Gay incest story of bade bhaiya ki randi

Desi Gay Sex Story of Friends Becoming Lovers

Gay incest story: I am Karan and this is my real story hope you will enjoy it.

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My dad and older brother call me Chote, this incident happened when I was home alone one day, my dad was at the office and my brother left early in the morning for a weekend trip with his friends. I was waiting for this opportunity for a long time now.

As soon as my brother left that day, I got back into my room and took out a bag from my closet. At that time I was discovering my sexuality and experimenting with different stuff. Lately, I have been feeling more feminine and I wanted to explore that side, with the help of a friend I got some things like a lace black bra and panty, a fishnet stocking, matching heels, and some makeup and kept it all in a bad in my closet.

I undressed and wore the bra, panty, and fishnet stockings. Next, I got in front of the mirror and started applying makeup following the instructions from a youtube video, I applied a bold red lipstick with a little eyes makeup.

Seeing myself like that I was feeling very sexy, I put on the heels and I was feeling like a woman. I opened the camera on my phone and started taking some sexy pics of mine in controversial poses. For one pose I was lying down on the bed over my chest with one of my heels in the air and trying to capture my butt.

Suddenly someone opened the door and it was my brother, “WTF! Chote, What is this!”. I got on my feet, standing in front of him in shock, thinking what to say to him but nothing was coming to my mind. He closed the door behind and came closer to me, “Tell me Chote! What is this faggot shit” and all I could say was, “I am sorry Rohan Bhaiya, it’s nothing, nothing….”.

He still had that shocked expression on his face, “Look at what are you wearing, Is someone coming to fuck you, you slut!” and he kept abusing me and I was standing there with my eyes down. He said, “I need to tell dad about this, Chote”

I panicked because my dad had a very traditional outlook and wasn’t accepting at all, “Please Rohan Bhaiya, you cannot do this to me, you know he will kick me out of the house”, I was begging to him now and suddenly his face expression got calm, “Chote, I know what he will do to you if he finds us but I don’t want that”.

A little smile broke on my face, “Thank you, Bhaiya, Thank you so much” and then he said, “But…..”

I was a little taken aback, “But, what?”, a smirk came over his face, “Chote, but I need to be sure that you are gay so that I know what to protect you from”, I kinda knew where he was going with that I said, “Well, I am still confused about my orientation”, his smirk got even wider.

“There is a way to clear that confusion, Chote” I asked him with a fear of what he might be wanting of me, “What?”.

He unbuttoned and dropped his pants and pulled out his cock, it was about 8 inches long and I froze in front of him, “Why don’t you show me, Chote”, he was biting his lips.

I got very scared, “Roh…..Rohan…..What is this…I am your brother.”, I broke a frown over his head, “Well this isn’t helping any of us, little broke. Better you get started or I am calling dad.”

I replied, “But I haven’t sucked a dick before” thinking that he might change his mind. But he pushed me on my knees and shoved his cock down my mouth, “Karan, that is how you learn new things by trying”.

Seeing no other option I started giving him a blow job, his cock was very thick for me and I was only able to suck on a few inches, Rohan said, “Let me help you, little bro.”. He grabbed my face and started fucking my mouth, as he started shoving his dick deeper my gag relax got activated and I tried to push him back but he was stronger than me so he kept fucking me till the back of my mouth and when I released me finally I was trying to catch my breath.

My mouth was all lubed up in his pre-cum and I thought he was about to cum but he got me on my feet and bent me over the table. I showed resistance, “No Bhaiya! No you can’t fuck me I can’t take such a big dick.”

But he was very sure about his goal, he removed out all his clothes, pulled down my black lace panties and shoved it in my mouth so that I am shut up. He that started rimming me and I hate to admit but I liked it when he was licking my ass and I got turned on by it.

Once my ass was lubed up he took his cock dripping with his pre-cum and slowly started inserting in my ass. My ass was very tight for him and I felt my eyes socket will pop out with pain but my cry wasn’t coming out because of panty in my mouth.

He started with slow jerks to loosen up my ass and then he started fucking me like I was a real whore to him.

He was banging me hard against the table and spanking my ass, my body was all red with pain but he crossed my hands over my back and I could do nothing but for him to finish. He took panties out of my mouth and asked, “Tell me, Chote, Do you like it huh! Do you like your big brother fucking up like this”.

To be honest, up to this point even I started enjoying him drilling my ass and I moaned, “Oh Yeh! bhaiya, fuck me hard. Aaahhhhhhh”.

He started fucking me even more vigorously and with the final few jerks he pulled out his cock and pushed me over my keens again, “Open your mouth little bro, I need you to drink my cum.” I finally started playing the role and opened my mouth with my tongue out and closed my eyes waiting for him.

Gay incest story of two brothers going crazy

“Ahhh, yeh……Mmmmm”, with this, he shot all his cum into my mouth and I drank it all, its taste wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I finally opened my eyes to look up at him and he was holding up his phone, I asked in shock “What….Are you recording it?” and he started laughing.

“Don’t worry it is safe with me and this will make sure that you are available for me whenever I need you in future. little bro.” He left the room and I was still on my knees thinking about what just happened.

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