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Indian Gay Sex Story of Guest’s Seduction: 3

Incest gay story: Hi guys, I am Karan and this is my story when I was 18 years old. I was very innocent back then, hope you will like my story.

My summer holidays were going on and I decided to go to my Uncle’s house to spend a few days of vacation with him. This was the first time I was traveling alone, this town was at 2 hours bus trip from my city, my dad boarded me on the bus in the morning.

Once I reached there, my uncle Ramesh was already there to receive me, waiting at the exit gate. I saw and rushed at him and hugged him, “Hi Uncle Ramesh!”, he raised his hand to give me a high-five, “He champ! How was the journey, I see you are a big boy now.”, I gave back a laugh and we went to his place on his bike.

By the time he was studying in college and had rented a room with his friend in town. It was a five-story building and his room was the only house on the 5th floor. It was a typical 2 bedroom bachelor’s place, they were minimum furnishing, in the common room there was this tv with PlayStation attached to it.

In his room, he had a single bed and another tv hanging on the wall, a study table next to the bed, and all the laundry clothes were made into a heap over the only chair in the room.

I changed my clothes into a loose t-shirt and shorts, by the time I freshened up a little our doorbell rang, uncle Ramesh said, “It must be the delivery guy”, he has ordered Italian for the lunch.

It was my favorite Lasagna with coke. After lunch, I was feeling a bit drowsy, “Uncle, can I sleep now? I am tired of the journey.”, “Sure, use my bed.” and I took a nap.

It was evening time when I woke up, I went into the common room, and uncle Ramesh was playing a game on the PlayStation, I sat next to him and he was so involved in the screen that it took him a moment to acknowledge my presence, he said, “Oh Hey, I did saw you coming.”, he handed me the other controller, “Wanna play?”

I said, “Yes! What are we playing?”. We put on ‘The Call of Duty’. We both so much emerged into the game that we lost track of time and we played until our stomachs indicated that it was dinner time.

He asked me, “So, what should we order now?”, I replied instantly, “Pizza.”. He called an outlet and ordered two medium-sized Margherita pizzas with extra cheese just the way I liked it.

After ordering he said, “I am going for a shower, the days are were hot.”, it was true the summer was at its peak, and showering twice a day was a necessity.

He went for the shower and I came back to his room and started making room in his closet for my clothes. The closet was not that big, so I was stacking his clothes on one side of it and squeezed my clothes in the little space I could make but still a few were left.

I opened the drawer in the middle of the closet, it was mostly empty except for a few things but I wasn’t sure what they were. There were a couple of cigarettes but the covering was also translucent and I could see inside it and unlike the cigarettes, my dad smokes the tip was pointy instead of being flat.

It also had a small zip lock with a few white-colored pills in it which looked like medicines, a small pipe which maybe people used for smoking, it has a small Depression at one side and smelled terrible.

But the thing that caught my attention was a few packets with ring-shaped like things in them. I picked one up and it read condom, I dropped it immediately because one of my classmates brought this thing in class once and when the teacher found out he got suspended for a week.

So it was definitely not a good thing. I heard that uncle Ramesh was coming out of the shower and I slammed the drawer back and quickly got over the bed.

He came into the room and just a towel was wrapped around his waist. Recently in school, I have been feeling weird whenever I get around some boys, I didn’t know why but when I shook hands with some boys my heartbeat would go up and my cheeks will get all red.

The same was happening when I saw uncle Ramesh in a towel, I didn’t want him to see my red cheeks so I was looking at the other side. He opened the closet and dropped his towel, from the side-eye I could see the curve of his butt and my heartbeat rose even higher and I was feeling like my body temperature was very hot.

Seeing me all red he came closer to me and asked, “Are you okay?”, but my mouth was shut, luckily the doorbell rang and went to receive it. I let go of a sigh and uncle Ramesh called, “The dinner has arrived.”

We both sat down in the common room to have our pizza and we talked about my studies and how everyone else was doing at home. Once the dinner was over he proposed to watch a movie, “What kinda movie would you want to see?”, I replied “Animated.”, he squeezed his mouth in a funny expression and said, “No, we are going to watch something else”.

He switched the lights off and played a movie. I sat down on the floor in front of the screen but he said, “Come sit on the sofa.”, “But the sofa only has space for one person”, he replied, “Come one, it was enough for us”.

First, he sat on the sofa and pushed himself at the back making a small V-shaped space between his legs, and told me to sit there. I did as he said it wasn’t comfortable but I didn’t feel the need to mention it. The movie had a very weird start with no titles or any opening credits scene and it wasn’t even looking like a movie.

In the beginning, there was one guy doing nothing just sitting on the sofa, his doorbell rang and there was a very bulky delivery guy with a weird uniform, his chest hairs were popping out of his shirt.

I wasn’t understanding what the movie is about and their conversation went on for 5 more minutes.

I was sitting in front of my uncle Ramesh and he enclosed his hand around my waist pushing me even closer and he kept his head over my left shoulder. Nothing much was happening in the movie the guy delivered the package and the other guy was talking about payment terms with him, checking the delivery guy with a weird expression.

While this was going in the movie, I felt something poking me in my back, it was not that much at first but the poking force increased gradually. I turned around and something in my uncle Ramesh’s pants was poking me.

I jumped out of the sofa and asked him, “What is that?” pointing at the thing. He said, “Oh its nothing Karan, you know I have this condition where this thing grows too much sometimes”, he put his hands inside pants and started rubbing it, he said, “Well it would be good if you can help me with this”, I asked in surprise, “Me?? What can I do?”.

He was biting his lower lip now, “You really are an innocent kid my boy”. He switched off the tv, the room got dark and pulled down his pants.

I wasn’t able to clearly make out the looks of the thing which was poking out, uncle Ramesh said, “Sit on your knees in front of me, Will you?”, I did as he asked. He took my right hand and put it over the thing, he said this is called cock.

I could feel his cock and it felt like a sausage and he started stroking my right hand up and down over it and said, “Well, Keep on doing that.” He got more relaxed in his sitting as I was stroking his cock gently and I felt something very slippery coming out of his cock, “What is this, uncle?”, he rested his hand over my cheeks and said, “It is called pre-cum, nothing to worry about keep on stroking”.

His cock got very hard now and the slippery liquid was dripping from his cock, “Uncle who helps you with this condition usually”, he gave a small laugh and said, “My roommate, he is very good at helping me with this but since he has gone home it gets difficult around here”.

He took my other hand and motioned me to stroke his cock with both my hand, “Go on boy, it’s about to happen, stroke fast.” I increased my speed, and then something came shooting out of it.

Uncle Ramesh, extended his legs curling his toes, and tilted his head backward saying, “Oh yeh, Mmmm…… Thanks Karan”.

The sticky thing got all over my hand and over uncle’s body, “Now, what is this Uncle?”. He cleaned his body and my hand with a cloth, “This was the reason why my cock was so hard, see now it is back to normal because of your help”. I nodded and washed my hands.

Incest gay story of boy’s first time with uncle

About the time we were finished it was past my usual bedtime. Uncle Ramesh had a single bed and there were two of us, I asked, “Where am I going to sleep?”, he said, “With me over the bed, hop on now”. Though it was hot outside the temperature of his room was very low because of the air conditioner.

I went into bed with him and after some time I started feeling cold and I asked my uncle, “Can you increase the temperature of the AC, I am feeling cold”, he said, “Oh! Don’t worry about temperature, see you won’t feel cold anymore”. He came closer and cuddled me from behind, pulling myself closer to him, and indeed my body felt the warmth from the heat of his body.

I was about to fall asleep when I felt it. His cock started poking me from the behind, I turned facing him and said, “Uncle, Again!”.

Uncle Ramesh was taking complete benefit of the innocence of his nephew, read in the next chapter of how he plans on exploiting his nephew even further.

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