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Group fuck story: Hi this is Utkarsh 24 and this story is about me and my friend and we were younger his name was Vicky and I was normal guy only trying to attract girls. Vicky was also like that but had amazing body was best athlete he was 5 feet 8 inches I was 5 2 we were good friends.

One day it was raining hard so I invited him and his friend Abhishek to stay at my home as my home was nearby and both of my parents are at work.

I removed my shirt and was drying myself Abhi was interested in TV. Vicky gave a kind of piercing look at me then we all dried ourselves up within an hour the rain was less and Abhi was leaving.

Vicky left him at the entrance and came back soaking wet. I again gave him towel and told to dry himself. I helped drying his hair and suddenly he kissed my nipples I was shocked and went back he then came forward and kissed me on lips.

I pushed him but he was kissing so hardly it was my first lip kiss it dint matter if it was boy. I kissed him back and he stopped and started caressing my back.

I hugged him hard and he started sucking my nipples waves of current passed me he sucked it like anything. He was biting it after sucking he saw me and I was kind of happy my nipples was soaking wet with saliva and he then went on to next nipples.

I could not control and left a moan after sucking it he saw my eyes then he just started removing my pant I was only in my jockey my cock was rock hard it was 5 inches he rubbed it and I could not even stand properly and he took me to bed.

I was on bed and he removed my jockey I was totally nude and he wrapped his warm hands around my cock and started rubbing it and I was enjoying little pre cum came he took my cock in his mouth.

I started licking it and I was in heaven it took my legs and rested on his shoulders within a minute I came to my shock he was licking it he dank my cum and licked my could till it was limp.

He stood and removed his shorts and stripped naked and he had a 8 inch cock and was so thick may be 1 1/2 inches and he told me to rub it. I was rubbing from bed he made me kneel down and I desperately wanted to feel his cock and I slowly licked his sides of cock he was moaning and encouraging me.

I licked the tip and took it in my mouth I was licking like lollypop he pumped twice and told me to suck like that as I was sucking from top to bottom I would swallow only 4 inches. He held my head and started face fucking me he went too deep.

I was suffocating his balls hit my chin he was moaning like anything then a huge moan escaped he came in my mouth I was and as he came in my mouth but his hot juicy cum made me go mad.

I drank and was sucking his cock again he came twice. My cum was in litters he was tired and fell on bed we kissed each other and he slowly started to finger my asshole. I opposed it but he forced me.

He sent three fingers and it was hurting he took oil and lube my ass he kept his cock at tip and was rubbing with a push he entered me. I shouted and was screaming bad words he took his under wear and kept it in my mouth with two more pushes he broke my virgin ass.

I was crying he started to pump me and I started crying more it 10 minutes till pain subsided as soon as he saw that I was not crying he fucked me hard the bed rocked and was fucking me harder and harder his whole cock went in and came out with ease he pumped faster and came in my ass.

We were so tired we slept in each other arms suddenly we woke up it was a thunder it was 7 pm we had slept for an hour and he told he had to call his house.

I got up I told him to stay but he went out and called and he came in with bottle of oil and I again started sucking his cock he told to lick his balls it was hairy. I licked till his cock was soaking wet and saliva was dripping he made in doggy position lube oil and fucked me hard again he came in my ass.

I was lying idle next to him he wore his pants suddenly calling bell ringed I was shocked he told me to go to bathroom and opened the door.

He told me it was sales rep I came out and kissed him. He asked if he loved his cock in my ass I said I wanted his cock twice at least a week he was amazed.

He told me he had a surprise he blind folded me and took me to hall he removed my blindfolds there were three men standing naked and it was my senior Paul and any P.T master Ramesh and my maths teacher Ravi.

I was shocked and ashamed they called me a bitch and told how they were going to enjoy me.

I denied and hit Vicky Paul caught my hands and made me kneel down Ramesh came near me he had a huge 12 inch length and 2 inch Dia cock he started to face fuck me and I could not breath.

Ravi inserted his finger in my ass his nail were big and it hurt me and he had a 10 inch cock they took me to bed Ramesh and Ravi continued their job Vicky was holding my hands and Paul told let’s fuck this bitch in doggy at a time.

Now, I was in doggy position Paul said he will take ass his cock was small Ravi stated sucking my cock from below Paul was lube my ass and he had a 8 or 9 inch white cock.

I liked his cock others were black Ramesh had the darkest cock Paul entered me an fucked me like a bitch soon he came and fell on my back he took his cock and pushed inside my mouth. Ravi took my ass and Ramesh was licking my cock I came in Ravi’s mouth. I licked the cock.

I desired the most seeing this Ravi fucked so had that I started crying he came in my ass and Paul in my mouth. His cum was so tasty I licked it even after he took it out Ramesh sir told you bitch you will suck Paul’s cock and cum in Ravi’ mouth but will not make me cum ah?

I am gonna teach you a lesson then he took his monster out and inserted it in my ass although Ravi cock had loosened Ramesh’s cock was longer and thicker I started crying I begged him others stopped just two pushes.

I felt a pain I had never experienced before he was pumping slowly I was crying in pain Paul said you can’t fuck him without lube sir and squeezed oil for bottle directly in my ass pain lasted for a minute.

Then I was in seventh heaven he caught my hip and started fucking me so hard I moaned like anything aaaaahh please fuck me harder please sir harder this made other made another resumed their positions.

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I loved it. I saw in mirror Ramesh in my ass Ravi in mouth and Paul at my cock it was amazing we all had huge orgasm excerpt Ramesh he went on for few minutes and took cock out and was jerking near my face.

His cum hit my face next stream fell on my hair and he pushed his cock inside my mouth a hot stream hit my throat and again he had released 4 to 5 streams of hot cum in my mouth I drank all and gave a burp they laughed at me I slept.

I was woken up by a hot stream of water I did not have power to get up .all 4 of them were around me and they were urinating on me even now Ramesh had gallons of urine and I drank a lot.

He said come on bitch come and lock the door we have next whorehouse to go and they left and I took bath and slept till next day 10 am my Ravi sir was so worried as I did not come to college that he came looking for me.