Indian Gay Erotica of a Cousin’s Seduction

Indian Gay Erotica: Godhuli: 2

Indian Gay Erotica: Me: You told me that you are into me and volunteered sexting. What happened now?
He: I just could not do it. I have never done it for anyone. Not even for hottest girls who want me to fuck them everyday
Me: Then why did you play with my emotions?

This is how my chat with my cousin, Vikram ended. He is a hot entrepreneur who called mysore his home and has built his life and empire in that calm city. We had been friends for ages and he was okay with having a relationship with men and women. He got a girl pregnant and had to get married at age of 22.

Marriage sort of broke him and he turned into a typical married man with no ambitions and adventures. Home to work and work to home, that was the life he lead. His wife gave birth to a son and Vikram completely lost himself.

He still is a very hot guy with charm and many drool over him but he has lost interest in life. It is hard to tell if he dragged life or life dragged him. Years flew by and one day I recieved a text from him over fb messenger.

“We are coming to Copenhagen. If you are still there then probably we can meet, only if you want to.” I noticed that text a bit late. I was 72 hours behind their arrival. I replied giving him my address and phone number and requested him to stay with me instead of a hotel. The same day itself I got text on my WhatsApp “are you sure?”

Me: yes, I am.
He: but you stepped away from us all and it has been years since we exchange a word
Me: looks like we have a lot to talk about. please come over. it would be my honour.

He: okay.we will be there by noon
Me: great! we will have lunch together

He came at 2pm. His wife and son were with him. I greeted them, escorted them to their room and got things ready for lunch. We ate and chatted for hours! After lunch wine continued till evening. His wife had left for their suite and Vikram and I were all by ourselves. He said dude I wana see your room.

I said ok, come with me. We entered my suite which is divided in 4 parts (waiting lounge, bedroom, office and billiards room). He got excited when he saw pool table.

“Dude can I try?”

Me: of course! have you played before?
He : not much.
Me: Cool. Let’s try our hands.

During game I was making a strike and he was standing behind me, looking at the board from my angle. I moved my hand for strike and my elbow hit him in groin.

Dude, fuck!! He said this and sat on floor, moaning in agony. I felt it was silly of him to stand right behind me and found situation to be funny. I started laughing. He asked “you think it is funny?” I said am sorry but.. hahahah. He slapped me between my thighs.

“Oh fuck!aaaarrrggh fuck!” It hurt but I was still laughing with my hands between my thighs, laying by his side. He grabbed my crotch and squeezed it little. I got hard and he kept groping firmly. “Uuggh dude, it is hurting.” I said. He slapped my groin “oh does it?”

There was sadistic lust in his eyes. I rose little and slapped him between his thighs. ‘Faaakkkkkk!’ He came over me on his knees. ‘Hit me once more’ I knee kicked him gently. ‘More! Harder!’ His voice had pure lust. I raised my leg and gently kicked him in balls.

‘Uuuuuiiiiiiiirgghhhhhhh, fuck yaaa’ he grabbed his balls nd fell on top of me, moaning in pleasure and pain. He held my hands and his knee went between my thighs “fuck, vicky! Dude get off!’ I said. As he released his hold I grabbed my balls and rolled over to other side. I was moaning in pain.

He flipped me and I was facing him. He sat over me,on his knees with thighs apart, unzipped and slid his 7 inches in my mouth. He then grabbed my hand, licked and sucked my finger, took it down and started rubbing his asshole with it. I bent my finger and pushed it inside his hole. ‘Aaaahhh hmmmmmpphh yes!’

Indian gay erotica of a horny cousin’s seduction and fucking

He started to hump my face and I inserted second finger In him. He was on peak of ecstasy. His body stared to shiver, his abs started to move erratically with his uncontrolled breath. With a mmmmphhhhhhhhhh aaahhhh he came hard in my mouth.

I raised my head and his full cock vanished inside my mouth and my tongue kept milking it. He pulled out and was still very hard.

He said “this was just a warm up” after saying such he pulled my pants down, raised my legs in a way that my legs rested on his well formed shoulders and he pushed his cock in my ass and for hours two lions mated wildly.