Desi Gay Erotica of Two Cousins Being Incestuous: 2

Desi Gay Erotica of Two Cousins Being Incestuous: 2

Desi Gay Erotica: Next day morning when I woke up very late and he was already out of the bed. I was thinking about yesterday’s incident while I was brushing and it made me so hard. After brushing I went to the living room, he was sitting there and using his mobile. As soon as he noticed me, he gave a naughty smile.

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I went and sat next to him. He came closer and kept his hand on my thighs. Again, it made me so hard. He then whispered in my ears “yesterday was the best day of my life.” I smiled at him and said “I can’t wait for tonight”. He smiled at me back and said that it will worth waiting and gave me a kiss. I was eagerly waiting to get dark so that I can explore his ass. I also wanted him to fuck me again.

And finally, it became dark. We had our food and went to bed. As soon as I locked the door, he came to me and hugged me so tight. He kissed me on my lips. He was literally eating them. I can feel his hard dick ready to pop out of his shorts. I pushed him to bed and turned off the light. I jumped upon him and started to kiss hardly.

He put his tongue inside my mouth and was exploring the taste of my teeth. We both was biting each other. was sitting on bed leaning towards the wall and I was sitting on his lap. He removed my t-shirt and started sucking my nipples. I was moaning in extreme pleasure. I asked him to bite my nipples and told him to go hard. I always like it hard. He then, removed his t-shirt and continued sucking my nipples.

I felt the warmness of his body. He made me to lie down on the bed and we removed our shorts. Now we are completely nude. I sucked his nipples and licked his armpits. He was sweating. I licked every single drop of his sweat. The smell of his sweat made me damn horny. I slowly went down and took his thick dick in my hand. I slowly took it in my mouth.

I started to suck his dick so hard. He kept his hand on my head and pushed it towards his dick. He was moaning in pleasure. He then asked me to come in 69 position so that he could suck mine. He was perfect in taking dicks in mouth. it continued almost 10 minutes. I wanted him to fuck me first and he agreed.

He came near my ass and smelled it. He remarked that he like the smell of my ass and immediately he started rimming me. I called him dirty bitch. He started to penetrate my ass with his tongue. I was moaning loudly. After a while, he poured some oil on his dick and in my ass. He kept his monster on my ass and slowly pushed it in. It was paining a lot but it doesn’t matter because I knew that he will show me heaven in few seconds.

He pushed his dick completely inside my ass. He started moving forward and backword. We were in missionary position. I wanted him to go very hard and he did so. He spat inside my mouth and I did the same back. I could hear the voice of that hard thuds. He was sweating badly. He asked me do you like it bitch. I said I like it more than anything in this world. I was moaning in pleasure.

His sweat was falling upon me. After a few minutes he stopped fucking and told me that he wants feel my dick inside him. So, it was my turn. I made him lie on the bed and started to rim his ass. He liked it so much. I put his tongue inside his ass, as he did me, and started to suck it.

After few minutes, I applied oil on my dick and in his ass. I started to finger him slowly. He said it was hurting. So, I applied more oil and continued. Then, I asked his to be on doggy position. I kept my dick toward hiss ass and slowly started to push it inside. His ass was so tight and it was hurting him. I gave a tight push and my dick was completely inside him. He cried loudly.

I paused for a second so that he can get comfortable. I started fucking him slowly. he asked me to apply more oil so that it will go smoothly and I did the same. Again, I started to fuck him. After a few minutes he started to moan. Yeah! He was getting pleasure and it made me so happy. He was in doggy position, I asked him to leave the support of his hand and stand only on his knees.

I pulled him closer to my chest while fucking him and started to pinch his nipples from behind. He was moaning loudly. I hugged him tight from behind and started to fuck him hard. I was biting his ears and neck. He told me to keep going. I held his hair and started fucking hardly. I fucked him almost 15 minutes and I said him that I’m about to come. He replied “c’mon bitch fuck me harder and pour your milk inside me.” with a hard thud I came inside him.

Desi gay erotica of horny cousins enjoying a hot flip-fuck

We both were breathing heavily. His ass was dripping the cum. I took it with my finger and gave it in his mouth. I was lying on bed, he came upon me and started to shag his dick. Within few seconds he loaded his cum on my face and in my mouth. He licked the cum on my face and spitted it in my mouth and I swallowed it.

He was sweating a lot. I wanted to get drenched in his sweat, so I rolled upon him to get wet in his sweat. We kissed each other and slept nude. The next day he left to Chennai and we continued fucking each other whenever we met. I will describe it in another story.

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