Indian Gay Erotica of The Remembrance: 1

Indian Gay Erotica of The Remembrance: 1

Indian Gay Erotica: Hello, everyone, my name is Karan I love pleasuring people but with my 6.5-inch tool. I love to give pleasure to fair skinny guys but hey if the dude is nice and lovely I would love to engage so don’t shy away from contacting me. So let’s come to the story, it was 10 pm and I was just casually sitting in my then my buddy, I mean fuck buddy whose name is Raj, 18-year-old, messaged me that he is missing me…

He says that his ass has been itching and it desperately needed filling he told me that missed my manly chest, he used to sleep on it after sex… Raj is a slim guy but fair his ass is bubbly tight any dude would want to hit that with such an innocent cut face but that is just how sexy he is and just as horny he would always call me to his house and we would have fun.

I used to kiss him very passionately make him naked sucking his face then I would feel his naked body caress those nipple suck them to bite them he would moan just like a girl. I would feel his body make him feel good and those ass cheeks oh! those ass cheeks tight bubbly ass cheeks I would press then pinch them.

I would go down then turn him and just look at that ass I love licking and biting them then I would insert my nose into his ass cheeks he loves that then I would spread them and see the majestic pinkish hole. And yes I love sucking and licking assholes and I am damn good at those.

I would insert my tongue inside his asshole his whole body would shiver. He would be in heaven. His cute face makes such a slutty face always wanting more and I too like to give him more pleasure.

Then he would come down on me giving the best blow job ever licking the tip licking the whole hard thing then he circles the top and insert it his mouth the sweet mouth and tight mouth and sucks like there is no tomorrow and gives me slutty looks I love to make eye contact he looks so adorable as well some cheap whore.

And then I make him stand and give him smooches and play with his tongue and explore his mouth then I bend him over grab his waist and insert my dick in his ass, he fucks a lot so doesn’t need lubrication his ass welcomes any cock anytime especially mine.

I love pounding his sweet tight ass and I can feel his ass wall tightening around my cock it just feels so good no other makes me feel that way his ass hugs my cock perfectly usually after 20 minutes of fucking he stands up and takes my dick his hand sucks it drink all of my cum without wasting a single drop he loves my cum if it were possible he would only drink my cum…

After drinking my cum I would grab him up and give him another hard kiss he used to love that then he used to lie on my chest and we would sleep.

Also, another thing is that as we are from Kolkata and there is a gay spot called the chaya cinema theater, where guys openly get nude and fuck each other mostly its an orgy place. whether it’s noon, afternoon or evening something always is happening there. So, once I took Raj there initially he was reluctant but after pounding his ass for half an hour he couldn’t help himself but agree.

We went there on an evening show took corner balcony seat and a movie started which was a b-grade south Indian film but I hardly had any interest in it. Then, I slowly started massaging his thighs and put one arm around him. I started blowing air into his ears I knew he was getting horny as his pant made a tent whatever a 5inch cock could make.

Then I put his hand on cock to the massage he started it after that we shared a passionate kiss and he took my cock out and started stroking and then started spitting on it and finally took inside his mouth. It’s always an awesome blowjob nothing less from him…

Then suddenly a guy came and sat beside Raj and he was still giving me a blowjob. Now it was like me in corner Raj in the middle and the guy who was Apoorv later I came to know was sitting on the other side. Apoorv started massaging Raj’s ass I thought wow but Raj was not minding it so let it go.

Also when I looked around two uncles were kissing on the backseat and there was an orgy going on in the front. Oh, I got excited and put Raj’s one hand on Apoorv’s cock he immediately started massaging as Apoorv now loosened Raj’s pant and was fingering his ass. Then Raj started giving him a blowjob and kissed him.

Apoorv was also a decent looking guy. Raj was now stroking and giving bj to me and Apoorv alternately. We were getting so hot I had to fuck Raj now and also wanted to look at Apoorv’s fair naked ass so I wanted to get naked there only but he stopped me saying it would be better if we moved to a safe place.

Indian gay erotica of a hot threesome in the theatre!

I agreed as there were a bunch of uncles approaching us. We with effort stopped Raj moved out of the cinema. Raj’s ass was now on fire. He wanted a cock and after looking at Apoorv he liked him too. He didn’t know who he was sucking. Then Apoorv told us he had a place nearby, a Flat.

So, we decided to go there…what happened there in the next part and also stay tuned it’s going to be a long series…

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