lifted me up. I tried to shout, hit and kick. The other man tied the cloth tightly to my mouth. He then tied my hands and legs too. They quietly carried me to a jeep outside.

It was dark and the toilet was outside the dhaba. No one noticed. They carried me through the side of the dhaba. There was a man in the driver seat. The handsome man sat in the front.

The other man carrying me sat in the back seat. He lifted his kurta and pulled my head to his crotch and pressed against it. He then put the kurta on my head. The jeep started and we were driving away.

The ride was bumpy. My face kept hitting his semi hard dick. I could smell the manly scent of cum, piss and sweat. When i. tried to struggle, he kept spanking my ass. I was wearing jeans so it dint hurt much.

But he kept molesting my fat ass by squeezing it and putting his hands in all gaps. I was feeling horny, but also scared. So my dick was still limp. After about an hour, the jeep stopped.

They carried me out. We were in the middle of nowhere. There was a huge bunglow. There were dogs barking inside the compound. They were chained. There was a dim light in the front yard. I was carried inside.

Another short but fat man opened the door. He gave me a look and we all went in. There was a room where they put me on the table and took my photos. Then the handsome man who kidnapped me removed the cloths from my mouth and untied my hands and legs.

I began to shout and scream and ask ‘kya chahiye tum logon ko? Chodo mujhe’ but they dint speak. They just kept quite. I began to kick and hit the short man.

The other big man who had kidnapped me slapped me on both cheeks and put a finger on my lips asking me to shut up.

I soon realized there was no use shouting. I began to beg them to leave me. But they dint care to even look at me. The big man pulled me up and made me stand. He tore my t shirt and threw it away.

I was wearing a pink bra as I had made plans to get fucked by my bf. I was ashamed. The man made a stange sound. He then pulled my bra. It was 36D in size. He smelt the bra cups sucked and kissed it.

He then passed it to the handsome man. He also did the same and rubbed it all over his face and put it inside his kurta and rubbed it over his hairy chest.

Then the big man pulled my jeans and tore it. His arms were so strong that he tore a jeans. Then he made me remove the remaining part that was clinging to my legs. He saw me in my pink laced panties.

He spanked my ass and squeezed it. He then tore my panties and smelt it and sucked and kissed it. He passed it to the handsome man. He also sucked and smelt and kissed it. He then put it inside his undies and rubbed it on his dick.

I was wishing I could see his cock. But I was not so lucky that day. Then the small man came. He had some thing in his hand. It was made of metal. It was some kind of cock lock.

Kidnapping sex story of a hot and horny sissy boy

He put it around my crotch. It had metal straps that he wrapped around the base of my thighs. He was completely using this opportunity to touch and molest my smooth ass and big juicy thighs as much as possible.

Then he inserted the straps in the middle and locked it with a key. He noted the key number and also put a stamp of the number on my neck. The number was 69!

Then he pulled the lock once to make sure it was correct. The lock was such that the metal triangle completely covering my dick and balls. There were holes in it. There was enough space if the cock got erect.

Then I kept asking ‘yeh kya hain? Kya kar rahein hain aap? Agar mujhe toilet jana hain to kya karu?’ But they dint reply. Other than this I was completely naked. My butt was also naked.

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