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Bollywood fan fiction story: Hey guys… Thanks for your love and appreciation via mails. So coming up with the next part here with the heartthrob Varun Dhawan’s fantasy sex story…

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After hearing the Siddharth and Varun story. I was curious on who would be the next one, but more than that I was more curious as what will happen next with us. Varun and I had just had our brunch and were on our way back to the bedroom, (PS. We were naked all the time) when his phone rang…

Varun: Hey buddy…. How you doing, ooh that’s great I am also in Delhi… No not at the hotel…. Not exactly but.. a friend.

Then he looked at me and smiled and continued on the call

Varun: Listen you can also come here… I mean if you are free and interested… Ohk that’s great… I’ll whatsapp you the address and location. He hung up the call and sat beside me on bed.

I kissed his butt and asked,

Me: You meeting someone
Varun: not me but we are meeting someone here, at your place.
Me: ohk… So this means you’re staying Tonight as well?
Varun: ofcourse… I don’t feel like leaving you

And he bent forward and kissed me…our lips met and we kept kissing for a long time.

Me: that was heavenly… By the way who’s coming?
Varun: how about I tell you another of my stories and you guess who’s coming?
Me: oh you mean one more….. Ok let me be ready.

I wrapped my hands on his belly which was now flat on the bed and he wrapped my legs in his and then he asked now we are ready… And kissed me.

(Varun telling the story)

You know we have many parties and get togethers in the industry. So it was one of such parties. It was a success party of siddharth malhotra’s movie Kapoor and son’s. A lot of big bollywood names were attending the party. Ranveer, Ranbir, Shahid, Alia, Shraddha, Parineeti, Kriti, Salman, Kartik and many more.

So I was alone at the party as everyone was busy with their talks and all and I was standing alone in a corner, sipping wine. Karan johar came to me and said… You look bored… Why aren’t you enjoying? You know a lot of the folks… Just join them and enjoy your night…

Me: I know all but I’m a little intimidated by them… They are doing such great films and me…
Karan: don’t worry…. It’s the thing with all the new comers. Come with me

He grabbed my hand and asked me to just follow him. He took me towards a group op people.

Karan: Sasha… I need to talk to you.. he grabbed one of his hands and took us out the balcony.
Karan: look Sasha… Remember you were new and feeling intimidated by the people..
Sasha: yup… I was scared to death to be the part of such parties

Karan: exactly, varun here is feeling the same now. Can you please talk to him.
Sasha: ok, I’ll talk to him

Karan hugged him good night and left the party

Sasha: great and he left early again.
Me: Yeah, btw let me tell you I loved you in kaminey
Sasha (Shahid Kapoor): thanks man… But you need to talk about that intimidation right…

We talked for almost the entire night and then he asked if I’d like to crash at his place as it was nearer to the venue… I agreed as I was too tired and had a shoot the next day nearby his place.

In hearts of my hearts I was hoping that we might sleep together but I knew for a fact that shahid is only interested in girls and moreover he was married. So I lost all my hopes. When we reached his maid opened the door and said…

Madam left early as she had to shop at the airport. Shahid talked to her for a bit and then she left. Shahid escorted me to guest bedroom and he went to crash in his room. I have a habit of sleeping naked so I thought that I would have to wear something tonight as there is no way I want to be naked if someone walks in at night or morning…

I thought of locking the door and then thought what if someone comes in the morning and wearing jeans early in the morning was too tiring… So I went to Shahid’s bedroom to ask for a spare shorts/boxers. When I knocked at his door I could hear that he was in the shower and he said come in…

I walked in and asked about the boxers .. he asked me to look in his closet as he has a lot in there… I was looking at the boxers when the water flow stopped and I could hear him coming towards the room.

Sasha: hey, found something
Me: yeah got one, thanks
Sasha: great

I turned and saw shahid in his towel and his little nipples were erect and water was dripping from his chest to the belly button. I couldn’t stop staring at his bare chest when I realised that my pants were getting tighter and tighter. Anyhow I managed to turn and walk to my room… When he said …

Sasha: Would you like some coffee?
Me: no, thanks but I am really tired so I’ll sleep
Sasha: ok… As you wish… If you need anything I’ll be right here

I walked to my room and sighed as I was also shocked that I was so much turned on by shahid. I hurriedly took off my t shirt and changed into the shorts. So I was bare chested and going commando with the shorts…

I heard a knock on the door… I opened it and shahid was standing there looking sexy as usual… He was also in a boxer and bare chested. He looked at me and said here take some water… And walked in the room… His butt curve was clearly visible with the shorts and looking at them I could assure that he was also going commando.

Sasha: You need anything else…
Me: No, thanks for the water
Sasha: You sure you don’t need anything else
Me: Yeah
Sasha: But your body is saying other wise.

And pointed towards my boxers. I looked down a saw a tent in my boxer… I didn’t even realise I was hard.

He smiled and I saw at his tent…

Sasha: Do you wanna?
Me: W..w..what do you mean?

Sasha walked towards me and said…. You know what I mean… And placed his lips on mine. His lips were as soft as cotton. I kept sucking on them, he grabbed me from my waist and pulled me towards him.

My tongue found a way into his mouth and we were kissing like crazzy.
He pushed me on the bed and then came sat in my laps, wrapping his legs around me. We were kissing non stop. We stopped kissing and looked into each other’s eyes

Sasha: this…. I meant this

I smiled and held his hand and kissed it. He laid on his back on the bed and took off his boxers

Sasha: these are clearly getting in the way

His 8″ tool was free from the cage and was hanging freely. His bouncy bubble butts were also jiggling like a jelly. Our eyes met and he asked me to free myself and let the tool out… I obeyed his order and took off the boxers. He was so impressed that he hugged me and started kissing me everywhere on my face.

I flipped him and made him lay on his back. I climbed on him and started kissing his eyes, his forehead, his cheeks and his nose. Then his lips. I started sucking on his neck making my way down to his nipples… His teeny tiny sweet erect nipples…

I sucked his nipples and he was moaning in pleasure. I bit his nipples and he was moaning then I went further down kissing his navel and licking his belly button. He was ticklish there so I started teasing him. I went down kissing his pelvis and then retracted my way back to his lips… I kissed him for some more and licked his armpits.

Then he flipped me over and sat on my belly. He started sucking my nipples… I was in heaven… Moaning with pleasure,he bit my nipples, I kept moaning…. Then he kissed my pelvis and started kissing my dick.. then my balls… He was pinching my nipples and then started creasing inside of my thighs.

He then took my entire tool in his mouth. He started licking the top and he was sucking every bit of it… And he was very good at it, I was moaning and he was licking it like aa lollipop. I loved every bit of it. We were enjoy ourselves when all of a sudden, I heard someone walking into the room… Both of us were scared to see who it was…

He was Ranveer Singh… I saw him and was afraid… A series of questions came into my mind… I looked at shahid… Who got up and looked at me scared… And went towards Ranveer and grabbed him and started kissing him. Ranveer was looking as if he was enjoying it.

Ranveer: Dekh kya rha hai… Don’t you wanna join?

I got up and held Ranveer from back. He was wearing a blue t shirt I took it off and started kissing his back while shahid was till kissing him. Ranveer then turned around and started kissing me. He was a good kisser and a very energetic one. He kissed me and soon he was naked as shahid took off his pants…. Freeing his 9″ monster.

After stopping kissing

Ranveer: so who’s fucking whom?
Sasha: let’s fuck him tonight… He’s new… For us
Ranveer: ooh… Naya maal…

He lied on the bed and shahid following him and me in the centre… We kissed while shahid sucked Ranveer. Then I sucked Ranveer nipples while he grabbed mine and started pressing them really hard. I moaned in pain and pleasure.

Then I started sucking shahid’s tool and Ranveer sucked me and shahid sucked Ranveer’s it was heavenly soon the position changed and I started sucking already wet from Shahid’s saliva Ranveer’s dick and shahid sucked mine and Ranveer Shahid’s I was in so much pleasure.

Ranveer flipped me and made me sleep on my stomach and started rimming my hole, while I was still sucking shahid. His warm tongue and cold saliva was making me crazy. Shahid also started licking my hole and both of them were fucking me with their tongues.

Ranveer then placed his hand on Shahid’s butt and started fingering him then he asked me to come finger shahid’s ass. I fingered his ass and he was moaning with pleasure.

Bollywood fan fiction story of horny gay actors

Sasha: Fuck me … Please… Aaah…. Aaaaaahh fuck me

Ranveer: Ruk ja abhi… Meri rimming kro uske baad chodte hai

I heard him and started kissing Ranveer’s ass. I and shahid started licking his ass and fingers him… Ranveer was also moaning and was begging to fuck him…

Ranveer got up and drilled my hole with his 9″ tool and shahid drilled Ranveer’s hole we made a train and started Fucking each other, we fucked each other in turns and after a fucking session of 45 minutes we all came on Ranveer’s bare body and he loved every bit of it….

(Story ends)

Me: ooh my god… This was really sexy… As hot as… Wait a minute… So who is coming… Shahid or Ranveer or both

Varun: hahaha… Not too soon buddy… Wait till 8 you will see it for yourself.. anyways may be they or someone else…he winked and hugged me and closed his eyes.

That’s all for now…

So this was the fourth part … Do write to me [email protected] and comment how do you like the story