Family erotic story of gay fun with brother in law: 4

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Gay family story: So guys here is the last part of our farmhouse experience which changed me my father and my jiju’s life forever.

As you all are aware I was sleeping besides my jiju who was in his boxers, he was rock hard and was clearly visible as he was not wearing anything underneath.

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My jiju woke me around 6 in the morning as he wanted to take a piss very badly, and since it was very dark he woke me to accompany him. The plan was to have a good blowjob session, when we woke my jiju laughed so loudly which woke my dad.

I was looking at my jiju what exactly happened and when I saw my dad he was rock hard and was completely nude with no covers on his body. My dad was in his senses and he was embaressed coz his son had seen him in a situation which he shouldn’t have seen.

But jiju asked him what happened where are your clothes to which he replied. I might have removed it due to the temperature and now since it was cold and due to the laughter he woke up.

Jiju handled the situation well that we all are men and since it was no one in the room not to worry.

Dad wore the underwear and boxer in front of me which gave me a hard on, jiju was hard already since he woke up.

Jiju asked my dad if he cared to take a leak with us to which he agreed surprisingly.

We went out together started peeing besides each other. I was still wondering whether its real or in my dreams.

We were done but my dad was still peeing, I believe he would have peed almost 1.5 to 2 ltrs that day. Me and my jiju were just shocked to see that to which my dad laughed and was getting hard again.

He told us to go ahead and not wait for him to which my jiju and me left and we saw him masturbating from behind a tree, I saw my jiju hard and started giving him a BJ.

We were enjoying the moment and didn’t bother wether dad had finished it or not but we were so engaged in our pleasure that dad was standing and jacking off in front of us and my jiju just pushed me apart from looking my dad.

But what shocked us was he started kissing my jiju and gave his dick in my mouth. I was in 7th heaven giving bj to the most handsome men I had dreamt of, both of them came together and I drank how much was possible for me.

The darkness was vanishing since the sun was about to rise so we went inside the room, locked it and my jiju and my dad was hugging me tightly and slept besides me.

The next morning was very different as our bonding was gr8 and I was pulling and making fun with both of them while swimming in the pool. I didn’t miss a chance to hold their dicks whenever I was diving in.

Gay family story with horny dad and brother-in-law

My dad got several hardons! I believe he was not getting pleasure from my mom. So henceforth I took the responsibility to serve him wheneva he wished to.

I was enjoying being in this sexual equation with my dad and I bet that he also like to do it with me like this.

We left the farmhouse in the evening, a trip which will always be remembered. This was the best trip of my life as this changed my relationship with both of them and we started enjoying whenever we got a chance to have fun.

This new relationship of ours was now a lot of fun and we were no longer ashamed of exploring each other’s bodies like this whenever we got together. Both my dad and jiju are so hot that I no longer think about doing anything with other men boy more.

They both keep me fully satisfied and happy.

Will share the another sessions very soon, but do let me your views in comments section underneath.