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Paid gay boy story: Hey, I am Rishi a straight 19-yr old gay-for-pay rent-boy from Mumbai, this is the story of how my career due to a single night a year ago, I had just turned 18, gotten into my St. Xavier’s College and moved to Mumbai.

I was searching for a job and had rented a studio apartment in Andheri. 6’1″ with a lean, muscular body and well-endowed on top of that.

I had been quite successful with the girls, but I had never had a gay experience till that time, though I knew I wasn’t completely straight. It had been 2 weeks and I couldn’t land myself a job.

I was worried that night as I headed to college for an alumni reunion event. I was hanging around, making small talk, focusing on making connections and even looking for job opportunities until I met Kunal who was hanging out with his friends Pranav and Aayush.

They were 6 years older than me. Kunal looked like a cross between a twink and a bear while the other two were more like muscled cubs. I had a great time at the party drinking with them, talking about football, the four of us got along well.

As the party wound down, Kunal invited me to go to his house with the other two guys, to watch the game and drink.

We walked a short way to where they lived, and began to enter the house. As I walked through the front door, Kunal grabbed my ass and pulled me toward himself.

“Whoa dude! What the FUCK!” I said, as I pulled away.
“We thought you knew why we invited you over, Rishi” he said.
“No dude, I am not gay,” I replied.

“My gaydar works fine, I am horny and I know you are too, how about a few bucks? Will that work?” Kunal said, as Pranav and Aayush looked on hungrily. It looked like they had planned this beforehand.

“No dude…”, I said weakly, noticing my hesitation Pranav walked over and talked quietly to the other two, then leaned over and whispered a number into my ear. The amount was so high, and the warm breath in my ear…. well, it tingled in a most pleasant way.

They were paying me more than a months rent…my spirits weakened, I needed the money, without thinking about what I would have to do, I nodded my head softly.

“Great,” said Kunal, as he took a leather collar and a pair of dirty boxers out of a drawer, “STRIP, and put these on Rishi, and serve DADDY, some drinks.”

I changed into the boxers, and put the collar around my neck as I came to terms with what I had agreed to.

Kunal attached a leash to the collar and the three of them set down to watch a game on the television, while I made them each Scotches.

As I was pouring the drinks, the reality of what I had agreed on started to dawn on me, “They seem like good people, it will just be some kissing, touching and groping,I will have to compromise I need the money” I thought to myself.

I was scared but I knew this was the only way I had right now, I gulped and decided to see where the night goes.

Kunal pulled me onto his lap as I served him, he started lightly touching and stroking my nipples as you would a girl as I warmed up to his touch, he liked caressing my muscular chest and abs.

He began stroking, and playing with my cock and balls with his hand over my boxers while the other two were keeping half an eye on the game and half on me.

I could now feel his cock growing in his denims pressing against my ass, it felt exciting, I was happy that he was turned on by me. He nibbled on my ears, warm breath from his mouth entering my ear, kissing my neck and collar bone, keeping me erect and horny.

I suddenly felt his hand slip under the boxers and wrap around my cock, my body tensed from his touch, he offered me his drink which I gulped down, “This should take of your edge Rishi” he said and pulled me in for a kiss.

Aayush and Pranav were giving me lusty stares, but seemed wary of Kunal. He continued massaging my cock and balls, giving strong tugs in between until around half time, when he pulled on my leash, “Come on” was all he said, as the moment that I had been dreading had come.

Kunal led me into his room.

Without closing the door, he took off his kurta and started kissing me, I don’t mind this I thought, besides he was a very good kisser.

He stopped kissing me and pushed my face into his bulky chest, I had taken the job and I now knew what was expected, I started licking and kissing his nipples and slowly proceeded down to his abs, he held my head by my hair like a puppy, I swallowed my pride.

I did not know I would have to swallow a lot more that night.

Kunal pulled my hair back and motioned me to my knees. I was anxious as I obeyed him. He pulled down his jeans and whipped out his THICK cock which was 7″ even when semi-hard and growing. “I will choke on this I thought”, I looked up with a pleading look on my face.

“You are free to leave Rishi, but if you stay, you will not resist. Now open your mouth bitch!”
I realized what I had no option and opened my mouth, Kunal kept his tip on my lips and pushed it in a bit.

I could now taste his sweet pre-cum and I felt a stirring in my boxers, “Just stay calm and this will be your night my boy” Kunal said, noticing my bulging dick.

With that he rammed his now fully-erect 11-inches into my mouth, his balls slapped against my chin as his tip rubbed my throat. I fell back from the force as he held my head in his hands, pushed it into the side of his bed and started thrusting his cock my mouth.

“Oomp, humph” I moaned and cried as he fucked my mouth. He too was making low moans, “Ahhhh,Ahh…good boy…”

It was a different experience than I’d ever had, and his cock, in my mouth, well…it was kind of nice.

Kunal had pulled back a bit so I could breathe, as he kept fucking my mouth. It actually became pleasurable, and I enjoyed wrapping my tongue around the head of his cock as he slid in and out of my mouth.

I could feel saliva building in my mouth, and Kunal had begun a low moaning, he was enjoying my mouth as much as I was now enjoying sucking him.

I didn’t even notice as Aayush and Pranav had entered the room and stripped off, one of whom was caressing my ass, lightly running his fingers along my crack, while the other had reached under and was stroking my hard cock.

I raised my rear end up a bit to allow them to continue. “Mmmm” I purred.

Their hands wandered all over my body, cupping and pressing my muscles, even sniffing my armpit.

I had forgotten my initial reluctance and was almost enjoying all the attention, their soft touch turned me on further.

As the other boys were playing with my bottom, I noticed a new taste in my mouth. Kunal was leaking cum into my mouth. I had never tasted cum prior to this, but I instantly decided that I liked it, and began to suck harder.

Letting go of my head, Kunal began to withdraw from my mouth. Reluctant to let him go, I tried sucking harder to keep him in my mouth, but to no avail.

I looked up at him with an eager expression, he held my face in his hands and said, “Yes you sucked me very well Rishi, good boy”.

Paid gay boy story of a horny young boy getting bought by friends

I suddenly thought about what I was doing and a feeling of intense shame crept in, but I immediately pushed it aside, “Your job is to satisfy Kunal, Aayush and Pranav, you are a cock-hungry whore Rishi, suck their dicks and satisfy your masters” I thought, trying to convince myself to let go of the last inch of self-respect and transform into a fucking cum drinking slut.

“You two watch out,” Kunal said in a commanding tone, “I need to cum. I want to be the first to use his virgin pussy.”

The other two backed off, and before I could voice my dismay, Kunal had gotten behind me, he picked me up and kept me on his bed, raised my legs and told me to hold them against my chest.

My fresh and wet hole was now completely exposed to him.He started pushing the head of his cock into my tight, opening.

To be continued…