Desi Gay Erotica of Ankit with 2 Bros & More: 2

Desi Gay Erotica of Ankit with 2 Bros & More: 2

Desi Gay Erotica: The next morning, I woke up and found Mohit bhai wasnt there in the bed but Ronit was still sleeping. I shook Ronits body and asked him to wake up. I then said him that I need to leave. But his mother insisted to leave after taking breakfast. I brushed my teeth with the help of my finger and took bath.

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After me, Ronit went to the washroom to brush and take bath. While Ronit was in the washroom, I was in his bedroom and reading comics. Mohit bhai entered the room, wished me good morning and called me outside the bedroom to have a chat. We went to their lawn and sat on a bench.

Mohit bhai started initial conversation like how Ronit is in studies, how does he behave in school, whether the teachers like him or not and blah blah. Then he asked me about the yesterday nights party, like how was the party, did my friends enjoyed or not, did I enjoy or not? I replied to all his questions.

Then his next question was did I slept well or not, was it comfortable or not? I replied that yes I slept well. He then said, he knew what I did the previous night while sleeping. I was scared, my body was trembling and in a low voice I replied that I didnt know about what he is saying, I was tired and slept as soon as I lie down on the bed.

He then said just admit it what you did else I’ll tell your parents and even Ronit. I was so scared, I started my words with a big sorry and I started crying in fear. I said please forgive me, I did a great mistake, it won’t happen again and please dont tell my parents or Ronit. He then consoled me and said he has forgiven me and he won’t tell anyone about the incident.

In the meantime, I heard Ronit calling out my name as well Mohit bhais name to come for breakfast. I wiped my tears fast and said Mohit bhai that I won’t take breakfast and I want to go home. Mohit bhai said have your breakfast first and then you can leave. And no need to telephone my father, he will drop me home after breakfast.

We then went to take breakfast. Smile was gone from my face and I was looking dull. Ronit asked what happened, why I’m looking so dull. I didn’t reply anything while Mohit bhai said that I might not have got a good sleep that’s why I’m looking dull. I nodded my head. After breakfast, Mohit bhai said to drop me home.

He forgave me but still I was scared and embarrassed. I didnt know how to face him again. And now he is saying to drop me home, was there anything else he needs to tell me? I was much scared. While returning to home, I didnt spoke a word to Mohit bhai, neither had he spoken anything.

We reached home, I again apologised Mohit bhai and requested him not to tell about the incident to anyone. He said he won’t but I have to obey all his orders if he says anything. I said yes I’ll obey all your orders but please don’t tell anyone. And then Mohit bhai left.

I stopped going to Ronits house and every time Ronit enquires why Im not coming to his home, I use to give some excuses. Until one day Ronit invited me for dinner and this time for Mohit bhais birthday. I still gave excuses that I have some work and I cant come. He then said it to my mother and my mother scolded me and said I have to go there.

In the evening, my father dropped me at Ronit’s home. Ronit welcomed me inside and I gave him the gift and said to give the gift to his brother on my behalf as I was avoiding facing him. But Ronit said I have to give the gift, he won’t give on my behalf. After much courage, I faced Mohit bhai, wished him birthday and presented him the gift. We celebrated the birthday party followed by dinner.

After dinner, I was about to telephone my father to pick me up but Ronit said me to stay the night at his home. I refused but he said that I visited his home after so long, he won’t listen anything and I have to stay. But I still refused so he said it to his mother to request me to stay. His mother insisted me but I said I have some important work the next morning and I need to leave.

He then said to Mohit bhai to request me to stay. Mohit bhai said me to stay back but my answer was still no. Then Mohit bhai came near me and said ‘you agreed to obey all my orders, I am ordering you to stay here and you have to stay. I had no other option except staying at their home. Mohit bhais best friend Neel bhai also stayed that night.

After all the guests left, we unwrapped the gifts at their living room and after that Mohit bhai said me and Ronit to go to sleep in the bedroom in the bed. As the bed was small for four people to sleep, Mohit bhai and Neel bhai decided to sleep in the floor. Mohit bhai said, its too late, you guys go and sleep and we will come later.

Ronit and I went to sleep. After an hour, Mohit bhai and Neel bhai entered the room. By the time, Ronit already slept but I was unable to sleep. As soon as they entered the room, I closed my eyes and acted sleeping. Mohit bhai came near me, shook my body and asked me to wake up in a low voice.

He whispered in my ears and asked me to come outside the room. But I refused and he said you have to obey what I say. I came outside the room with Mohit bhai and Neel bhai. He asked me to come to the terrace. I was scared as I thought Mohit bhai already said everything to Neel bhai regarding that day incident and now Neel bhai wants to speak to me on that matter.

We went to the terrace and then Mohit bhai closed the terrace door. We were standing silent without uttering a word. Few minutes later Neel bhai said that he knows everything about the incident. I was embarrassed as well scared hearing this. My heart was beating fast. I didn’t say anything, I just turned the other side to avoid them.

Neel bhai said, don’t worry I won’t say it to anyone. But tell me why you did that. Was that an accident or you did it purposely? Do you like to play with boys tool? I still didnt reply to any of his questions. Neel bhai said if I won’t answer anything, he will tell everything to Ronit. I replied in a low voice that sometimes I like. He then asked me, have you done with Ronit. I said no.

After that Mohit bhai took out his dick and it was rock hard. He asked me if I would like to hold it. I didn’t say anything and he pulled my hand and put on his dick. He asked me to fondle it. I was trying to pull back my hand and he said its his order and I have to obey. I fondled his dick and while I was fondling I saw Neel bhai too took out his dick.

Neel bhais dick was around 7 inches, thick and less hairy. Neel bhai even asked me to fondle his dick. I was fondling Mohit bhais dick in one hand and Neel bhais dick in the other hand. By the time I too got a hardon, I was enjoying it. Mohit bhai then pulled me towards him, unbuttoned my shirt and started pressing my boobs and sucking my nipples. He then asked me to suck his dick.

I sucked his dick while fondling Neel bhais dick. Then Neel bhai asked me to suck his dick. I sucked his dick while fondling Mohit bhais dick. Then they both asked me to suck both the dicks together. It was not possible, my mouth was not that wide. But still I tried to suck both the dicks together. I was on my knees and sucking their dicks.

They both were moaning as well masturbating their dicks. First Mohit bhai cummed in my mouth. He put his dick deep inside my mouth and released load of cum. He asked me to gulp it all. His cum was very thick and salty. And after that Neel bhai rubbed his dick on my face and cummed on my face. His cum had a pungent smell and it was all over my face. Neel bhai took out his handkerchief and asked me to wipe my face.

I stood up, wiped my face and was about to go downstairs, Mohit bhai called my name and said they are not over yet. Mohit bhai grabbed me from back, pressed my boobs while rubbing his dick in my ass. He then asked me to open my shirt, jeans and brief. I opened everything, I was standing completely nude.

He asked me to bend down, he applied spit on his dick head and inserted in my ass hole. He started fucking my ass. While Mohit bhai was fucking me, I was masturbating my dick and Neel bhai was fondling his dick and he came near me, put his dick inside my mouth and started fucking my mouth. His dick was still wet with his cum and I could still feel the pungent smell.

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Within few minutes, I cummed in the floor as well Mohit bhai cummed in my ass. His dick was wet with his cum and he asked me to lick it. While I was licking Mohit bhais dick, Neel bhai inserted his dick in my ass hole and started fucking me. Few minutes later, Neel bhai too cummed in my ass.

After that we wiped ourselves and Mohit bhai said me not to tell about this to anyone. And we came downstairs to sleep.

The next morning I retuned back home and as soon I reached home, I locked myself in the bathroom and masturbated while recalling the day before threesome experience. That was the only time I had sex with Mohit bhai and Neel bhai as they both shifted soon to another city for their higher studies.

(To be continued)

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