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Gay incest erotica: Hi, I am jayachandra, I am a regular reader of igs stories and would like to share my experience here with folks, that happened a month ago.

Myself I am an average built guy with 5’9 height and weight 68 kg. Dusky south indian complexion with a hairy body. I regularly play outdoors and hence have a decent body. I am 30 and a bi, married recently.

I want to share my experience when I had to visit my relatives house in Vellore for a wedding. I went all the way from vijayawada to vellore in my car. Pretty exhausted.

As it’s Covid time, I came alone with out using public transport.

I reached my uncle’s house around 7 PM. He is 45 married and stays with his family. He is a fair man with average body, with 5’7 height moustache and typical uncle body. His name is madhusudhan.

I had a few experiences with men before in college but after marriage it has been really long gap and never expected that it will happen with him that night.

He asked me to stay in his son’s room in first floor of a two storied house. He is studying btech in Chennai and is not at home. Only my uncle and aunt were there in ground floor.

He is a distant relative and hence not much interaction with him before. After reaching my room, I removed my tshirt and pant. I was only in my navy blue UCB underwear, when my uncle walked in. I got surprised.

Uncle: oh, sorry. Going for bath?
Me: no problem uncle. Ya, feeling very exhausted after long drive
Uncle: yes yes. Have your bath and come for dinner.
Me: okay uncle.

In this conversation, I can see him occassionally looking at my body and underwear. After a long time I felt some wierd feeling. Without thinking much I wrapped towel around my waist, removed my underwear and placed it on my bag and went for bathing.

In middle of bath, I noticed someone entering room. I peeped out a little, it was my uncle.

He brought a towel and lungi and placed it on bed. While going back, he took my removed underwear, looked around and started rubbing on his face. He was sniffing it. I got aroused seeing him like that. He even started licking it.

Wow, looking him like that I felt to taste his body especially his brown nipples which are like honey. I wanted to come out and give him my dick. But was hesitant.

He went back. I completed by bath. Went for dinner. After that we watched tV for a while. Since I was feeling tired I went to bed around 10:30.

I was in my lungi with red vip frenchie beneath it. Felt a little horny but slept like that. I woke up around 11 as I heard some noise around, it was my uncle. He came inside my room to get something. He thought that I am still sleeping.
He was looking at my body and getting turned on.

He touched my beard and lips and started kissing his hand.

I looked like he likes hairy body a lot. He felt hair on my chest and went along the line of hair that goes down into my naval area disappearing into lungi.

He then gently placed his hand over my cock area. I was getting turned on. My underwear started to grow slowly. He was touching it over my lungi and feeling his smooth body with hand over his brown honey nipples. That was making me go crazy.

He then loosened my lungi a bit and inserted two fingers and started feeling my pubic hair. I haven’t trimmed ina while so it’s a little bushy down there. He kept his fingers in his mouth and back again on my pubes.

Gay incest erotica of hot fun with my uncle

That sensation was amazing. I then kept my hands behind my head exposing my arm pit. He looked quite amazed. He smelt and licked arm pit slightly thinking that he would wake me up.

He then kept his face on my bulge and rubbed against it. Smelling it. By this, my package became full size and my dick started kicking back his face when he rubbed.

He then tried to pull my lungi even more down, I was razed looking at his smooth hip. I want to hug and fuck him, by this I woke up.

Me: what happened uncle?

Uncle: Nothing da, today evening I have seen you in underwear. It was very nice. I wanted to check if you are wearing it now. Don’t mistake me

Me: oh., No problem uncle.

Uncle: Are you wearing the same jetty?

Me: do you want to check yourself?

He nodded his head in excitement. I gave a devilish smile.

I took his hand and kept on my lungi and asked him to proceed.

To be continued…

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