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Slave gay story: This was a new feeling, I was anxious as I felt his dick on my ass and felt it slowly slide inside me, I could feel my muscle give way in my tight hole, I could feel every string of my anal muscles tear as he stretched my hole, but he did not stop.

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It hurt.
A lot.

“Slow…please.. daddy” I cried, He spanked my ass and told me to shut up.

As much as I struggled to pull away, I could not. Kunal had a firm grip on my hips. I heard him getting phlegm and saliva, up from his throat, he backed out his cock head, spit the wad on my aching hole, replaced the head of his cock against me, and SHOVED. “Kunaal… daddy…please”, I cried out loud.

His thick cock head popped through the formerly tight ring of muscle guarding my no-longer virgin hole, and slid in a couple of inches.
Kunal stopped and held still. “Now, now, it’ll be okay. We’ll just hold it there for a few minutes, it’ll start to feel nice.” I gasped in relief as I felt my body itself around his thick penis.

After a few minutes, He withdrew is thick cock from my ass, I could feel cool air on my gaping hole.

Kunal reached up on the nightstand, and took down a tube of lube, stuck the open end of the tube into what he was now calling “his pussy”, and squirted a good amount of lube into my sore hole. The coolness felt wonderful.

He flipped me around such that I was on my knees, “Doggy style, I know this one”, I thought to myself.

It was at this time, that I noticed that my hard cock, was leaking cum.

Aayush moved around in front of me, and thrust his cock into my mouth. After Kunal’s throat fucking, I had no trouble taking Aayush. I suddenly realized, that I was being spit roasted. On my knees, a hard cock in my cunt, and a hard cock in my throat, my still leaking cock dangling towards the floor.

Pranav dropped to his knees, and crawled under my stomach, taking my leaky cock head into his mouth.

I was air tight.

My mouth and cunt were stuffed with cock, my own cock was being suckled like a woman’s tit.

I realized, with a start, Kunal’s fucking my cunt no longer hurt at all, as a matter of fact, it had become rather pleasurable. Every time he entered my ass, his cock head slithered along someplace which felt marvelous. I could feel my own cock throb with each swipe of his hard cock as it grazed that special place inside of me.

“Oh, that feels good sir” I moaned.

Based upon Pranav’s low moans, he must be enjoying my leaking cock. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his naked ass as he sucked on me.

I had reached the limits of pleasure and pain, I was sweating from the exertion, being fucked by three guys it felt like I would be split open.

I let loose a sudden volley of my pent up cum into Pranav’s mouth, I could hear him gurgle with the load in his mouth.

Pranav knelt upright, and slapped my ass, once, twice, three times “you like that Rishi?”, then turned toward me and shot his load onto my bare back. I think I felt four shots of cum land on me, it was difficult to keep track as Aayush kept pounding my throat.

Kunal let out a long moan, as I felt his warm liquid flood my ass. I could feel his balls against mine, as he pressed tight against my cunt, filling me with his cum.

Aayush, not to be left undone, grabbed my head with both hands, drove his cock into my throat, his balls against my chin, and shot what seemed like an almost endless supply of his seed into my stomach.

I was gasping for breath after getting used by the three guys, they were panting, as well.

Kunal and Aayush took out their cocks as I knelt on the floor gasping, I looked up and saw their satisfied and smiling faces and was filled with a wave of happiness myself.

Kunal took out his phone and snapped a few pictures of me lying on the floor covered in cum as Aayush and Pranav went to their rooms, I was too tired to think much of it.

Kunal picked me up and put me down on his bed, where he laid down and pulled a still naked me on top of him, I could smell his sweet musk as my head was pressed against his hairy chest.

“You have been a very good whore Rishi, easily among the best I have had”

“Thank you Daddy” I purred in a low voice as I passed out still in his warm hold.

I one night, in a relatively short period of time, I had gone from being straight, to having fucked three very sexy boys.

As I woke up the next morning, Kunal was making breakfast while the others had already left for work, I got up and took a shower, when I came out my money was kept on the night stand.

I pocketed it without hesitation, I knew I had earned it, I thought about what happened last night, I knew that I had enjoyed myself, but I was also ashamed of myself, “You sold your body to three bloody fags for money, you are dirty prostitute Rishi” I thought to myself, and resolved to get out of there as fast as possible, and never repeat this act again.

As I went out, Kunal was sitting on the dining table, he said, “You know what you are Rishi?”
“What daddy?” I replied desperate to shorten my suffering.

“The most beautiful cock-sucking muscled twink, you are gonna be very successful”

“Yes Sir” I replied as I quickly left for college.

That afternoon, I had attended my classes and was having lunch with my friends in the cafeteria,my whole body was aching and my ass was to sore to sit the whole day, scenes from last night flashed before my eyes, my memory was vague as I was drunk.

To my horror, I saw Kunal walk towards my table,
“Kaisa hai be randi”(How you doing, you prostitute), he shouted to me.

I looked around frightened that my friends heard that, they had but they dismissed it as a joke.
I pulled him aside- “What are you doing here?”

“Didn’t I tell you, I am the new President of the alumni association, I am gonna be here everyday for the next six months” He said with a smirk.

I was horrified with the thought of seeing him everyday, “I don’t care what you are, you stay the hell away from me!”

“Oh but I thought you were coming home with me tonight”

“That was a one night thing and a mistake!”

He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in as he opened pictures of me lying naked on the bed covered in his cum on his phone.

“Then I will just share these pictures of your hard work with your friends I guess”
“Please delete them, I did what you asked me to”

“I will, you just need to sign this” He said as he handed me some paperwork, and pulled me into a bathroom stall for some privacy.

I angrily read the papers signing them I would be agreeing to- Be Kunal’s “employee” for the next six months with a fixed salary 1.5 Lakh INR per month(woah that is a huge number).

In exchange, I would agree to give Kunal complete control and ownership over my body, and he would delete the set of pictures after this agreement ends.

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I knew I was trapped, I hastily signed it and began to leave the stall. “Not so fast bitch”, Kunal said as he pulled me back, he pushed me up against the wall came close to me and grabbed my balls and started squeezing them as I winced in pain.

“Listen up Rishi, you do not leave without my permission, you are now a slave, learn to live like one, I have a party next week where I want to show you off, I am sure all my friends will want to take you for a test ride too you need to be on your best behaviour that day, and for that I have to train you to behave like a good obedient whore.

It is up to you whether you want to fall I line and enjoy your submission or make these the most painful 6 months of your life. So tell me are you going to be a good whore?!”

“Yes Kunal” I said weakly.

He let go of my balls and slapped my face, “I am your owner, talk with respect!”

“Sorry Sir, Yes Sir, I will be a good whore”

“That’s more like it”, he said as he left, leaving me sitting in that stall as I mentally and physically prepared myself to suck cocks and be fucked for the next six months.