Incestuous gay story of first fuck with cousin

Indian Gay Sex Story of Fun with 1st Man Crush: 11

Incestuous gay story: Hello everyone, this is my first story on igs. So, let me introduce myself to you first I am 20 years old and a commerce student my name is karan from haryana. This is happened when I was just 18 years old and went to my bua’s house for summer vacation with my older brother Raman to live there and my bua also have two sons.

On my 3rd holiday reached there around I and my brother greeted everyone there except my bigger cousin Rajveer as he was in his room on 2nd floor. Let me introduce you about Rajveer he is 29 years old and very good looking, hot and little bit muscular.

So, go to his room to meet him my brother was not with him as my brother likes Aman (my smaller cousin) more than Rajveer and when I entered his room he was watching something on his laptop and by seeing me he suddenly closed his laptop as he was doing something wrong.

He saw me and said how are you and all. And take me to the drawing room where others was seating. At 9pm we take our dinner and bua and fufa ji went to their room for sleeping and said my cousins to take us to there room and as usual my brother with Aman and me with Rajveer.

We went to his room and his laptop was still there on his bed so he replace it and when he was doing it I said that Rajveer what are you doing on your laptop when I came he smiled and said (chhod na chal sote gain). And I replied with OK.

When I am taking his blanket he stopped me and said will you sleep in this jeans in this hot summer night? and said me to remove it. I didn’t find any wrong in it and remove it and now I am in just my underwear and shirt and go to sleep.

After two to three hours I felt like someone is rubbing something on my ass as I got out of my laziness I realized that Rajveer had taken my underwear off without my knowledge and rubbing his cock on my ass.

It was like a monster cock 10inch long and 4inch thick I got amazed as I was seeing any other’s cock for first time and which double of mine but I didn’t let to know Rajveer that I am awake and then Rajveer spit on his cock and by taking some sliva on his fingers put it in my ass and I couldn’t control myself by pain and shout a loud ahh…

And he stopped it by putting his hands on my mouth he slowly take out his fingers from my ass and said to me that is am angry with him and I replied by no.

Then said that I want to know what he was doing on his laptop so now he will tell that practically to me.

And ask me that does I want more Fun with him and it was a new experience for me so I said yes and he go to his dressing area and bring oil.

And now I get to know that today Rajveer’s monster is not going to spare me. Rajveer applied some oil on his cock and on my ass as well. And slowly inserted his cock head in my ass.

I shout a loud as I am feeling a lot of pain he stopped for some time and after some time he asked to me whether I am okay or not I replied yes and he gradually inserted more in me now his half cock was inside me and I am screaming to live me.

And he again take rest of some seconds and suddenly inserted his full dick in me and I shout again but now I am also feeling slutty so I inspire him by saying like fuck me hard and more so he started fucking me in a very pleasant speed.

Incestuous gay story of hot fuck with my bua’s son

He fucks me in very different different pauses or styles and you will not believe after fucking me for 1 and half hour he cum a large amount of semen in me and it is coming out of my ass for some time he stay lying on me and after 15 min he takes out his cock.

And went to washroom to clean his self and when he came out I stood up from the bed and I feel pain in my ass and I am also feeling problem in walking. As Rajveer notice me he helped me to go to the washroom by taking me in his lap.

He is really a caring guy. And after that we have fun during my all vacations. We also celebrated our suhagrat. And by many other types…