Sissy gay story of a crossdresser from Bangalore: 1

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Sissy gay story: Friends I am Soniah (My pen name), So I am from Bangalore, I am a Male but a Sexy Sissy Crossdresser, I am tall, curvy and flirty by nature. I am a seductive exibinitionist too.

So this happened when I booked a OYO room to meet up a guy. It was about 9.00pm in the evening and I checked into the hotel. I got fresh up and then started to get ready so got completely naked.

I am a clean shaven slut, so I applied body lotion to my whole body, also caressing my ass and butt hole. So my attire was to dress up like a slutty bitch, So wore a fishnet stockings, a pink thong strap with by butt visible.

Then a frilled short skirt, put on my navel piercing and then a white brazier, all set with the innerwear, Wore a white short shirt and a Satin see through pant. With my make up and all ready to go on.

I called on the guy who had to meet me and he was going to be an hour late. So I exited and craving to get on, I went out to the balcony of my room with a nice view… I switched on my laptop to check on some videos, but the wifi was not connected and i did not have the password.

So i called in the reception and no one answered the phone, it was about 10.30pm by then… So I decided to go down and get the password.I just wore a jerkin and zipped it till my chest also put ona mash as I had make up lipstick and nose piercing, and went out of the room, went towards the lift.

I was in the 5th floor, I was waiting for the lift to come up.

I heard footsteps and saw a guy who came through the stairs, he saw me and greeted me,came by me and stood, he first saw my brazier and my clean shaven chest,the jerkin was zipped till the chest, and he asked me what I wanted…

I said I am going down to the reception, by then the lift arrived and I got in the lift, he too came along and was standing behind me and I know for sure he was staring at my thongs from the see through pants.

We reached the ground floor and as I came out of the lift no one was there at the reception and the lights were dimmed. And then the guy gets into the reception counter and says “Sir i am in the night shift today my name is Ravi, he was the receptionist.

So Ravi is about 24 to 25 yrs 5.8 tall dusky with little beard, very neatly groomed and was in formal dress, he was a localite and spoke good Hindi and English. He was the guy I wanted to get laid for, I was so curious to know more about him.

So I introduced myself, As I am exibitionist… I just ove these kinds of situations which gives me a right opportunity to seduce. So as I mentioned the lights were dimmed, I told him that i came down to get the wifi password as no one picked the phone. He told me to just sit for a couple of mins and he will give it to me.

So I just took out a cigarette from my jerkin pocket and asked Ravi if he had a lighter, As I went near the reception counter I completely unzipped my jerkin.

As Ravi stood to give me the lighter he could see my complete body , my navel piercing my mini skirt and he was just staring at me like a hawk, I asked if he smokes he said yes and the =n took of my mask , he saw my make up and nose piercing and sort of liked it, I could make that out by his grin on the face.

I lit the cigarette and was just walking up and down, he was observing me and i see through from the opposite glass, He then called me and sir this is the wifi password, and gave me the slip, I told him I have my phone in the room and the laptop as well.

Then I asked him straight, Do you like what you see? He was not expecting that question, for couple of seconds he was stunned and then said…you have a good body sir and laughed.

So I thanked him and said if there is a problem I will call him and he can help, he said yes and I took the lift and went to my room.

I wanted to get this guy into my room and have fun, So i started my laptop and updated the wifi password and it worked, I started playing some sissy crossdesser sexy videos and I was getting aroused.

I removed the jerkin and then removed my mini skirt, I removed the see through pants, Now i was wearing a black stocking knee length, a jockstrap pink thong only. I took my satin lungi which was see through too and wore a long shrug just in case I had to cover it.

I now put the wrong password for the wifi and obviously it will not work, As soon as you put the right password the videos will start playing…

And I normally do this to ensure the guys sees what porn I was watching… So this time I purposely did not call the reception, I thought its the best time to go down again. So I came out of the room and took the lift and went down, It was about 11.15pm by then.

I went down and as I came out of the lift, I saw Ravi sitting at the desk watching his mobile, I said Ravi sorry to bother you again…but the wifi could not connect as mentioned some error, Can you help me to login.

He was surprised to see me in the changed dress, however I have covered my body with the long shrug, but he noticed my blue satin see through lungi, And then he said that the password was right.

So now I requested him to come and check once if there was any other issue, He immediately agreed and ok Sir, you go to the room and I will come and check. But I insisted if he can come with me. So he agreed, locked the grill gate at the reception and came near the lift.

The lift opened and I wanted him to go first, and Ravi entered and followed by me. As the lift started, I switched on the fan of the lift and removed the knot of the shrug and took it off, I said it’s too hot here.

Now my entire curvy body was exposed , he could see my bubble ass, wearing the pink jockstrap, and we reached the 5th floor, I went out first so I wanted him to see my entire body from the back.

I hope you guys can imagine the view I am explaining. To make it even more hot as I reached the door I bent down to put the key, and as I did that he was just back of me and I brushed his penis with my ass, I could feel the hardon…wohoo…

I opened the door and got it, I had kept the lights on and spread my dresses all over the room , My sexy thongs, mini skirts , baby doll dresses etc for him to see. As we entered, I closed the door from behind and threw the shrug on the sofa.

My laptop was on the bed and bent over to take it, I took the laptop and gave it to him and said can you please check. He said ok Sir let me check right away. He sat on the desk with the laptop and switched the laptop on, While I just left him alone for few mins so he can see around and watch me.

I went near the cupboard and took a satin black nightgown and a red baby doll dress, I said Ravi please set the wifi right, I will just change and went to the restroom to change. I did this on purpose so that when he logs in to the wifi the porn video starts to play.

I went in and got completely naked, Wore the G-string , then the bra and the baby doll dress, pulled the gown and tied it around…did makeup touch and applied perfume and lipstick RED color my favourite.

I waited for couple of mins to see if I can hear the sound of the video and that is exactly what happened, I came out of the restroom and saw Ravi watching the video… The video was a sissy crossdresser on the bed in doggy style…sucking a guys cock…

As soon as I went near him he stood up and said the wifi is working now Sir no problem. I said Thank you Ravi, and said sit down. He was feeling shy and was hesitant to sit and I pushed him from the shoulder and made him sit.

He sat down. I said should I stop the video… He said its your wish… So I did not stop. I was just picking up all the things scattred in the room and asked Ravi where he was from.

He told me he was from UP and he was working here since 1 year. I asked him what he studied and few more things to make him calm down, I asked him does he drink he said Yes, I went towards to the fridge and had some beers kept…

So opened two pints and gave one to him…..He said on duty we can’t drink… But I said no one will know. He took the bottle, as we were having the beer I lit two cigarettes and gave one to him…initially he said no then he took it.

I went and opened the balcony doors as we were smoking. I had wrapped the night dress around. He could not see what I was wearing, but I could make out that he was very curious to know what I was wearing…

The video was in full swing and we had finished the beer, I opened another beer and opened one for him too. I know he was into me and did not want the chance to miss.

I asked him if he was married and he said yes, I was very excited as I like my man to treat me like a women, As he was watching the video I asked him when did he go to his native, he said its been one and half years and he will be going in the next three months.

So he is definitely on for sure. I asked him did you watch such videos before, he said not such ones but watched porn couple ones, I asked him did you like it, he was shy and he nodded his head.

As we were speaking the video was going ahead too… Now the man was rimming the crossdresser ass and it was very tempting to watch…

I was getting aroused. So I asked him you did not meet your wife for long what you do for sex, he laughed and said sir what can be done, I insisted and asked him what do you do then…

He hesitated and said sir video dekhte hain aur mutiya(mastrubate) mar lethe hain… So I laughed out loud. Yes Ravi every man does that why are you shying away.

We had completed the beers and with smoke, I could see Ravi on a high already, So I took the laptop and asked him if he wanted me to change the video, He said no…yeh achha hai, the man was drilling the crossdresser and was a hardcore slammer. So Ravi was certainly interested.

Sissy gay story of a seductive slut

I closed the balcony door and put the curtains on, I went near Ravi and gave my hand to him, he was puzzled and he stood up. I said Ravi hold my hand. He waited and caught hold of my hand.

I stood right in front of him and asked me do you like me? He paused and said aap tho mast hoo, (you are too hot). I took him to the bed and told him to sit, I could see a hardon and his cock was waiting to jump out.

He was staring at me, to see what I will do. I went two steps back and pulled the strap of the night dress I was wearing. He was stunned to me in the baby doll dress, his eyes popped out….

And I said… Come treat me like your wife…will you? He got up from the bed and stood up and came close to me and grabbed me from the waist and pulled me near him.

I could smell the smoke and the sweat smell of the man…wow what a feeling!

He started to feel my entire body not knowing where to start from…

Friends, this has just begun and we spent two long hours…will share what happened next… As a seducer and exhibitionist I have many stories to share…this being the first.

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