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Incest gay erotica: Hi everyone. This is the very first time I’m writing anything on this platform. I’ve been following some gay sex stories over here and got inspired to share my own experience.

My name is Shivin and I’m from Himachal Pradesh. I’m 23 year old now but the story that I’m gonna tell you about dates back to the time when I was 18. My cousin sister had wed recently and was living in Kullu with her husband.

I was in first year of my college. During my winter vacations, she had insisted me to visit her and I had accepted her invitation. Her family had gone to some pilgrimage (Dwarikadhish temple maybe!) and she and her husband (let’s name him Nitin) were the only people I could meet there.

Nitin is in Paramilitary forces so he is kind of tall, well built or simply athletic. I am on good terms with my cousin sister so eventually Nitin was also very close and frank with me. So I was expecting a good time over there.

I travelled almost 8 hours to kullu and reached there after dusk had fallen. So I just greeted them, had my meals and decided to crash on the bed. Nitin suggested that he would sleep with me and my sister would sleep alone in the other room to which everyone agreed.

We watched a little TV and went to sleep. It was 1 or 2 in the night and I felt a heavy load on my legs. It was Nitin’s heavy leg. It was so heavy that I was barely able to lift it up with my leg. I couldn’t even slide my leg below his leg.

I held his leg to lift it up and that was the first time I realised that his thighs were so sexy. I didn’t have any lusty intentions towards him ever before that night. But his thighs were really so well built that I couldn’t resist rubbing my hands against them.

Another thing that I noticed was that when we started sleeping, he was on the other side of the bed, but now he was just close to where I was. Oh god, from that moment I started fantasizing about him. Actually he is wheatish and I’m so much into dark and wheatish guys.

It was really hard to control myself from sticking to him. My throat was choking. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. That was the moment I realised that my Jija Ji (sister’s husband) was so fucking hot.

That night, I was somehow able to resist myself and nothing as such happened except that my hands were able to make a way upto the string of the pyjama that he was wearing but couldn’t do anything further.

Next morning, he decided to take both of us to Manali. We visited Manali, had our lunch in a good restaurant and visited other sites and got back home by 7 or 8, ordered some food and called it the end of the day.

During the day, I noticed that he wasn’t talking much with me. I thought I had ruined my relationship with him and was lamenting over that. But to my surprise he again came to sleep with me. I was happy and decided that I wouldn’t do anything because this might distort bonds.

We slept.

This night, he woke me up at about 3 am with his heavy leg on mine. I was really frustrated that time because I would again ponder on the same things I had decided not to think. And then it really became hard to control things. I started rubbing against his thighs and my hands again reached the string of his lower.

And to my surprise I found that he was hard too. I was so startled. He was lying straight on his back. I rubbed his dick from outside of his lower. It was damn hard. Then he woke up and turned towards me.

And then..we kissed. Guys, believe me, it was really too much embarassing but I just wanted it for that moment. I and he both couldn’t resist. We kissed for a while. I opened his t-shirt and his chest was super clean, well built, no hair, no belly fat nothing. And then he slid his pyjama down.

I put my hand into his v shaped underwear and found that his dick was of good size. It wasn’t very big as I expected but wasn’t small either. It must be some 6 to 6.5 inches. I started stroking his dick.

Incest gay erotica of wild fun with cousin in law

After a while, without uttering a word, he signalled me to put his dick in my mouth. I had never sucked a dick before and didn’t like it much. But the way he asked got me into mood. I went down into the quilt and sucked his cock. It was my first time so I’m not sure whether or not he enjoyed it.

But he was super hygienic and clean. He deserved a blowjob. And really, I enjoyed it. That was one of the very few dicks I’ve enjoyed in my life until now. So, this went on for a while and I got back, kissed his chest, nipples and his lips. We were making romance as if we were real life couples.

But then he got up and went to washroom. I was expecting he would come but he took so long in that washroom. Also it was 6 in the morning and he had to attend his pysicial training. So I couldn’t enjoy him more that morning. He came back late that night.

He was drunk too. And then to my sorrow, he slept in the other room that night and for the other upcoming nights. We didn’t sleep together after that. But I guess I’ve had enough. I came back to my home and we couldn’t meet for 5 years.

I got inspired to write this story because recently he attended a function held at my home. He is the same even now. Hot, chocolaty and stiff.

This is a kind of longing story but it was really fun. I hope you liked the story. Please share your response. Thank you.