Incest gay story of getting fucked hard by uncle: 2

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Gay incest tale: His cock was poking me again now.

How many times does this condition occur in a day to him?

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I told and said, “Uncle, Again!”, he said, “Sorry Erik, but I cannot help it you see.”, I was feeling bad for him so I asked to assist, “So, Shall I stroke it again, Uncle?”. He smiled and said, “You are such a nice nephew, aren’t you?”

He pulled down his pants and I started stroking it again but he stopped me in between, “Wait my boy, there is another way to help with this condition, a more effective one and maybe you will thank me later for it. Do you wanna give it a try?”. I looked at him with confused expressions, “Mmm….okay, what is it?”

He turned me over with my back at his side and pulled down my shorts and started rubbing his cock in the crack of my butt, I could feel the slippery substance against my butt. He brought his hand over my ass and started poking one of his figures up my butthole.

I asked, “What are you doing Uncle?”, he said, “I am preparing you for the task, it will make it easier for you. Just control a little bit of pain my boy”. Like a good boy, I did as he told me to.

First, it was just one finger, then two and he reached till three. It was kind of hurting me now but I was not letting out a sigh. I don’t know why he was doing this to my butt hole but he must have known better. He said, “You seem prepared now boy for the next step”.

He took some spit in his hands and applied it to my hole and started inserting his cock up my butthole. My hole was very tight for it, so my butt was in pain, “Uncle this is hurting too much, Ahhh……”, he said, “Shhh……Don’t stress Erik, just trust me and relax. It will get better with time.”.

I relaxed and it did get easier but still painful. Once his cock was inside me, he started stroking it. He started with gentle strokes because my hole was still very tight but after a few minutes the pain went and a new sensation was racing through my body.

I said, “Mmmm…..Uncle, it is actually feeling good, what is happening to me.”

He chuckled and said, “I knew that you would thank me later.”

He pulled out his cock, got out of the bed, and got something out of the closet. He got back on the bed, opened the packet with his teeth, and put on the condom and I thought So this is what it is used for. He got on his knees, raised my legs up in the air, and gave a huge spat of his saliva on my hole, and inserted his cock again.

He started thumping me and I was looking at his body, My Uncle is so hot, his abs, his face, his muscles. God, what am I thinking?

I couldn’t resist but to say, “Ohhhh…Uncle this feels so good…….Yeahhhhh”

He got excited and said, “Oh really? you want more of it huh!”. I was biting my lips and gave him a nod. He got over me now, with our faces very close to each other, and started pounding me faster. We were looking into each other’s eyes, he came even closer and started kissing me.

Whatever was making me feel good about all this, a new explosion of it came into my body and I found myself kissing him back. There was so much passion in his kiss. After kissing he went for my neck and started sucking me there, it was paining a little but I found myself pulling his head in my neck.

He was saying, “Oh Fuck!!!! Yes, my boy Yes!!!!”

With that, he got back over his knees and started taking deep breathes, we both were covered in sweat instead of super-chilled AC. He pulled out his cock and his cum got collected at the end of the condom.

Gay incest tale of slutty boy’s horny uncle

He flushed the condom and came back into the bed. He pulled me closer, my head was over his chest and his hand was on my butt.

He asked, “How was it my boy?”, my cheeks got red again so some reason, and I laid over his chest quietly, he gave a small laugh and pulled me even closer. We slept like this that night.

This was just Day 1, let’s see what Ramesh is going to do during the whole vacation.

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