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Gay hookup sex story: Hello everyone my name is Paikhomba; born and raised in the beautiful state of Manipur. I’m 30, already passed my quarter-life crisis, 6’4, quite fit and muscular; presently working in a bank in Australia, identify myself as GAY.

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I already have quite a fair share of “relations” in my life, although it was mainly about lust than love. Well welcome to my journey. This is a series and I plan to share each and every detail of my sexual journey so far. So Enjoy.
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I’ve finally reached 18; well 5 different dicks have been up my ass before 18. I thought I would get way more freedom regarding my sex life since I’ve reached 18 now. I’ve finished my high school in the all-boys boarding school now, and I’m going for training in a few months. I’ve given my 12th exam and was waiting for my result.

MARCH 2008

I decided to try the online portal to find gays in and around Imphal area (my hometown). This was before Grindr, Blued and all those apps are introduced in the community, so there was this portal and I tried it the day after my 18th birthday; I just couldn’t help it.

It was basically like any dating app; it showed people near you, what they are looking for, and we could hit each other up. The nearest person was within 100m and his profile said he was gay and was looking to get laid. I was racking my mind thinking about whom he might be.

I hit him up without telling him who I was. He didn’t disclose himself either and we basically talked to each other a lot through the portal. We decided to not tell each other about our details since we are so near to each other; we were afraid we might know each other already or even worse we might be related.

Instead we decided to meet up directly at a spot. I didn’t have any intention to hook up with him as I was pretty occupied with RK whenever we could fuck around; I just wanted to check who he was. Yes, I was nosy. The day we were to meet came; I was so excited about it.

I got to the place we decided upon and waited for him. We purposely chose a crowded place so that even if one decides to stalk the other one, he would have a hard time spotting the other one.

Then he came up from the street opposite my house. I didn’t think much about it since he was like the straightest dude in the whole neighbourhood. I wouldn’t really know he was gay if it wasn’t for the portal. I already knew him because he was working at our school as an accountant and my parents would frequently give him my things as the school was a bit far from home.

I was shocked to see him frequently check out his phone. I pulled up the portal and the distance of the guy was nearing each passing second. I decided to check and messaged him.
“Dinesh?” I wrote. I wasn’t really sure, but I decided to take my chances. “Yes, it’s me.” he replied almost immediately.

“OMG it’s me, Paikhomba. Never in my wildest dreams I thought it would be you.” I texted. “I’m right ahead of you. Come up the streets.”
As he already stated in his profile, he got to the point pretty quick. He asked for an oral in his house.

I just lost the motive I came here with. I wanted to say no, but seeing how I knew the person, I just couldn’t control myself. I went to his house as he lived alone and gave him a BJ.

We have been hooking up since then. The last time I met up with him I ended up sneaking into his shed in his back yard and begging him to fuck my mouth until he shot his hot cum down my throat.

Since then I could barely stop thinking about the next time he would tell me to come over and suck him. It was strictly oral but what I really wanted was him banging my ass like a bull.

After that experience he had his brother move back in with him, so it was not as easy to find an opportunity to go to his place and suck him off. I had snuck into his garage once late at night and had him feed me his load and then jerking myself off before sneaking back out.

He told me to be ready in the next week as his brother should be going out and then he could take my mouth again. I really enjoyed the fact that each time I had been able to get him to cum just by sucking him and would text him how I liked making his big cock explode in my mouth.

He would send me pictures of his cock a couple times a day while at work, or when he got home, telling me that I was going to need to drink his cum soon because he was so horny. Every time he said that I answered with a simple, “Yes sir, I want it.”

Sometimes we would do some sexting at night and jerk off together, but I was basically just waiting for him to tell me to come over and bang my ass. He would tell me how he would bend me over and push into me until his head popped inside me and how he would start slow and goes banging his cock into my hole hard before filling me up.

My dick would start leaking as soon as he began talking about it and I would fantasize him behind me, taking me as hard as he could. Each night that passed without him telling me to come over just drove my frustration levels up. I would stare at my phone in bed waiting to get the message to come take care of him.

Dinesh was 30 when this all happened. He was very dominant and wild when he fucked, which I really loved. He had a 7’ dick, pretty average. He was the skinny and lanky type, which makes his dick seemed longer than it has to be. I happened to become Dinesh’s sex slave pretty much the whole time I was there waiting for my 12th results.

It had been nearly two weeks since the last time he had me on my knees. I was getting ready for bed when the message came through. “What are you up to tonight?” he said. “I don’t have much going on,” I typed out almost immediately, desperate for his cock.

“I think he’s heading out to hang out with his girlfriend soon and should be gone most or all night. You should come take care of my cock,” he answered. “Yes sir,” I replied.

That was around 8pm and it wasn’t until nearly 2 hours later that he finally said his brother was leaving. I hopped in the shower quick since I had very little time. I had just pulled my shorts back on when he messaged that his brother, Suresh, had just pulled away.

“Get your ass here in the next 10 minutes.” he said. I didn’t even bother replying, just stepped into my tennis shoes and was pulling on my shirt as I walked out the front door.

I knew this probably wouldn’t be a long-term thing and had fully embraced being submissive and giving up control. I ran several houses down and reached his house. Once again, the nervousness hit me as I prepared to ring his door bell but there was no way it was going to stop me from taking his big dick again.

I rang the bell. I walked through and he followed me in. I wasn’t sure what to do but didn’t have to worry about it as he grabbed me from behind and pulled me to him. He was grabbing my shorts with his right hand and his left was over my shoulder with his hand on my neck and chin, turning it to the right.

I didn’t have any time to react and his mouth was on mine. I could feel the bulge of his cock pressing into my ass as his tongue roughly worked over my mouth. I was in ecstasy from being controlled and ready to do whatever he made me do. His right hand slid down and massaged my cock and balls through my shorts.

He had my head turned sharply and leaning back while kissing me. My mouth was open as he explored me with his tongue. He was plunging it in and out of my mouth and swirling it around inside while I was lightly sucking it and using my own tongue against it. He turned me around without removing his mouth and pulled me tight against him.

His thigh was between my legs and he used both hands to grab my ass and pull me in to his leg. I just let him control what happened until he finally pushed me away from him a foot or two and started unbuckling his belt.

I was out of my shorts almost immediately and was taking my shirt off as I dropped to my knees. This was what I had been waiting for. I was just inches away as he pushed his pants down and his dick sprung free. He was about 7 inches long, not too thick, but with a very large head.

He wasn’t fully erect but wasn’t far from it. I slid him in until I could feel that heavy head on the back of my tongue, right before it made my throat tickle and feel like I would gag. I held him in my mouth as he finished taking off his pants and then pulled his shirt off.

This was the first time both of us had been completely naked. I was torn between wanting to attack his cock or to go slow so it would last. Once again, he made the decision as he slid out so he could walk over to sit on the couch. His ass was on the edge of the seat and his legs were spread.

“Get over here and suck my balls,” he said. I immediately moved over to first stand between his legs, then drop to my knees. “Yes sir,” I breathed as I moved his heavy cock out of the way and pressed my mouth to his balls.

I made my tongue flat and pushed it between them, sliding it up and down and then sliding it left and right, using it move those large orbs around. Dinesh used his hands to press my face to his sack. I left my tongue out and let him slide me all over them. “Good boy, now take that cock.

Go slow, we have time,” he commanded. I was bent over at the waist, basically on all fours as he perched on the edge of the cushion. His hands rubbed down my back as I sucked him by pulling me toward him as far as I could go with him in my mouth he could reach my ass cheeks and was squeezing and spreading them.

I could feel the air on my ass and started moaning around his dick. Dinesh let his fingers trace over my puckered hole, causing me to gasp. I couldn’t really move and was just holding him in my mouth as he continued to play with my ass.

I was using my hands to play with his balls while the head of his now throbbing cock pressed against my throat. His hands pulled my cheeks far apart and I felt the tip of his finger pushing against my tight little hole making me squirm. At the same time I tried pushing back against his finger I heard the door open.

“What the fuck?! Shit, I’m sorry,” another male voice said. There was no way I could see in the position I was in. Dinesh still had my ass pulled apart and whoever walked in would have been able to see everything including my head pressed in between his legs.

We were both frozen until finally he moved his hands so I could slide most of his cock out and turn my head. I haven’t seen his brother Suresh yet, as he grows up outside Manipur and half my life I was in boarding; but I concluded it was Suresh, frozen standing in the doorway to the room.

He hadn’t moved from where he had realized what was happening and was just staring at us. I still had a cock halfway in my mouth and Dinesh’s hand was on the back of my head keeping me from pulling my mouth off him.

I stayed there with my mouth stretched around that dick and watched as Suresh, who was mostly behind me, looked from my mouth to farther down where I knew he would be able to see my tight asshole and my balls and cock hanging between my legs. I was so incredibly hard at the situation my dick was bouncing up and down.

I felt Dinesh’s hand slowly pushing on the back of my head, sliding it back down his cock which caused Suresh to immediately glance that direction. I saw him staring with his mouth up as more and more of Dinesh’s dick slid back in my mouth. I tried to watch as long as I could but soon couldn’t turn my head anymore.

As I turned back to sucking I saw Suresh reach down and adjust himself through his jeans and realized he was getting hard watching us. “I forgot my phone,” he said in a shaky voice. “Suck,” Dinesh commanded as I went down on all fours and started bobbing my head up and down in his lap.

I heard the door close and figured he had left as I got back to worshipping that beautiful dick, but a couple minutes later I saw motion and realized someone was standing next to the couch on my right side. Suresh had come over to stand next to me and watch as I worked.

“You want to suck Suresh’s cock until he feeds you his cum?” he said. The muffled sound that came from my throat and my brief nod just confirmed what he already knew. I wasn’t planning on anything like this when I had come over that night, but in that moment, I was an absolute slut for cock.

I wanted to show Suresh how much I wanted it and how turned on it made me to perform and be commanded. I spread my legs farther apart and moaned, wanting to be used. My cock pulsed as I heard a zipper being pulled down. Dinesh grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth off his cock.

He pushed my face back in to his balls and rubbed it around before standing up, leaving me on hands and knees, breathing heavily and waiting to see what they decided to do.

“You’re about to get your chance to show how good of a cocksucker you are,” Dinesh said from behind me right before I felt a hard smack on my ass which made me jump. I looked over as Suresh’s jeans and boxers were pushed down and he moved to sit on the couch in front of me. He only pulled one leg out of them before leaning back and waiting.

I was now inches away from what would be the second cock that would go in my mouth. Suresh’s 5’ by 6’ monster was right in front of me. His balls were tight up against his body and I could just make out the beginning of the crack of his ass.

All the sudden I was broken from my study of his cock as I felt a tongue pushing against my asshole. “Ugggghhhh,” I exclaimed in pleasure. Dinesh wrapped his hand around my cock and used it as a handle to hold me in place as he pushed harder, and I felt my hole giving way as his tongue pushed farther in.

I looked up at Suresh, “Please give it to me sir,” and opened my mouth. He slid forward the last couple of inches until my lips were pressed against the base of his cock. I moved my head down and licked from his ass, up across his balls and then the length of his shaft.

He used his fingers to push his cock toward me until I got the head trapped between my lips and wasted no time beginning to suck him as Dinesh began tongue fucking me. I had moved my legs as wide as I could so he could have easy access and then went back to seeing how much of Suresh’s cock I could take.

I thought my mouth would tear as I wrapped my mouth around his monster.

Dinesh had been the most dominant I’d seen him so far and it made me ready and willing to do whatever he wanted. He pulled his tongue out and I felt him moving around behind me. I couldn’t believe I was about to get fucked after so much waiting!

I was wiggling my ass around in the air as I continued to slide my mouth up and down Suresh’s cock, circling my tongue around it. Taking him in long strokes and speeding up as I was being driven wild with lust.

Dinesh spit on his fingers and rubbed it all over my hole and the head of his cock and then I felt it lightly placed against my tight man-hole. “You want this cock, don’t you? I’m about to pound that tight little hole,” he growled as he pulled my head back off Suresh’s cock, “Tell me how bad you want it.”

“Fuck yes. Please give it to me. Take that hole! Fuck me with your big cock!” I moaned. My breath was taken away as his cockhead began stretching my asshole. Dinesh’s cock was pushing against my cheek, but I was completely focused on being filled up. I felt the head pop inside as he continued pushing.

There was pressure, but the feeling of being stretched and slowly filled was making the precum pout from my dick. It seemed as though he was moving agonizingly slow and I began wiggling my ass in a silent plea for him to bury his cock in me.

He had a hold of my hips, not to pull me on to him but more to hold me still while he continued to push. I felt his pelvis pushing against my ass and thighs and knew he was completely buried. He stayed still while I got used to having his wonderful cock in me for the first time.

Suresh had begun to move his hips, drawing my attention back to the fact that his cock was still trapped between my cheek and his body. All I had to do was turn my head and I was able to pull him back in to my mouth and resumed sucking him. Dinesh took that as his signal to start moving and slowly pulled out until it was just the tip inside me.

He only paused for a moment before pushing back in, forcing a moan around Suresh’s cock. I was holding Suresh’s fat cock in my mouth and running my tongue along the ridge of its head as Jason began to slowly but steadily fuck me. “Fuck your hole is tight,” he said and moved his right hand up to hold my shoulder and his other on my hip.

His strokes had gotten harder and deeper and the constant stretching of my asshole around his cock was driving me crazy. I had one hand on Suresh’s thigh and was using the other to stroke his cock along with my mouth. He was moaning and pushing his hips up off the couch.

“Yes, suck my cock,” Suresh moaned as he put his hand on my head and pushed me deeper on his cock. “Are you ready for me to pound that little ass? I’m going to fuck you hard. You’ll remember this cock as the wildest you ever took,” Jason growled and slammed in to me.

I could only moan and try to nod and started pushing my ass back in response. Suresh’s hips were pushing wildly and I knew he was getting close. I tried to focus on the dick in my mouth before the sensation of having my ass fucked hard was too much.

I moved my mouth up and down, pressing my tongue in to the underside of his cock. “Oh fuck,” Suresh grunted, “I’m going to cum.” I wanted that cum badly and I went even faster, removing my hand from around the base so he could push deeper into my mouth.

His cock was drenched in my spit as I worked my mouth up and down until he pushed his hips off the couch and gave a final moan. Shot after shot of thick cum blasted into my mouth. I let it sit on my tongue savouring the salty flavour for a second before swallowing. Suresh sank back to the couch, breathing heavily, as his cock started to soften in my mouth.

I let it slip from my mouth and rested my head on his thigh, his balls just an inch away. Dinesh had slowed to casual strokes in my ass while I finished Suresh off, but now seemed like he was ready to pick up where he left off.

He grabbed my hips, pulled out and then buried himself in me fast and hard, only pausing for a second before slamming back in making me bite my lip in pleasure. “Start stroking yourself. I want you to cum while I’m taking this sweet ass,” Dinesh said.

“Yes sir,” I breathed. “Louder bitch!” he growled. “Yes sir!” I exclaimed and wrapped my hand around my rock-hard dick, smearing the precum on my hand and the head as lube and started jacking myself off. The room was filled with the sounds of my hand wetly sliding over my cock, Dinesh’s thighs and balls slapping against me, and my panting as a result of both.

It always amazed me how much I enjoyed and was turned on my being submissive and nearly this exact scenario had played out in my head many times. My thoughts were brought back to the present as Dinesh used his knees to push my legs even wider so I was completely spread open for him and the power of his thrusts had pushed my face into Suresh’s balls.

I was trying to hold back but the pressure in my balls built closer to bursting each time my hand slid along my length. About a half dozen strokes later I cried out as I emptied my balls on his floor. The combination of my orgasm as my asshole was being stretched and fucked about made me pass out.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Suresh had become hard again and was frantically jerking his still spit soaked cock. I put my hands on his hips to help steady myself as Dinesh also moved his hands off my hips and to my shoulders, leaning forward and showing me that he hadn’t yet fucked me as hard as he could.

I didn’t even try to fuck back, just held on as he as he pounded my tight hole. I wasn’t even making any noise now, my mouth just hanging open while I held on and was taken, barely even aware of the dick that was being jacked off just inches from my face.

I could feel my cock and balls swinging wildly as Dinesh fucked me like an animal, his thrusts becoming frantic and his breathing laboured. “That’s such a sweet fucking ass,” he said, “I’m about to fill it up with cum. Are you ready to be a good boy and take it all?” “Fuck yes baby! Please fill me with your hot cum. I want it so bad,” I pleaded.

He slammed into my ass a couple more times before burying himself again and staying there and I felt my ass filled up. I knew from how long he stayed there that he had just shot a huge load into me. He pulled out and it felt strange to be empty all the sudden after he had been filling and stretching me for what seemed like hours.

Gay hookup sex story of wild threesome

Just then Suresh turned slightly and put the head of his dick right in front of my mouth. I opened and put my tongue out, letting him rub against as he continued jerking off. He grunted and for the second time that night his cum sprayed into my mouth, as well across my chin and neck.

I swallowed what he had shot in my mouth, once again relishing in my new found love of drinking cum, and then I stuck my tongue out and licked the remaining drop from his slit.

My entire ass and balls were soaked with Dinesh’s cum that had leaked out of me. I used a towel to wipe off my face and then my balls and now tender hole and then cleaned up my cum from the floor.

Suresh had thrown his clothes on while I was cleaning up and had walked out the door without saying anything. I still had no idea if he was bisexual or had just been turned on and taken advantage of the opportunity. “You fucked me so hard with your big cock. Thank you, sir,” I said.

“I still want you on your back and I’m going to make you ride me. I probably need to bend you over a table too,” he said, standing in the middle of the room watching me get dressed. He laughed when he caught me glancing at his soft cock. Even soft I was drawn to the size of the head on it.

I finished getting dressed and walked out the door. I wasn’t in pain but was certainly walking funny and figured my ass would be sore for a couple days. As I climbed into my bed I couldn’t help but smile in anticipation of the next time.

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