Gay incest story of dad’s good slutty boy: 3

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Gay family story: Hello everyone, I am here with my next part of “Gay incest story of dad’s good slutty boy”

After that night, when my father left me on roof, Whenever my mother was not at home he ignored to sleep with me by making excuses like he have work to do. But whenever I had seen him at home walking in his underwear my dick got rock hard. His hairy chest and legs always turn me on. I masturbated daily imaging him fucking me.

But one day all my dreams come true when my mother was gone for Rakshabandhan. My mama ji lives in Banglore. So mother was gone for a week. There was baby boy born in my neighbourhood on the day of rakshabandhan. So they threw a party during night.

My father got drunk with our neighbor uncle. Both of them were very drunk. My father was that drunk that he was not even capable to stand on his on feet. With the help of another neighbor I carried my father to our home and made him sit on our sofa. Then our neighbor left and only me and my father were left in the house.

I closed our door. I was worried about the condition of my father. I made him lie on sofa so he can be comfortable. I opened his shoes and then his socks. His feet were looking very amazing. He has two white feet which with size 10. His feet have hairs on them which make them more adorable.

My father usually sleeps in underwear so I thought may I should take off his clothes as well. So I opened the buttons of his shirt he was not wearing anything under his shirt. So now his hairy chest was exposed too. I took his shirt off and moved my hands toward his pant. I had no sexual intentions till then.

As I was unbuckling his belt I mistakenly touched his dick many time due to which it started growing.

Hey After a loot of struggle I opened his pants but in that struggle his underwear moved a little and his pubes were out of his underwear.
When I looked at his pubes I got horny. I took a step back and looked at him. The most beautiful man of my life was lying almost naked on sofa and was in sound sleep.

A thin line of hairs go lower from his hairy chest along the naval and lower to his naval it ends into hairy bushes of his pubes which were exposed. His dick got semi hard from my touches on the other hand my mouth was watering for his dick i touched his dick from above the underwear which made his dick completely hard.

I was unable to wait further so I put my mouth on his underwear and started sucking his dick from above. There was a taste of piss in his underwear.

I lowered his underwear and took his dick and balls out. His 7.5 inches long dick was hard as an iron rod. I took it out and held it in my hand it was the first time when I was directly looking at his dick I played with his pubes which were looking like a small jungle of hairs.

My father’s dick is black in colour and red head but his whole body is fair in colour. I started sucking his dick I took it in my mouth and start making back and forth movements in my mouth I sucked him for 5 min then stoped for breathing. Precum was coming out of his dick.

I licked all his precum it tasted strange. I moved towards his balls and took them in my mouth and started sucking they have a manly scent which was driving me crazy.

I shifted again to my father’s baby maker his dick which probably made me as well. This time I took his dick deep in my throat which made me gag. The head of his dick was hitting the back of my throat but I was unable fully take his dick in my mouth.

Gay family story of a cum swallowing son

As soon as I removed his dick out of my mouth for breathing his dick shot a rope of cum which hit my face because my face was just above it then second rope shot from my dick which again hit my face and some of cum fell on his hairs of stomach and chest.

I immediately put his dick back in my mouth and it shot three more shots which hit the back of my throat. I gulped every single drop of his cum and it was a little sweet and salty in taste. I cleaned his dick my sucking every drop then I collected all his cum from my face and eat it. After that I licked every drop of cum from his chest and stomach.

Then I sucked his nipples and finally kissed him on lips. Put his underwear back on and left him to sleep. Then I masturbated there while looking at the beautiful and muscular body of my father and cummed on the body of my father which I licked afterwards.

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