Indian Gay Erotica of the Virgin Experience

Indian Gay Erotica of The Magnificent Obsession: 3

Indian Gay Erotica: Hi, I am Ravi, this is my 1st story here, this is my real life experience with my cousin Ashish when we were both quite young, and it was my 1st gay encounter.

It was uncle auntie anniversary (Ashish’s Parents), Ashish wanted to give his parents an surprise party at home, both this parents are working and return home by 7-8 pm. Since Ashish was alone at home he called me up and asked me if i was free so that I could help him with decoration.

Ashish always helped me in my studies, this is the 1st time he had called me for help, so it was difficult for me to say no. It was around 2 in the afternoon and I had just returned from college changed into shorts and t-shirt, since we live in the same locality I decided to go there is the same dress.

I rang the bell and Ashish opened the door, Ashish was a good looking guy, fair in colour, looked and dressed smarty I had never imagined something like what was about to happen.

He told me that he wanted to decorate the rooms with balloons, ribbions and candles, and wanted to finish this before 6 as him parents are about to get home early. He asked me if I could get up the table and stick the ribbons and balloons on the celing, this seemed easy and I agreed, but first we had to blow balloons.

As we started blowing balloons and started laughing I asked him the reason he said, aisa lag raha hai condom fula raha hu, (seems like I am blowing a condom) this was the 1st time a heard something like this from him, he was always polite and never heard something like this from him.

I gave a shy smile and continued coz I didn’t know how to reply. Later he got me a table and asked me to get upon it to stick these on the celing, table was almost 4-5 feet in height. I got upon it and he handed me the balloons, somehow I lost my balance and was about to fall.

He quickly tried to catch hold of me, while doing this this hand slipped inside my t-shirt and within seconds his hand has moved all around from my tummy to my chest, and my nipples, obviously this was unintentional, but somehow I loved it.

I was shocked for a second but continued, and he burst in laughter. I too laughed and continued, we realized that table was misbalanced so he told that he will hold me while I stand over it. Now he started the topic of body hairs, since he had been through my upper body. He said you are still smooth, as he had started developing hairs on his nipples and lower chest.

I was feeling awkward, but decided to ignore, then he started asking me do I trim my private parts. I had no reply as I had never discussed this with him earlier. I just smiled and ignored his question. He again asked me the same and said kya Sharma raha hai, main hilane ka thodi puch raha hu, (why are you shying I am not asking about masterbation). His questions were getting difficult to answer.

I said I have trimed with siccers few times but have not done recently as I am bit scared to do that. He replied what is there to be scared I will teach you how to do that. I just smiled and continued, now next he asked me how many times do I masterbate in a week, or do I have an girlfriend. Oblivious, I said no, and sometimes I do masterbate in toilet, he said good.

Now he was holding me on my legs as I was in shorts, those days there was an trend of Bermudas, I was wearing that, since they are pretty loose he could clearly seen my underwear from below, and said today you have worn an white underwear. I said bhaiya you are making me uncomfortable, he said Ravi you are making me uncomfortable you are too hot, let’s have some fun, let’s masterbate together.

I changed the topic and told bhaiya let’s finish these decorations, and we continued to decorate the room all was done till 4 and the we sat upon the sofa. He asked me will I have cold drink. I said yes. He went to kitchen and brought them in glass on a tray. When he reached near me the tray fell on me and my entire cloths were wet.

He said sorry and he did mean it, I said it’s ok, but my entire t-shirt was wet in cold drink, and my burmudas too. He offered me his shorts and t-shirts, he took me to his bedroom and gave me his pair as asked me to change it. He was sitting in the bedroom itself.

I removed my t-shirt and now my shorts I was only in my underwear in front of him. He said Ravi you are too cute to handle, I ignored, my underwear was also wet with cold drink and he said remove them too, and wear the shorts directly.

This meant I need to be completely naked in front of him, as he was not leaving the room, I wore the t-shirt 1st turned around removed my underwear and started wearing his shorts. This time my butt was completely exposed in front of him. Few minutes later we moved to outer room, 2-3 balloons were getting loosed from celing so I climbed up the table again and he was holding me this time seeing my naked from below.

He quickly slipped his hands from my shorts toward my penis, and got hold of it. I was in a shock, did not know what to do, but somehow I liked his touch and decided to ignore it. This gave him the green signal and he started playing with my penis and then pulled down my shorts. I too don’t resist, he took me to his bedroom, removed my t-shirt, this is the time I was completely naked in front of him.

He held my penis and started stroking it, got over me and started kissing my nipples, I had never been through all this ever, this was my 1st gay encounter and I was loving the feel. He removed his clothes, and got over me completely naked, started kissing me all over. I too started moving my hands all over his body.

He has a pretty good body, less hairy, fair. He was slim and good looking too, his nipples were rosy I kissed them and started sucking it. He told me real thing to suck is below, I had never sucked an penis before, I got hold of this 6 inch dick, started stroking and took it in the mouth, and started sucking it.

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He said that this is not the way to do. I’ll teach you and he started sucking me, like an Lollypop I loved it and was in all together different world. After a few minutes I cummed and he licked the entire cum, and asked me that now it’s my turn, this time I was more excited and took it in mouth with much more love same as Lollypop sucked it till he cummed.

We both laid side by side on bed complete naked after the act. He asked me how was the feeling and I smiled, after few minutes he asked me to have an shower together. I agreed and there he turned his ass around and asked me to insert my penis. I had never don’t that and was scared but he encouraged me.

At 1st it was difficult to get inside, but after few tries, I was deep inside him, and fucked him like anything, after that it was my turn to satisfy him. He asked me to turn around, he tried inserting but I scremed as it was paining, he told me it’s always painful 1st time but slowing you will adjust.

He did not fuck me that day and after that we meet regularly and had fun.

If you like this story I will surely post about other encounter as well.