Indian Gay Erotica of Getting Fucked by Brother-in-Law: 2

Indian Gay Erotica of The Magnificent Obsession: 3

Indian Gay Erotica: Next day when he was coming back. I got ready. I wore my sister’s sexy lingerie and his favourite black party saree of my sister. He came inside the room. He locked the door. He told me to come sit on his lap.

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He asked if he can call me his bitch. I happily agreed. At the time his mood changed all of a sudden. He abused me calling,” haan ek no ki randi” and he slapped on my face. I was liking it though. He suddenly asked if I was comfortable with rough sex. I told yes.

He pushed me to the wall. Then he came and stood behind me and started kissing and biting my neck. I could feel his hard rod touching my back. He pulled my pallu and unhooked my blouse. And he started grabbing my tiny man boobs and started kissing my back.

He spanked my ass a lot and he was going on calling me many terms like randi, behen ke laude and all. I was turned on by it though. He pulled me to the bed and made me sit on the floor on my knees. He sat on bed and removed his underwear. There it was, his hard 8″ cock.

He pushed it into my throat and started fucking my mouth. He slapped me on the face and asked me,” pasand aaya randi?” I replied haan jiju. Then he again continued face fucking. At last he came in my mouth. And we went to sleep. Late night at 2 am I woke up to something rubbing my ass. It was his cock.

He inserted it in me. I hesitated for a minute. He scolded,” bhagna mat behen ki laudi” . He fucked me and came in my ass. Then we again slept. This became a daily routine. He will fuck me at least twice a week. Then this went on for a year. We had the best of time fucking with each other like dogs.

He treated me like his randi and I was more than happy being one for him. He was a wild fucker and he knew how to satisfy the little randi in me. We never thought about our actual relationship when we fucked and enjoyed the good times purely sexually with each other.

My sexy jiju knew how to make me his slut and owned my ass with his big dick. He never had to say anything to me to get me ready. He just came and came in my ass directly!

Now it was my sister’s chance to come back. Tenant moved out. I was back to my old room. And my jiju completely cut me off. At times when iam horny , I would go near their room and I can hear them talk dirty and fucking. I felt really sad that I am not getting his dick anymore.

Then one fine day in Winter, we planned a trip to ooty. There was jiju, didi, and his friend and his friend’s wife. It was 5 days trip. Total 3 rooms for booked. I was staying alone in one room. I was so horny that I started searching in grindr. Everyone I chatted with weren’t as hot as my jiju.

Next day, I wanted a charger, I went to his friend’s room to get it. There his friend was sitting with just his boxers on. He didn’t hesitate. He just grabbed the charger and gave it to me. His wife asked him wtf!?

Indian gay erotica of a horny twink fucked hard by his jiju

He was like we are both boys, there is no issues. I also told haan bhabhi problem nahi hei. But he was also really hot but not six pack abs like jiju but muscled.

Then that evening I heard jiju and his friend talk about how their wives stopped giving anal. And how they should use condoms whenever they fuck because they didn’t want a child now anytime soon. I just escaped from the area and went to room.

I started seeing gay porn movies since it was free WiFi there. Then, that night 1 am I heard a knock on my door. I opened and saw jiju and his friend standing there with three beer bottles.

To be continued…

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