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Incest gay story: Hi I’m Abhinav 18 years old. This is my story when I was intimate with my brother who is 4 years elder than me.

Coming to the continuation of the story part-1.

After that incident we used to jerk off every time we play hide and seek. After some days I asked to teach some new techniques, he kept his dick between my thighs and started humping,

I don’t know what he is doing, I’m feeling his meet between my legs. After sometime of humping he shoot a load of cum infront of me, he is moaning loudly. I asked ‘why you are doing sounds?’.

Now he asked me to keep my dick in between his legs and do as like him. I did in the same way, I feel very good and I also started to moan with pleasure, now I understood why he also moaned before.

Within 2-3mins I also cummed, But this time my semen increased, now I’m very happy with lots of pleasure. I thanked my brother for making me happy.

Now we both enjoyed the act and went home. We ate food and went to sleep, now he again kissed me on cheeks and said good night, later we slept. I woke up in the mid-night to drink some water,

I drank water and thinking about today’s incident, Still I remember the pleasure I felt in the evening. My dick got erected, this time I got an idea of humping my brother while he is sleeping.

I just went to our bed and lied beside him, I’m tensed of his reaction. I motivated myself and downed my pants and his as well. Still he is sleeping, then I kept my dick in between his legs and started humping.

He suddenly woke and said nothing, He just smiled and said ‘you naughty boy!, you would of woke me for this’. I said I don’t want to disturb your sleep. He said ‘that’s ok and keep humping’.

I got back my full energy and started humping fastly, I cummed on his body and lied beside him naked, I asked him to hump me because I liked that feeling also, but he said ‘no’ as he is sleepy and we both slept by cuddling eachother.

Next again while playing that game, this time we went to a far place. I was very excited as he said he will teach another technique. We went there and I already stripped to naked he also followed the same.

I asked to teach that new technique, he asked me to keep his dick in my mouth, really I don’t understand anything what he is saying. I asked him to do first.

He said ok and kneeled down in front of me and took my dick in his mouth. Initially I felt some pain in my dick and later he took my whole 6inch dick inside his throat.

I felt the warmth of his mouth, this time I felt more pleasurable and moaned loudly, he kept one of his finger in my mouth to decrease the moaning sound and another hand squeezing one of my nipple.

I felt more more pleasure trought my body. He is master in blowjob, he is doing such a great job and it’s my first time also. I went to the peak and said that I’m cuming, he didn’t stop sucking and I cummed in his mouth.

He swallowed all the cum and licked my entire dick cleanly. I felt very relaxed and afraid too, because it’s my turn now. Then he stood up and asked me kneeled down, I did the same with some hesitation.

I just licked the penis head with my tongue and felt nothing, so I started taking full cock inside my mouth. This time I feel some wired taste but it is not bad.

My brother started moaning loudly, he started fucking my mouth hardly. After 3mins he cummed in my mouth. It tasted slightly salty, it’s my first time tasting semen. i don’t feel good and started vomting.

My brother then consoled me and said that it is common to feel vomting sensation for the first blowjob. We enjoyed this act, I liked very much when he is giving me a blowjob. I asked him to give this blowjob daily, he agreed if I give to him also.

We have a deal now. I asked him wheather there are any techniques, he said ‘there are still more techniques and I’ll teach you later’. I said ok.

In these days I learned many things in sex and I’m trying to remember all the names like humping, cudling,sucking(blowjob)….

and more. He said that there is a thing called ‘fuck’ and he’ll teach me next time, I said okk and again I’m very excited to know what is it, we went back to join our friends and this time they got doubt on us and asked us many questions like ‘where you both went?’

‘why you both are daily going seperately?’, we changed the topic and cracked some jockes and tried to convence them. It’s all done we are walking tO our home, suddenly one of my friend in that group (his name is Karthik) came near to my brother and wishpered something in his ears, he smiled and said ‘nothing happened’.

I’m very scared wheather he caught us or wheather my brother is saying all the things to him.

Incest gay story of horny young gay brothers

I asked my brother about this when we reached our home, he said ‘No nothing about this, we were talking about our exam tomorrow’. I got relaxed and smiled.

This night he showed me to hump a pillow and pretend the pillow like a girl and he asked wheather I have a GF or not. I said ‘no, I just have some crush on a girl in my class’.

He then asked about her nature and body size and all(lol), then we cracked some jockes and slept naked asusual.

We got a deal to hump eachother when we get mood in night, like this we have bean enjoying daily.

This is the end of the part-2 and in part-3 I’ll say how he teached me to fuck and get fucked. Please wait for the part-3 as it is more erotic than these two parts.