Incest gay story of being elder brother’s hot fuck toy

Incest gay story of being elder brother's hot fuck toy

Incest gay story: Lying on my bed, I stared up at the shadows on the dark ceiling. The streetlights threw enough light into the room to highlight the contours of my tight, slim, youthful form.

I wore only a pair of running shorts, leaving much of my taut body open to the warm night air.

I was restless. Hormones coursed through me as I lay on top of my bedsheets, thinking. After my graduation, my brother Pratik had invited his younger brother, me, to stay with him for the summer, all the way across the country in Gurgaon.

I liked Pratik bhaiya. My 26-year-old brother and I got along quite well. And Pratik bhaiya was pretty damn hot, too. (The picture collage I have made and included is of him when he was 24. He doesn’t look much different now.)

You might be thinking how I could see my own big brother in this manner. You see, as my parents had me by accident, quite far into their marriage, there was an obviously large age-gap between my brother and me.

So, him and I were not able to bond very well as brothers when we were younger- leading me to start thinking of him in a romantic and sexual manner, right as I started puberty. He moved out of our family home in Hyderabad to go to Gurgaon 2 years ago.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to get up to all kinds of sexually charged shenanigans with him. In fact, the prospect of staying the entire summer was worrisome as well as exciting. What if I ruin our relationship forever?

Should I, the horny boy, be able retain my sanity while being so close to Pratik Bhaiya for months? I would surely regret not at least trying to make a move…

5’10”, not too fit or fat- but still strong and sexy with his dad-bod, scary and arrogant, every aspect of Pratik bhaiya stirred within me, a swirling emotional cocktail of affection and lust.

At that moment, stretched out on my bed, my mind was filled with the vision of my brother’s manly frame, open for exploration, right in the next room. The urge was irresistible. My teen cock was hard.

Having decided, I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, my heart beating madly with nervous elation. I stared down at my bulging little shorts. Simply imagining my plan was making me so horny.

“Soon, little guy,” I said to myself, giving my boner a hard squeeze and pull. I stood and marched with determination to my brother’s bedroom, then quietly opened the door just wide enough for my wispy body to slip through.

And there was Pratik bhaiya, dozing, with no blanket to hide him away from my spying eyes. I crept closer, gazing at the almost naked man laid out before me.

I thanked the heavens for whatever light streamed through the window, allowing me to see bhaiya’s pleasantly defined shape. His big soft manly chest, smooth, looking so supple and sexy. His arm tattoos made him look so strong and manly.

I glanced up at my brother’s face, checking for wakefulness. But his eyes were shut, his big, dark lips slightly parted, and his chest rose and fell with the depth and slowness of sleep.

I dragged my eyes down along Pratik Bhaiya’s slightly plump and sexy torso, absorbing the view described by the dim highlights and deep shadows.

The soft mounds of his chest, lightly dusted with black hair. The tummy, with its line of fuzz driving down from the navel to the waistband of his underwear.

And then the most amazing sight so far: Pratik bahiya’s boxers tented severely, proudly proclaiming the presence of the engorged man-meat waiting just inside.

I thought maybe he was having a very sexy wet-dream- this was the perfect time to do what I have wanted to do ever since I was very young. I have always wanted to get to know big he was…and so, I climbed up, ever so slowly, between my brother’s legs.

I eventually reached my desired position, with his fuzzy thick thighs on either side of my face. The boxers’ front slit was stretched open by bhaiya’s swollen cock.

I gazed inside, ogling the thick, veiny shaft. I tugged the fabric slightly, allowing his meat to slip right through the hole.

And there was my prize. My elder brother’s cock bobbed slightly, just stiff enough to stand up on its own.

It was not too big at all, maybe 4 inches, but it was so thick and veiny, with a shiny pearly stream of pre-cum glistening in the dim light on the tip, that I seemed to have lost control of my senses as my hand made contact with the fat slab of meat.

I traced my fingertips along the ridges and veins, studying every millimetre of the delightful new treat. And my brother’s tool was responding to my touch. Right under my hand, Pratik Bhaiya’s tool grew harder, fatter, and slightly longer. It was almost 5 inches long.

I leaned in closer and closer, so close that I could feel its heat on my lips. I paused only momentarily to consider that this was my own brother, my blood relative. This was supposed to be wrong, disgusting even.

I knew I shouldn’t be gripping onto my own big brother’s fat boner, lusting after his hot body. But those taboos only seemed to make my confined cock even harder. I wanted what was forbidden- that scared me. But it also made me horny as fuck.

I pressed forward, dancing my tongue over the head, revelling in this new forbidden intimacy. I was amazed that I was licking his own brother’s fat man-cock. I closed my lips around the side, playing the hard tool like a harmonica, swooping up and down with my tongue.

I slipped up to the tip now, flicking my tongue around the ridge of the big purple plum and up the cleft to the cock slit. The tiny hole oozed sticky, warm pre-cum. I loved the taste, lapping it up like a thirsty dog.

Then, I being the horny teen brother, opening my jaw wide but keeping my lips sealed, took the whole cock-head into my mouth. This was my first time.

After drinking down more of that sweet nectar, I continued downward, inch after inch of the beefy manliness passing through my pretty pink lips. Soon, I was slurping and sucking up and down on the hot meat rod. I was doing it! I was sucking off Pratik Bhaiya!

“Mmmmm,” Pratik moaned sleepily. A shock of fear bolted through me. I should have hopped up and run back to my bed.

I should never have been in here. But the time for decorum had long passed, and my desires overrode my caution.

“Mmmmhh. Mmmooooooh. Unnnhh! What-?” My brother was waking up and I didn’t relent. I had taken the thing that I most desired in the world and damn the consequences, I was going to finish.

I grabbed my brother’s cock firmly, stroking it as I sucked forcefully up and down.

“Uh! Oh god, I! Uh! Uh! What the fuck?! Mffff! Pranay!” Pratik tried to stifle his moans but couldn’t resist the sensations around his hard wet dick.

I felt strong fingers grabbing my hair, and suddenly Pratik Bhaiya’s cock was thrusting itself into my boy mouth. The man-hands forced my head down onto the thick man-rod.

“Fuck, this is so wrong..mmmhhh uuuunnnhhhhh…Oh shit..fuck, take it slut…you asked for it…YOU wanted this!”

I sputtered and gagged as the fat tool worked its way into my throat. My hands grabbed the sheets at my brother’s hips, as he held my hair with one hand, fucking my mouth, I was happily and helplessly struggling.

The tables had turned suddenly. I felt a cold wet sensation around my left nipple- I think bhaiya had licked his fingers and was stimulating my nipple. Pratik bhaiya stiffened and grunted and I knew the man was about to start cumming.

As the cock continued to thrust, the bursting cock-head dragged from my lips back into the tightness of my throat, all along my tongue. Hot, creamy man-juice filled my mouth and erupted straight down my throat.

To be honest, it tasted horribly salty, and I felt dirty… but I loved how it felt…I gulped it all down.

“Hoooooly shiiit,” my brother moaned, finally releasing my hair from his grip. I pulled myself off that impaling spear, gasping for breath, slimy ropes of cum and saliva connecting my mouth and my brother’s cock.

My face red with tears on my cheeks, my heartbeat coming down from the frantic panic, I looked at my brother. Pratik had already collapsed back into sleep, snoring softly.

I didn’t know whether he was faking it so he wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of face-fucking his baby brother, but I was glad I wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of my own lust as well.

I shakily crawled off and made my way back to the edge of the bed. I sat at the edge and looked at my brother’s wet, beating cock, slowly growing smaller. I had to finish the job.

I swiftly pulled my shorts down, started jerking my meat, my eyes lustfully admiring my brother’s body, his cum and saliva riddled boxers, that fat cock I had in my mouth just moments ago.

As I got closer to my climax, looking at my brother’s sleeping body, I let out a series of moans that made him open his eyes slowly.

My heart started beating faster, because of the fear…but mostly because of the thrill of what I was doing- jerking off in front of my brother’s eyes right after I sucked him dry.

As I climaxed and spurted my thick juice over my shorts and chest, I threw my head back and groaned in a purposefully sexy voice, looking away from my brother for just a second. I felt some shifting in the bed and saw that my brother turned around, sleeping on his stomach now.

“Go back to bed Pranay. We can talk tomorrow,”, said my big brother, his batman back tattoo lit up by the dim light falling at the centre of his back. I pulled my shorts back up.

I made my way back to my room. I curled up on my bed. My delicate body jerked with sobs as the water flowed from my eyes.

Incest gay story of hot fun with elder brother

I was rattled by my brother’s forceful throat-fuck and at having so quickly lost control and sinfully given into my lust.

But, as the minutes passed and the shock faded, I realized that I had a belly full of Pratik bahiya’s cum, and that my own shorts were wet with my own teen spunk. I think I had cum in my shorts as well, while Pratik bhaiya was pounding my face.

I didn’t know what was going to happen in the morning, but just then, I was happy.

As I faded off to sleep, with a smile (and drop of jizz) on my lips, my cock stiffening once again, thinking about how I had cum twice and my brother only once…I had to settle the difference.

Writer’s note: I have written this story and attached his pictures with the consent of my brother. He thought it was a very accurate description of our kind of love and how it began.

This is just the first of the total 8 times that my big brother and I had engaged in our sinful and incestuous acts throughout the summer. My affair with my brother shall grow stronger.

I do not need your judgement as this is the life that makes me happy and fulfils me deeply. Let me know if you guys enjoyed this in the comments and I’ll start writing about our next sexual acts.

Maybe he can write one from his perspective if you all are interested. Let us know <3.