Indian Gay Sex Story of The Forbidden Family: 6

Desi Gay Erotica: Hello again. Varun here, back with another story to rain cum in your pants. You can read story from beginning HERE. Also, read the last part HERE. I received tremendously positive feedback on my last stories, which prompted me to share more experiences.

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I’ll start narrating my story as Junaid, the friend who had sent this experience to me to convert into the story. Up until now, you read how the sexual escapades started between me and my cousin hussain. But what next? After few hours, maybe somewhere in the middle of the night, I felt some movement, but I was in deep sleep, so I figured it must be my dream.

However, I could feel the ground moving now, and to add to that, in few minutes, I felt like I saw flashes of lightning. If this were a dream , it was an extremely realistic one. I somehow opened my eyes to find myself lying alone on the bed, with no sign of bhaijaan. I tuned around, and another flash of lighting hit my eyes.

Was I still dreaming? In few seconds, my eyes adjusted to this new lighting, to discover that bhaijaan woke up, slid from under my lips, and was conducting an all clothes off photoshoot of me. I was a little scared, and tried to cover myself with the comforter.

Bhaijaan just laughed it off, set up his camera with flash at a corner table and walked towards me. His eyes had lust, like a rested lion ready to pounce again. His dick was erect again, and all I could look at is the size of that thing, walking towards me. The added effect of being filmed, while scary, also made me excited, wanting to show more.

Bhaijaan pulled the comforter in a swift motion, and pulled me by my legs like a hunter to the corner of the bed. He sat down on the floor, spreading my ass cheeks and buried his face between my buns. Right then I knew my thirst will be satisfied today, now. He started eating me like an expert, a traveller in the desert with a compass, ready to take all the right turns.

Within minutes, he had it open, nice and juicy, ready to take a plunge. His speed and attitude was animalistic now, with a singular demand in his mind.

He stood up, held one of my hand and a leg, and twisted me into half a circle, such that my ass was now on the bed and my face was where my ass used to be, at the edge of the bed. HE stood there then, towering over me. I obediently opened my mouth, ready to lubricate his sword well and good before it plunges in my sheath.

He positioned my head at an angle , close to 45 degrees below the axis, and plunged it in. He definitely knew what he was doing, because the dick went in like knife in butter, smooth and opened my throat nice and easy. Before I knew it, it was halfway in my throat, filling me fully and making it difficult to breathe.

He then started his moving it in and out, while I used two of my fingers to keep my hole prepared for an upcoming invasion. Within minutes, I was begging him to fill me, to drench that fire. He came behind me, but instead of asking me to bend in doggy, he made me lie down completely. Then he lifted one of my leg up, and put it on his shoulder, hitching me like a wagon.

His shoulders were wide enough to support my leg easily, making my ass wide open, looking like a treat for him. He slipped on a condom, and rested the tip on my hole. Then came his teasing, rubbing it up and down, making me crazy with anticipation. Then without any warning, he shoved it in.

Beyond all my imagination, this pain blinded me. Half of his monster was into me, and I went like the wind was knocked off my lungs. I couldn’t even make a sound to shout. He then withdrew it, and shoved again with even more impulse. I opened my mouth to shout, but he has already stuffed the torn underwear from afternoon in there, anticipating the same.

More than 3 quarters of his penis was inside me, and I felt like it has already invaded my insides completely. I wanted to run, but his grip was tight, with the conviction of a predator. He started making deep strokes, making me burn all over. Within few minutes however, the fire in my hole subsided to give way to the fire of my passion, and I was actually enjoying it beyond all measures.

Now it was time I ensured my enjoyment to the fullest, so I stopped him for a second, Removed my leg from his shoulder and got into doggy, guiding him in me. Next, as soon as he got in, I remained on my knees but lifted rest of my body, entwining into his. This gave Bhaijaan a chance to fuck me while kissing me on my neck, fondling my chest and also playing with my dick, spreading that precum all around.

In this position, every time he went deep, he would hit me right at the spot, making me shiver. He then held me by my neck, bending me backwards like I had seen so many times in porn, and started fucking wildly. My ass was getting banged so roughly I couldn’t control my moans, now that underwear is off my mouth. He next put me down, in missionary, and lifted both my legs, spreading my legs wide and then shoved it to the unknown depths.

He went so deep I think even a part of his balls was buried inside my ass, and then he started pounding me hot and heavy. I could feel the tip of his huge cut cock, wider in circumference than the rest of his penis move through me like a serpent’s head. He was fucking me so heavily that actually felt him move in and out like a piston.

Desi gay erotica of feeling the cousins bare cock in ass

I think his speed and stamina had tested the condom also, and it must have tore up already because I was feeling that bare skin against my ass cavity. I have stopped to care any longer. I was simply enjoying the sensation it sent in my asshole, the feeling of bhaijaan body on top of mine, the way he looked fucking me like an unstoppable machine his muscles pulsating and his chest rising, while he kissed me and left bite marks all over my neck and left my nipples blood red.

Hussain has devoured me completely, drained me, and he was still not done. However, I knew a trick or two to send him into realms of pleasure even beyond this. I contracted my muscles consciously, closing on his dick and making him go mad. He shouted, “Abe Behenchod, Ab kya jaan lega mere laude ki?”, and incresed the rhythm of his pushes, while pinching my nipple sore.

He continued this for two more minutes before announcing ‘his arrival’. I asked him to cum right in there, where I longed to have him whole day. How will this saucy sexcapade with Hussain end?

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