Indian Gay Erotica of a Big Black Rendezvous: 2

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Indian Gay Erotica: Then after some time I heard the door unlock and a man entered the room. He was an older black man around maybe 45 years old, again huge build and much darker skinned. He looked so frightening with his gigantic stature.

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I felt tiny in front of these two men. In no time, he removed his clothes and then I saw his cock. It was already erect and looked bigger and thicker than the one I was sucking. It was full of veins that looked like they were about to pop. He said to the other guy, “You picked up the perfect boy for me.” And now there I was, sucking on two black cocks at the same time.

I thought that it could only happen in porn and looked like a fantasy. But this was actually happening. They both hugged me and we were these three sweaty bodies licking and sucking each other. The new guy’s cock tasted good and he wanted to try deepthroating me. The previous guy on the other hand started fucking me again.

The pain was unbearable but I was too scared to say anything. But they were aroused beyond imagination and did not stop at any point. Now they reversed their positions. The new guy fucked me like a machine and his cock hurt more. They didn’t seem to care and the sounds of ball slapping and ass fucking became louder and faster.

It felt like I was high on drugs. The previous guy held my throat and fucked my face. Then he said he was about to cum and held my mouth with a tight grasp. Then I felt a warm flow of cum in my mouth. I wanted to spit it out but he held my mouth tight around his cock and said, “Swallow it all my boy.”

I resisted but he slapped me slightly on my cheek and forced me to do it. His cock throbbed and it let out ten loads which I then swallowed after giving up. He kissed me and said that I had been a good boy. He then told the new guy, “All yours” and left the room. The new guy was still fucking me intensely all this time.

It felt so good that I didn’t want it to stop now. I had let go of all my inhibitions and liked how he dominated me. This guy was so good at fucking as compared to the previous one. I wanted him to do everything as he pleased with my body. I kissed him and our tongues intertwined. I said, “Please fuck me hard. It feels so good. I want you deep inside me.”

He pinned me to bed on my stomach and held me tight in his arms from behind. I could feel the weight of his body. He increased his thrusts and he started moaning loudly like a horse. His cock was as hard as a rock. His sweat was dripping all over my face and body.

I held him tight and begged him not to stop. I pleaded him to take me however he wants. While fucking he kept on saying, “That’s it my boy. There you go. That’s it. You want it? Take it. It’s all yours baby. Oh yeah”. He then fucked me in doggy position and grabbed my head with my hair.

My ass engulfed his entire cock and was pulsating with pleasure. He flipped me and fucked me in missionary position. We kissed and he spat all over my face and body. He then opened my mouth with his hands and spat in my mouth. He said, “Taste it. Taste my spit boy.” I willingly did as he asked.

After a good twenty minutes or so of fucking he said he was about to cum. Now this time I asked him to feed me his cum. He laughed and said, “That’s my boy. Swallow my load. Don’t you dare waste a single drop of my cum.” I took his cock and drank every last bit of his cum. It tasted good and his cock was still hard. After he was done, I felt so tired and weak.

I looked at my body and saw cum all over the bed and my stomach. The guy laughed and said, “You never realized that you came so many times. That’s what happens when you hit the prostate right.” I couldn’t believe that I had felt so good that I came from just their fucking.

It felt it was impossible to cum so many times in just one session. I had squirted out huge amounts of cum in pleasure while they fucked me.

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I cleaned up and then left. While going back to the hotel, I felt the pain. It was so hard to walk. I couldn’t believe what I had gone through. I wasn’t even behaving like myself. Like I had become this another person in the heat. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. It felt so good but at the same time it was also overwhelming.

After this incident I never saw those guys again. I still cannot stop thinking about the whole thing and the pleasure. But this experience opened me up to exploring new possibilities which led to many more stories.

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