Gay family erotica of twink and sexy uncle: 1

Uncle fucks boy who is his friend's son

Gay family erotica: Aiden was stretched out on the couch, playing a game on his phone. He had on only a pair of briefs. Since it was just him and his father, they didn’t bother with much clothing at home. It usually was no big deal.

But, for the past two days, his father’s brother had been staying with them, and Aiden had a hard time keeping his cock in check, what with his uncle strutting around in just a pair of underwear, showing off his hot dad bod.

It wasn’t Aiden’s fault that he had a thing for older men, or that his uncle just so happened to be his fucking type. It was torture. He constantly thought about getting under his uncle and it didn’t help that he had to share a bed with him.

Yesterday, when Aiden woke up, his uncle was sporting the most impressive erection he had ever seen. His briefs were stretched taut, and Aiden could clearly make out the bulging cock head and the wet spot it had made.

As his eyes moved upwards, he noticed that the top of his pubes were exposed, showing off his entire happy trail that led up to his firm belly. The hairy belly and chest rose and fell hypnotically, tempting him to lick those big brown nipples.

It was the most erotic visual he had ever seen, and would be lying if he said he didn’t snap a few pictures and a shoot a video to wank off to later.

When Aiden was greeted by the same lewd visual this morning too, he decided to do something about it  before he lost all control and pulled down his uncle’s briefs and sat on his thick cock, all caution thrown to the wind.

His father would be out this afternoon, and so Aiden decided to seduce his uncle and feign innocence if things went awry. He had the perfect plan, phase 1 of which involved nonchalance.

So, per plan, he was lounged on the couch in a tight pair of briefs, waiting for his father to leave. To anyone watching, nothing seemed out of place, but Aiden had purposely picked out an old pair of briefs with a tear that lewdly exposed his tight hole whenever he spread his legs. For now though, his legs were crossed like a decent boy.

When it was time for his father to leave, Aiden set aside his phone, closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. His uncle was sitting on the armchair, watching TV.

As soon as Aiden heard the door close, he turned on his stomach and put his head under his hand, such that he could see his uncle clearly, but his uncle would think he was asleep – phase 2.

As he peeked from under his arm, he couldn’t help but notice that his uncle looked so fuckable even just sitting on the sofa, watching TV.

His legs were fanned out and bulge looked so inviting that he almost gave up on his plan and crawled to it, mouth salivating and ready to worship.

Slowly and languidly, so as not to arouse suspicion, Aiden began shifting, still pretending to be asleep, and adjusted his hips like he was uncomfortable. He saw his uncle glance at him.

He continued to shift, this time, making a low moaning sound. His uncle glanced at him again, but went back to watching TV. After a second, Aiden let out another, deeper moan. This time, when his uncle looked, his gaze stayed.

Having gotten his attention, Aiden moaned again and pushed out his arse, like he was backing into a cock waiting to tear him open. Aiden watched as his uncle quickly licked his lips and muted the TV, focussing on his slut of a nephew instead.

Not expecting such bold interest, Aiden felt a little nervous, but continued to feign a sex dream, shifting and occasionally moaning.
Aiden noticed that his uncle’s eyes were on him, but he looked a little tense.

There was a slight movement; Aiden followed it, and he was both excited and nervous to see that his uncle was touching himself. It was time for phase 3.

Aiden spread his legs, hoping his uncle would notice that his tight, smooth hole was out on display like a thirsty little slut. When there was no reaction, Aiden pulled his right leg a little towards his body, further exposing his arse.

He felt a cool breeze brush against his hole, and moaned for real this time – it was louder than intended. He heard a little moan from his uncle as well, whose hand was moving faster now.

Aiden continued moving and moaning, and even humping the couch, hoping it would rip his briefs further and expose more of his tight, hungry hole to his horny uncle.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure he could see it from where he was sitting.

Abruptly, his uncle stood up, freaking Aiden out, who lay still for a second, afraid he had gone too far. However, through quick calming breaths, he noticed that his uncle’s cock was still hard, so Aiden spread his legs a little more, sure that his pussy was definitely on display now.

Aiden couldn’t see his uncle now because he was standing behind him, but he heard a shuffling and squelching sound – his uncle was surely going to town on his hard cock by now. 

He enjoyed listening to his uncle wank and continued to spread his legs and hump the couch to give him a show. Suddenly, it stopped, and instead, Aiden heard a few clicks and a beep, the telltale sound of video.

It turned the little slut on so much to know that his uncle was filming him, spread out on the couch, hole exposed, begging to be filled up with tongue, cock, and cum.

Encouraged by his uncle’s lewd reaction, Aiden began moaning a little more as he continued his slutty show and almost came in his raggedy briefs when the squelching sound returned, this time, followed by an animalistic, throaty moan.

Aiden soon felt a hand on his arse. It was light, like it was afraid to make its presence known, but firm. Aiden himself was painfully hard and was leaking through his briefs.

So when he felt a finger rub on his hole, tentatively pushing itself in ever so slightly and then another, he couldn’t help but press into the couch and then push up to meet the shy fingers, desperate to feel them breach his tight ring and fill up his hole.

The fingers disappeared for a second. Aiden felt his mouth dry up out of fear. Maybe he had pushed too far this time. But soon, he felt them on his arse again – they were warm and wet this time, slick with something too slimy to be spit.

He hoped it was his uncle’s precum. They circled around Aiden’s hole, but the touch was still aggravatingly light, so Aiden pushed his ass out as he had done before, forcing his uncle’s slick fingers to slip right inside him. This sudden movement elicited a moan from both of them.

The fingers were still too scared to move, but then his uncle began moving his fingers inside him slowly. The squelching sound was back, and louder this time. He was wanking in earnest, and the closer he got to release, the rougher his fingers got.

They began to curl in, inadvertently pressing against poor Aiden’s now swollen prostate, leaving him a moaning mess.

With all the friction from humping the couch, and his g-spot being assaulted, Aiden was more than ready for release, and he did, his whole body convulsing and his arse clenching around the thick fingers, trapping them in.

As he came down from the intensity of his orgasm, Aiden could still hear the squelching sound, now accompanied by the striking of skin on skin as his uncle’s full balls slapped against his fist when he pulled his foreskin all the way back.

Quickly recovering from his orgasm, Aiden turned around and looked at his uncle with so much innocence he was sure it clashed with his wanton actions. His uncle, on the other hand, came off as a dirty little pervert caught with his hand in the cookie jar – one hand stroking his cock and the other fingering his nephew’s tight pussy.

His cock was hard, thick, and every time his foreskin pulled back exposing the head, he saw an angry purplish red cock head, desperate for release inside a warm, tight cunt. He looked at his uncle’s face.

Gay family erotica of a horny boy with his uncle

His eyes were wide with fear, but his pupils were fully blown out. His fingers were still moving and curling inside Aiden. He was too far gone to stop. Phase 4 – Aiden pushed back on his uncle’s fingers lewdly and innocently asked “What are you doing to me, Uncle?”

As soon as he said that, he watched the fear on his uncle’s face be replaced by a wild hungry stare. The fingers inside him spread in a scissoring motion once, twice, and again and then pulled out sharply, leaving him empty.

His uncle looked Aiden straight in the eyes and brought his whole hand down in a smack on the centre of his arse, his used hole stung, but begged for more. His uncle’s other hand let go of his cock.

Both hands were now squeezing Aiden’s ass cheeks, pulling them apart and stretching his hole. Aiden looked up at his uncle again, his eyes had glazed over. Aiden knew what was coming next.

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